Baroness - Front Toward Enemy Lyrics

So, I lied
It was a cold summer
By fall, true winter flows like a virgin spring

We're headed for disaster
But I won't close my eyes until it's over
So carry on
Some wars I gladly died in
But most fights only got me bloody
I carried on
And when every drop of blood I shed
Was spilled in vain
I carried on

We're headed for disaster
Front toward enemy
We can only face
Front toward enemy

Front toward enemy

There's a mile of rope that lays between my shoulders
It doesn't mean that I intend to hang
And I'm not afraid of dying
Like I know I should be

So, I lied
It was a cold summer
By fall, winter's truth will flow like a virgin spring

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Baroness Front Toward Enemy Comments
  1. Eran Gordon

    nothing like a short-prog banger!


    Thought this was gonna be an Incendiary cover

  3. Sal Vulcano

    Forgot this album existed! Now something to listen to while studyin

  4. Endezeichen Grimm

    Who the hell mixed this? The over compressed the shit out of everything...

  5. simonanthony81

    This is fucking good.

  6. Gary Miner

    I want this, but without vocals. Anyone have any recommendations?? I love the band, don't get me wrong. But I want something else from time to time.

    julio gonzalez

    Maybe some songs by Cult Of Luna, but theirs are longer and more slow paced

    Gary Miner

    @julio gonzalez it's okay. Not my style though. But I did learn a new guitar riff from it so thanks lol.


    Russian Circles, If These Trees Could Talk, Nap, Catholics, We Lost The Sea, Eagle Claw.. too name a few bands. All instrumental.

    Gary Miner

    @Killbot754 thanks, just woke up a few minutes ago. When I get a chance I'll look em up.


    I like this song. So deeper. Met in France for the first time, hope to see you again !

  8. A92ndf9 558

    Gina is so fucking cool, what a great addition to the band, everyone else should be jealous, i am!!!!! keep killing it

  9. Justin Ames

    killing it , such a refreshing sound to here in this age of shit music. so excited to see you on tour.

  10. PostHawk

    This could be their best song that I've heard-even better than anything off the Red Album. Incredible song, this and Throw Me an Anchor make the album.

  11. cobrabeebop

    I see the light. I see the light. i see the light.

  12. svoboda simon

    contrary to most of the old fans of fans of the early period (me....) I still liked Yellow and Green or wjaytaver color it was, then Purple I even bought the expensive vynil but this...dont know....stuill have to understand. and yes the mix and production really shit. i wonder how an already affirmed band can put out an LP with sucj production.......................

    Scott McRobb

    Ask Metallica...

    Patrick cellar door

    i thought the purple album sounded far worse. Here i can here the drum sections far better and the bass is far more audible whereas for instance in shock me it was muddy and more of a wall of midtoned mess. this still isn't great, but at least i understand the choice in sound

  13. Joshua Charpentier

    I do not understand how the fuck the are people that say this album is bad

  14. キタカ


  15. Lordofthefood1

    Baroness should release the raw stems for fan remixes. I actually kinda like the mix with my system cranked up, but I understand the dissension


    @Flappy Terryfolds I'm not denying that.


    @Flappy Terryfolds yeah like I was listening to old beatles, zep, sabbath, etc. and they all have this horrible rough sound at times. like just due to bad audio engineering or decision making. doesn't make me like them any less :-)


    Also I wonder how this sounds on vinyl

  16. cyclopsvideo1

    Awesome album.Love the interludes.Nice raw fuzzy production.Heavy stuff.

  17. Fenek

    That bass 🤯

  18. Matt Goodwin

    Dude, I love you guys, you're like in my top three bands, but this mix sucks. The drums aren't even there. You have to elevate the drums to a point where they can help carry the song.

    Please understand that this criticism comes from a place of deep love. Whenever someone says modern music sucks, I use Baroness as a defense that real music is alive and well.. But this mix is not up to the standard you established with red and blue. Also Purple was fucking badass, I don't care what anyone says, that record is amazing

    One way or another, I love your music and I would die for you. But you need to elevate the drums. This mix doesnt cut it

    Matt Goodwin

    @Brendan McDonald not to my ears, not at all

    Joe blarg

    They seem to have a muddy sound to their albums (except red and blue) . Which really stresses some sound systems. It can sound good, but on some speakers it just sounds bad. Still loving the music though

    Patrick cellar door

    I'm starting to wonder if anyone heared the purple album. For instance the track shock sounded far worse, a muddy midtoned mess. This at least sounds far more audible

  19. Daniel DeGeorges

    this mix is garbage

  20. Outlaw Shogun

    Fact: this song is a certified BANGER🤘🏾

    Edit: Does anyone know the time signature for this song???

    Daniel Maxson

    Sounds like 4/4 to me, listening to the kick and the way the phrases are broken up relative to that.

    Michael Shannon

    Outlaw Shogun 42

    Vanessa Costa

    Actually, I think it’s 8/4

    Outlaw Shogun

    It feels like a combination of things. I still cant nail it down.. 4/4 works for part of the song, but other bits are something else entirely.


    Sounds more like 8/4 to me

  21. Joseph Major

    So amazing. Needs to be listened on a decent sound system or cans, though. This does it no justice.

  22. Brandon Wright Music

    i fucking love this album

  23. tom kitrick

    Fantastic album. Thank you.

  24. Squip

    Love the song but what the fuck happened to the production

  25. Jovan Marković

    These vocals weirdly scratching a Deftones itch for me

    Brendan McDonald

    I definitely don't hear that at all haha but glad you got your itch scratched


    Yo, I kinda get that! Not Chino directly, but I hear similarities to vocalists that inspire him. It's almost like 80s goth in a strange way. Like if Robert Smith sang for a sludge band. You feel me?

  26. The Gospel of Mark

    This song rips

  27. Putrid Abomination

    Awesome 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  28. James Abutre

    Kickass bass!

  29. Adam the awesome person

    Front Toward Enemy

    So, I lied
    It was a cold summer
    By fall
    Your wind blows like a birch in

    We're headed for disaster
    And I won't close my eyes until it's over
    So carry on
    Some wars I'd proudly die in
    But most of us are holding on to more [?]
    I carried on
    And if every drop of blood I shed
    Was spilled in vain
    I carried on

    We're headed for disaster
    Front towards enemy
    We can only fight
    Front towards enemy

    Front towards enemy

    There's a knot of rope that lives between my shoulders
    Doesn't mean that I anticipate
    And I'm not afraid of dying
    Like I know I should be

    So, I lied
    It was a cold summer
    By fall
    Winter's groove will blow like a birch in

  30. Richard Skinner

    Fun fact:
    Front Toward Enemy is what’s printed on the business end of the
    M18A1 Claymore mine.

    Frank F

    Richard Skinner Ron Swanson knew that.

    Sam Phoenix

    Literally why I listened to this.

  31. Nicolas Arango

    This album is simultaneously the best and worst sounding collection of music you´ve released.

    Trevor W

    I think it just takes time. It definitely sounds like a lot of indiscernible noise at first. But once you kind of understand where these songs are trying to go, I've actually found the loud, potent mix to be a breath of fresh air honestly. It's a rather unique and surprisingly compelling sonic aesthetic.

    Matt Goodwin

    The mix blows.

    Matt Goodwin

    Trevor, that's what purple was. This is just a crappy mix, it's not finished.

    Peter Miskolc

    Ha-ha. I get your point. I think this sound is quite unique to get attention to itself and to be easily recognisable. You can hear everything in it, all the indtruments in a strange form. I like it very much. This sound has personality. And it counts.


    The mix is awful and too many interludes but it also includes some of the best songs they have written

  32. logan montgomery

    You guys rock! Baizley's voice has evolved so much. Gina is killing it on guitar and she is a great singer as well. Amazing Art you guys have created. I am inspired to find my Art and pursue it with the determination and passion you guys have clearly done with this album. Thanks and hopeful to see an acoustic performance in Orange County CA!


    You like avenged sevenfold? Had to ask since you reside in oc

  33. Joseph Bastidas

    The wait is finally over and I am satisfied

  34. victor ruiz