Baroness - Coeur Lyrics

Earth burns
Earth turns
Coeur dans la mer
Corps dans le vert
Silent empty altar lies
Buried temple locked once again
Earth will turn
Dawn lies
Keeper Cries
Coeur / corps dies
Earth will turn
World burn

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Baroness Coeur Comments
  1. SplinteredX

    so fucking good

  2. Mahala Wells

    2019? I’m discovering different sides of YouTube today tbh


    welcome to the goodie room

  3. Father Scrimp the Wretched

    I love John dyer Baizley... found out he did some album art for Kylesa... Which is awesome

  4. BeingBadAtMaths

    That's fair, although I would say skill isn't exactly the most important aspect when it comes to great songs. Otherwise, I would be absolutely nuts for Dream Theater... which I'm not. Many things have to be factored in.

    Just from this track alone, the FEEL of it just comes off better than most of the stuff I've heard from Mastodon. Whether it's I haven't really given their music enough listens or I'm just not "getting it", it just doesn't appeal to me. Baroness does, though. *shrug*

  5. Sam Sloane

    The overall style is more clean and easier to take in, but fuck man mastodon is better skill wise. At the end of the day its whatever you are into.

  6. Caillouteletub123

    my fave song from them , i would thrash on that

  7. BeingBadAtMaths

    Most opinions are perceived that way when the opposite party doesn't agree. Deal with it.

  8. BeingBadAtMaths

    This blows Mastodon away as far as I'm concerned.

  9. santanaincubus

    Both of them lol. Its only one girl though.

  10. fengkehli1

    0:35 Shit just got fucking real

  11. santanaincubus

    That girl on the cover looks cute

  12. A Malevolent

    1 dislike by accident, liked right after, still not gonna right the wrong.

  13. Simbaiq