Barnes, Jimmy - Run Lyrics

I live my life
Just the way that I wanted to
I do what I like
I only move how I want to move

Well excuse me please for saying
You know I don’t want to complain but
It seems to me that you need
A little time on your own, so

Run run away you run
Don’t look back don’t come back no more
Ain’t gonna be the one to live like that
So don’t call me back no more

I opened my eyes
I didn’t know I was hurtin’ you
I swallow my pried
‘cause when you’re gone I’ll be missing you

You took your time to see
All that you had in me
I don’t really need to stay
I ain’t gonna live this way, so

Run run away you run
Don’t look back don’t come back no more
I ain’t gonna be the one to live like that
So don’t hold me back no more

Time on my own
It showed me just what I need
All that I have I would give
To get back to you

I don’t know what to believe
But I would love it to be true

If you come back to me
I’d show you all I feel

Run run I’m gonna run
To your arms
I’m coming back oh oh
I ain’t gonna be the one to hold you back
And live like that no more

I can live like that
I said run run I’m gonna run

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Barnes, Jimmy Run Comments
  1. 2006asw

    Anyone else tear up watching this? Not only do lyrics have meaning it is sad reality of Australian manufacturing

  2. Aussie 100%

    You Nailed it Jimmy , To the Politicians who ended Our great car industry FORD HOLDEN MITSUBISHI I say a Loud FUCK YOU . You ripped the HEART out of Elizabeth .

  3. Mick Poore

    Wheres the unions now?

  4. Liam Kelly

    This song makes me want to cry,. Big business and shit unions killed the industry.

  5. Pamela Douglas

    They should shut down the whole country for all I care.

  6. 1800splitair

    Just occured to me marijuana becaame very addictive in the mid-late 80s, just when the government sided with corporation's and Bob Hawke relaxed importation laws. Funny that give the kids good drugs and turn them into zombies while the corporations rape the working class. Easy pickins, hey!

  7. kingey71

    And now officially Commodore is dead and the whole Holden name is dead. I'm so glad I still have my Torana even if it was the laughed at UC. It is still more Aussie than anything now.

  8. kakosi si jebi ga

    Will always keep my 71 HQ premier ol skool RIP holden

  9. kakosi si jebi ga

    We build nothing here now we rely on China for everything hopeless country we have everything here we don't need anyone wake up Australia

  10. Em Rox

    We need to send Barnsey to Eurovision, he would win it no problem.

  11. Angie Dee

    Luv ThisTribute To GMH HOLDENs, Awesome Barnesy!!!!! My Dad Worked At Both Woodville And Elizabeth Plants - he said was great company to work for!!!! Largs Pier hotel -barnesy u made it rock . Hav wonderful memories for me and my daughter, the elephant shaped climbing jungle jim and a long, long long plank of a swing at largs bay beach and kiosk !!!! AM 64 NOW, STILL LISTENING, ROCK ON BARNESY!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Official DeerFire

    I heard in the media here in the United States that RAM and Chevrolet has started selling their vehicles in Australia. They may still be GM as well with Holden. So they may be Holdens but just with a Chevy bowtie badge.

  13. Pamela Douglas

    To dear Jimmy,    I apparently have the option of a life in Holland.     I hope you remember me.

  14. Shaun Newman

    Unfortunately it seems from a comment he made on ABC TV that he has turned tory in his older age, maybe from being a millionaire many times over?

  15. Joy ID


  16. Semi Retired Machine Shop

    This was harder to watch than i first thought.
    So many lives depended on our Love for cars.

  17. who what

    This songs a beauty.

  18. Paddy D

    I’m Irish , I was in Australia for ten months , worked with a chap called crazy Dave , he had a 5 litre v 8 Holden ute , at work he used blare out Stevie Ray Vaughan and cold chisel . Wow , once you hear jimmy Barnes it really doesn’t get any better. That was fifteen years ago. I’m in ireland now sniffling with emotion watching this video cause people have lost their jobs . How can Barnesy convey what these employees and his home town are going through so well ? Thanks to Troy Cassar Daly for writing this song but Jimmy how do you get better with every song and every note . I’ve read both working class boy and Man . Although Jimmy went the long way about making his life work for him and his family he really is such a great role model. Such a character and gentleman . A privilege to listen to . I hope him and his family have a great life . Thanks to crazy Dave for teaching me more about plumbing and introducing me to great music

  19. White Northman

    You can thank Globalism and the many "treaties" and "agreements" we have been forced to sign that has led to the death of Australian Industry and it's once great immigration policy.

  20. coolrunnings

    My very first car was a 1977 lx Torana it was a sad day when Holden shut down ☹

  21. stavford

    This vidio is deverstating

  22. nylevea

    RIP Commodore 1978-2019

  23. Bruce Donnellan

    HOLDENS being made in KOREA is like Cold Chisel singing Khe Sahn Japanese.

  24. Barnesy

    Nah man. I'm Barnesy.

  25. Turn Tide

    Well maybe if Holden made decent cars and kept up with the times and if the unions didn’t screw them over it would still be here ??

  26. Smudger

    It was sold out and killed

  27. Michael Rapson

    Poor SA. First their football league gets debased by the AFL. Now this.

  28. Jack Dad

    We just sold out Farmers Union Ice Coffee... RIP

  29. Ray Harth

    Fuck Holden I am driving a VF commodore and it will be the last Holden I ever buy "Traitors"

  30. Nigel Thurtell

    What a great song !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoden fan 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆👊👊👊👊👊👊

  31. ButtStallion ForLife


  32. Kate Maunder

    This is Weis Frozen Foods now.

  33. Yusuf Maltese

    Holden and Ford, commadore and falcon. The cars that made Australia great. Now people want to buy shit box Korean cars. Or go into lots of debt just to buy some unreliable Suv just to keep up with the so called middle class. There is going to come a time where all this bullshit is going to come back and Bite us and it's coming sooner than most people think.

  34. Control Oz

    I honestly thought when I heard this on the radio that it was just a hokey barnsy cliche for a quick money grab. Now with the context of this video I have completely changed my mind. I absolutely love this song. Genuine goosebumps with all the old Holden factory footage and I felt a kinship with all other Aussies doing it tough in this day and age.

  35. Andy Jarvis

    Strayla to its core..
    Blue in its veins!!!

  36. Lethal Outdoors

    Yeah they shut it down alright, only good thing to happen was the price of old holdens skyrocketing. Adelaide residents should have made a decent profit considing how cheap they are in SA

  37. Mikhail Chuev

    The song is great. Jimmy Barnes is awesome.
    But he should have sung something like this first:
    "They are not buying cars from our town "
    And before that
    "They are missmanaging the production in our town "

  38. czr7j9

    I worked in engineering and we had just finished the VF commodore when the liberals got in we knew that was probably the end. I remember walking past the managers offices and saw one guy who had been there forever just staring at the floor. They tried everything, getting work from any of the other GM brands but nothing worked out.

    I remember going for a walking around the back of the old V8 foundry and saw cranes tearing apart all the equipment and I felt like crying.

  39. blue eyes white dragon

    Can't wait for a civil war to take our country back from the globalist communist leftists

  40. Robin Mascall

    So very, very sad

  41. Jared M K

    Ive been past both ford n holden factories. I live in adelaide m its sad when i go past the elizibeth plant. Goodbye to real aussie cars.

  42. Benjamin Thomson

    What GM allowed to happen to a brand of such National significance is a disgrace. Not just for Australia, but in the United States as well.

    I see a lot of comments on here blaming the Liberal party, the Labor party, even the trade unions - but in reality, the blame rests almost entirely on GM and Holden. Through their disdain for the consumer market and their own workforce, their arrogance and pigheaded refusal to adopt or even acknowledge changes and trends within the market, stupid marketing decision after stupid marketing decision and corruption through to the very core they completely decimated the brand, and with it the confidence and loyalty of the consumer.

    If you all truly care about the brand as a National icon and symbol despite the contempt they hold for you, then you should go out of your way to not support the brand while it is kept under the umbrella as a franchise of GM. That means a complete boycott of Holden and GM. That means not buying any official merchandise, not buying any GM vehicles, even boycotting GM sponsored events.

    The only way forward for Holden is for you, the consumer, to force the sale of the brand to a more competent and financially responsible entity.

  43. Bradley Rowe

    The old bloke in the blue what a champion

    Brendan Devulder

    Bradley Rowe probably worked there his whole life to definitely a dying generation that we need more then ever now

  44. Dale McCamish

    Troy Cassar-Daley, Such a great song, love it. Barnsey does it right proud! Thanks!

  45. Swearing at Subarus

    Damn. It's like Cold Chisel in their heyday over again it's that good

  46. Anna

    19/10/2019 ☝👍👌🤘❤❤❤😎😎😎

  47. gmsyd09

    Wait it’s not totally dead yet a man with a vision can bring back Chrysler valiant and ford escorts and Holden commodores all with cheap plant presses and reconditioned engines as well as surplus mondeo and Honda engines!
    Too hard basket sooks

  48. David Hays

    I love this song

  49. Mark Perkins

    Went to youre latest concert in Dunedin Jimmy . So good ! Still got it . Come back soon

  50. Dave Hibbard

    Beautiful brother!

  51. vN355sTroKeR

    Your a legend jimmy. R.I.P Holden

  52. Kevin Ianiszewski

    Why is he not screaming?

  53. 762fullmetal

    Theyre not shutting down our town boys....theyre shutting down our country !

  54. 762fullmetal

    Australia...The Southern hemispheres Sheffield !

  55. Jarrod Martin

    Let em have it jimmy

  56. mark rigg

    I understand what the songs about and that its an emotional subject for some people. But the music - seriously! Its a drab un hooky melody that could could have been written by one of the cucumbers in my fridge. And the lyrics are just a series of cliches as unfortunately is Jimmy. A criminal record if ever there was one.

  57. Matthew Gibb

    I was there the day of the closing and even though I am a Ford man first, this is so sad as Holden made some great cars over the years. Thank you many governments for steadily cutting tariffs down from 25% to bugger all and then none. Was a priviledge to hang out with my friend from the Club VF group in Canberra and NSW to at the plant and see the last day come and go. RIP Holden and Australian manufacturing

  58. danishdart

    Thanks Tony Abott.. and by that I mean, FUCK you Tony Abott. This happened on your watch. Dick head!

  59. mrdilligaf1968

    The cars left now are shit ! No V8's ! You just can't beat the sound of a gutsy old V8 , nothing compares.
    RIP to Australia's car industry

  60. William Martin

    This used to be a place where a man could find some work
    Put together Holdens or a foundry job at worst
    I can hear the noises coming from the Karawara deep into the night
    The roads were filled with kids playing after dark
    Sent to get their fathers who were sitting at the bar
    Eat, sleep, work, drink, that's all they ever did
    Oh, they're shutting down our town
    They're cutting down our town
    No more production line blue collar can be found
    They'll tear it to the ground
    They're shutting down our town
    Oh, they're shutting down our town
    I started raising hell before I came of age
    Running from my past with clenched fists of rage
    And I fought my way through every other day, never looking back
    And everything I knew was back there on those streets
    Every lesson learned kept me on my feet
    But I can't help thinking of the ones I left behind
    Oh, they're shutting down our town
    They're cutting down our town
    No more production line blue collar can be found
    They'll tear it to the ground
    They're shutting down our town
    Oh, they're shutting down our town
    Oh they're shutting down our town
    They're tearing out its heart
    It wasn't much to look at from the very start
    Herded all together
    From many different lands
    The old folks stand around
    While they're shutting down our town
    Yeah, they're shutting down our town
    They're shutting down our town
    And I finally came back home, found some peace at last
    Was time to stop running from the demons of my past
    Some that I remember but the rest are changing way too fast
    Yeah, they're shutting down our town
    They're cutting down our town
    No more production line blue collar can be found
    They'll tear it to the ground
    They're shutting down our town
    Oh, they're shutting down our town
    They're shutting down our town
    You know they'll tear it to the ground
    Yeah they're shutting down our town
    They'll tear it to the ground
    They're shutting down our town
    Yeah they're shutting down our town

  61. Pamela Douglas

    I'm a Datsun person - it's terrible.   What sort of country have we got?    The country of Australia shouldn't be doing this to us. I love Jimmy Barnes too.

  62. luke young

    God bless Holden Elizabeth factory South Australia built many fantastic cars. Including my VY SS commodore manual bought from plaza holden.

  63. Jason Carpp

    Bring back the auto industry! This is bullshit! Who the hell is the govt. to shut down the auto industry in the first place. How the hell is a country supposed to get by without an industry to keep working?! WTF?!

  64. Daniel Rimon

    National tragedy.. Barnsey tells the story.

  65. Andrew Stark

    What a legend. Im in tears watching this. The heart has just been ripped out of everything Australia. Its disgraceful. But this man is the ONLY 1 to sing and put his heart into everthing we,ve lost. Love ya Jimmy...xx....Rip Australia...😭😭


    The Big Three.... Holden, Ford and Chrysler. They were great times for Australia.

  66. ron freeman

    Onya Barnsey..highlighting the fact that Aussie is dying as a manufacturing country....all imported...and a terrible shame!!!

  67. Patrick Skahill

    GM / Ford USA to blame they shut it down to import mustang's, corvettes holden forever never buy yank shit and i hope every Ozzie considers my opinion before purchasing usa crap. RIP holden ford and hope all the 1000's of employees are doing well, hopefully.

  68. Payback 66

    Goodbye Holden 😒

  69. Mark Ryan

    Just face it, unions have stuffed this country. They do bugger all for the workers & just line their own pockets.

    Mark Ryan

    These days there is the EBA no money sucking unions involved.

  70. that one this one

    God.....found this by accident...isnt it sad :(

  71. jasco1973 Canty

    if we don't stop selling a Australia off what the hell do we leave our children

  72. TTV_Criped code Criped

    Shot nice song rip holden I used to work there until it closed

  73. Barry Smith

    Hockey you arsehole

  74. Brad Mottram

    I’d heard this song but had no idea it was about the Holden Plant Shutdown. I was told this today by the insurance guy when insuring my VF Holden.

  75. blue eyes white dragon

    U all voted for it that's why I vote one nation

  76. Johnny Gowcho

    New album is fakkin ACE !!!!!!

  77. AngelArk cosplay

    I'm a ford man and even I teared up. We may not drive the same car but we both Aussie and Holden is as Aussie as it gets

  78. behind you

    shutting down towns so executives can get their 3rd million dollar yacht....

  79. Mathew Crick

    And the olf bloke dribes an EF Falcon

  80. Dylan Caruana

    Great video tribute, I absolutely love Holden, such a great song with meaning behind it, Barnesy does it again :(

  81. v8 Holden

    Clear all of the whole advanced out there if it's not the end of Holden all of them has gone old Holden sitting out in the backyard maybe it's about time we got the car park I'm gone into the garage and started working on them because remember Holdens I always have always have and I always we'll everybody out there start pulling Holdings up and start working on it because Holdens are always strong always have will so everybody let's show the government what Holdens are really about

  82. Billy Hunt

    Thank bob hawk for killing Australian industry by signing the lima agreement

  83. luke young

    Born and raised in Elizabeth SA 👍

  84. Deacon110

    When I heard about no more holdens being made It didn’t really have a affect. But this, this is opened my eyes and now I’m upset

  85. Brendan Thomas

    This song is a blatent rip off. Blackberry Smoke, One Horse Town is the original song. The similarities are too obvious too ignore. Check it out and see for yourself.

  86. Alex Sokotun

    Anybody knows the models name at 0:25 (sedan) and 0:26 (wagon) ?

  87. djwrox94

    Ford or Holden it did not matter
    Deep down inside we all loved Australia and as a result Holden even if you hated the cars always won your heart
    RIP Australian Industry

    Michael Lockwood

    Hi name Michael can you help me out with some songs thanks you


    @Michael Lockwood the fess song - the radiators

  88. czr7j9

    I remember seeing them crushing the factory machinery at Fisherman's Bend and it was depressing. The best thing I ever saw was when they were building the Holden 5 lt V8, there was a bloke who had been there for ever and would rev the engine and listen for any faults, just his ears no tools.

  89. Brian Simpson

    I think Jimmy is on the right track but the song should be where selling out our town

  90. Steven Hughes

    Its just a flat out Springsteen ripoff
    I like jimmy but its time to stop. My chainsaw sounds better

  91. spiderpug

    Very sad. I’ve never owner a Holden, but it’s sad that on a global scale that a production line which has been ongoing for so long has to shut down due to extreme competition. Unfortunately this happened a lot earlier in NZ.

    I think this song also sends a great message to our politicians that WE do not want the selling of state assets e.g. ABC & Medicare etc. It is just insanity. Short term surpluses look only good for current politicians of the present, long term goals and ideas are not simple but we can do better than this. Protect our economy, protect our livelihoods, stand up to the sale of what is Australian! 🇦🇺 Progress Australia For All #PAFA #ProgressAustraliaForAll

  92. Tripp Johns

    Holden will always be Australian

  93. m050181

    If Bruce Springsteen was Australian, he would have written this

  94. Humble cornellious

    this is amazing!!! really hits home amazing lyrics ,makes me wana cry . still call australia home xx. such passion and fire in the song well done barnsey

  95. Peter Montgomery

    Pitty some of our so called politician leaders didnt say things like we are opening up your town !!

  96. Nathaniel McKechnie

    I remember my parents asking me what I wanted for a first car? And I said " nothing but a Holden"

    Nathaniel McKechnie

    I will hated it when my grandchildren ask me what a Holden is

  97. didjamom1979

    87 people are ford lovers

  98. rrrohan2288

    Can you people be happy for the US workers who kept a job. bet youd give two shits if they lost a job to Australia. stop being selfish

  99. it's me

    Fuck Holden.