Barlow, Gary - Need You Now Lyrics

Picture perfect memories
Scattered all around the floor
Reaching for the phone cos
I can't fight it anymore
And I wonder if I ever crossed your mind
To me it happens all the time

It's a quarter to one
I'm all alone
And I need you now
I said I wouldn't call
But I lost all control
And I need you now
And I don't know how
I can do without
I just need you now

Another shot of whiskey
But can't stop looking at the door
Just wishing you could sweep it in
The way you did before

And I wonder if I ever crossed your mind
To me it happens all the time

It's a quarter to one
I'm a little drunk
And I need you now
I said I wouldn't call
But I lost all control
And I need you now
And I don't know how
I can do without
I just need you now
I just need you now

Guess I'd rather hurt than
Feel nothing at all

It's a quarter to one
I'm all alone
And I need you now
I said I wouldn't call
But I'm a little drunk
And I need you now
And I don't know how
I can do without
I just need you now
I just need you now

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Barlow, Gary Need You Now Comments
  1. Kayla Gilby

    they ruined this song, she cannot sing

  2. Jane Laffan

    What a horrid voice. You’ve got some front critiquing Nichole madam.

  3. Mindful Exploration

    Gary’s talent didn’t deserve to partner with her talent :( He sang amazingly although he tried his best to carry the song while she’s almost killing it. :(

  4. Red Carded

    why did she agree to do this? cause clearly she ain't got it, thank God Gary was there at least one of them can sing.

  5. Nimi T

    If only Gary had sang this song by his self it would have been 100 times better. Cheryl should have been removed.

  6. jack

    Who cares about a person's ability to sing (she can sing by the way) when you're being asked to sing this song? It's a horrible, boring song.

  7. hello world

    another talentless white bitch in the music industry


    What has her skin colour got to do with it? Bitter, much?

  8. Cherry Ann Canencia

    C'Mon Cheryl hit some note!
    I recalled when you said Nicole scherzinger is not even a good singer, well look at you now you can't even hit a note. You can't even get a half Nicole's superb talent.

  9. Caitano Junior

    Gary Barlow saved the song


    Caitano Junior
    Nobody can save this song. It's garbage.

  10. Kelly Mead

    How can she judge people when she sounds like THAT

  11. Paul Horton

    I think Cheryl done marvelous well considering she just got over bronchitis and didn't want to upset the people about not performing.


  12. susie foxy

    Poor Gary...Cheryls made my ears bleed and im not even there!

  13. ViiCiiii

    She has balls, i give her that.

  14. Wolfcrouch

    Cheryl's vocals in the live performance are easily some of the most painful live vocals i've ever heard, my 3 cats can't say a single human word but they could've done so much better than her

  15. trance212

    My farts can sing better

  16. cnn

    Cheryl is beautiful but can't really sing

  17. inaramat

    O dear😬😬😬😬

  18. hayley hession

    She can’t sing 😂😂😂😂

  19. Jixter Sabado

    Am I the one who thinks Cheryl's voice is unique? I like her voice though.


    you and the one who liked your comment. 2 people.

    Gowreeshthespicegirl Gymfan

    You're thr only one


    She sounds fine on record and her voice IS distinctive.

  20. K C

    Gary sounds like an angel.

  21. Ali Hamdani

    When gary starts to sing cheryl like oooh he sing better then me

  22. Danielle Millan

    Everytime she sings Need it sounds like she's holding in a shite!!

  23. Serge Latawiec

    The worst thing about this is Gary’s microphone isn’t loud enough and hers is turned on! Looks great, sounds like a badger being attacked by a fox

  24. Nicola Tilt

    That hurt my ears ...but well.done gary Barlow for doing a duet with can't sing cheryl Cole tweedy whatever her name ha!

  25. Rubén Verdeal

    Cheryl Cole no sabe cantar, si sus conciertos son todo movimiento y Playback, no vale ni para jugar al Sing Star....

  26. Earl Wolf

    **simon comes out of nowhere** "What. The hell. Was that??"

  27. Anna Tippett

    This is not her best performance but listen to her for the 2nd time she doesnt sound that bad she is nervous so you can here it

  28. Sameer Khaild

    Why doesn’t Cheryl just go into dancing. She’s actually good at that.

  29. Greg

    She must have sucked a lot of cock to get this far in her career.....

  30. Catspelle Wolves

    This was embarrassing I think her auto tune was turned off!

  31. martinb74

    It’s very rare I feel sorry for Gary Barlow but after enduring this he deserves all the tax breaks he can get his hands on.

  32. Geoff Brown

    Going to be the next CIA interogation technique.

  33. Naz Akhtar

    Cheryl sounds really awful and rubbish...Gary is talented and sounds much better

  34. G Elle

    Proof she only got where she is because she looks beautiful....

  35. M G

    Gary was probably like wtf, need to check if they pay me enough for this embarrassment. Cheryl sorry but you shouldn't have sang that song. Your singing skills are not strong enough for it.

  36. Allison Day

    The crowd cheer when Barlow kicks in... Thank god, a tune at last! 😂😂

  37. Brendan Pilkington

    They picked the most depressing song considering it was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I’m surprised the crowd didn’t leave slitting their wrists and downing a bottle of whiskey

  38. Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine

    This imbecile gets 2M a season to mock poor wannabe kids, on cue. Even then, she can’t get the timing right!... How does the PR work around this, so SHE gets this job!??

  39. SaucyBegger25

    Cheryl is unbelievably awful! she cant sing for shit

  40. Ben Schaeffer

    She CANNOT sing.

  41. Luís Dias

    How did this woman become a judge at X factor?! She's absolutely worse than half the people who go there! It's so awful...Cheryl Cole is proof that in the music industry you don't need to sing, you just need to look like a Victoria Secret's angel. God save the queen's ears.

  42. Ashita Tatireddy

    Guys, Cheryl can sing, maybe that day just wasn't her day, I am a huge fan of her, but I agree this wasn't great but she can rlly sing. Pls stop with the hate

  43. pat casullo

    She can’t sing

  44. ann marie devereux

    Both done a great job, there was a little echo on Cheryl's microphone, but she was in tune and it was a live performance, well done, love it xx

  45. TeaAtTwo

    1:51 Charles' facial expression 🤣 He's just thinking 'wtf is this shit that I have to sit through'

  46. Bobby W

    There's a number of issues wrong with this performance.
    1, she's not a country singer. Don't know who's idea it was to sing this song.

    2. There's some sort of effect when Cheryl sings like an echo?

    Because it's a county song she's singing it in a complete different tone to what she normally does. She's said herself she's not the best singer. But this certainly isn't the best for her. She held the notes really well towards the end though.

  47. Lucky Lawrence

    Cheryl sounds more than just a little drunk....

  48. Melissa Johnson

    And she's a judge on a singing competition???

  49. Rob Fellows

    Can't polish a turd.


    I know Cheryl isn’t the strongest singer, but everyone has their bad performances and their good, and for her this was her bad performance.

  51. Shameela Khan

    Gary is an amazing singer ❤🌟

  52. Geoff Langley

    God how awful is that . Whoever told Cheryl see can sing needs shot .

  53. lovers of musics

    hahaha pumiyok gg 'i need u now'

  54. Caterina Gheorgsdottir


  55. Dominic AaAaa

    her voice is abysmal and gary barlow doesn't pay his taxes even though he's rich as fuck - it's a no from me :0

  56. Frodo B

    This is actually quite a lovely and memorable song that will be stuck in my head all day now, but completely ruined by Cheryl. What in the world were they thinking putting her up there?

  57. Andrew Milburn

    At first i thought this was a prank video where 'detune' is used, deliberately, to make the singers sound bad.........but then Gary sings and he sounds amazing as always.... Actually, this is a plea from Cheryl to turn the auto-tune back on!! the lyrics say it all i think.....

  58. Geoff Brown

    One shouldn't laugh at the misfortunes of others...Bollocks

  59. Miss Dog Lover

    Cheryl murdered a beautiful song. Gary was great as usual.

  60. Ferdinando Pio Briganti

    For you Simona M

  61. Somya Goel

    3:27 is pain

  62. Meg Leo

    this just makes me think of what i’d sound like doing karaoke with gary barlow

  63. Marc sa

    WTF, This woman is a fucking disaster!

  64. Viv. S

    Ol' Chezza should stick to shagging men with money that run a mile after, it's the only thing she does well

  65. Victoria Morrison

    How horrible is this . Never been a Cheryl fan but this is painful . It’s actually bad !

  66. 27shocking

    Cheryl is beyond bad

  67. Liasun

    One of the most beautiful songs ever written by Gary Barlow

  68. cand jim

    I'm that she judged people on their singing ability!!!

  69. Mashuda Khatun

    I remember watching this live I was looking forward to it but then it was like this😬

  70. Dennis

    They both sound fucking horrible

  71. A A

    I bet lots of people are not capable to sing this song. then here to bully her.

  72. Kim B

    And this woman has made millions off this voice no it's her looks that have gotten her where she is take away her looks she wouldn't be famous the only thing positive about her is she is a good dancer, people like her should not be anywhere near a microphone she can't even hit the easy notes well, she is an embarrassment to the industry, I don't like her attitude either, I've never liked her

  73. wwwtrevorjarycom

    She is dreadful! She Makes a pretty model and that’s about it!

  74. Bernice Gaze

    She is so flat, I felt sorry for him. He is a good all round musician is Gary, love his voice

  75. Gidgit VonLaRue

    Cheryl is flatter than a crepe being runover by a steam roller!

  76. Gidgit VonLaRue

    Notice after her first few off notes - the sound guy increases her echo to try and drown out her lack of talent!

    bozo the clown

    echoy Cheryl like a ghostly apparition haunting you on a dark and stormy night with her out of tune lyrics..

  77. bozo the clown

    has she got the flu?

  78. Lé Otter

    She sounds like a teenage boy who's voice is breaking 🙉

    bozo the clown

    she sounds like a teenage boy who's being murdered

  79. bozo the clown

    'its a quarter after 1 I cant sing and I n-e --e-e  e -ee-e-d u now...'

    bozo the clown

    Said I cud but I lost control and I n-e --e-e  e  eee-d you now

    bozo the clown

    And I don't know how I can do it without you, I just need you no o -oooo-oo-ow!

  80. bozo the clown

    proper talent vs reality show

  81. bozo the clown

    she should've been arrested after this performance   put in the tower and never released

  82. Miss NJ

    Cheryl out of tune

    bozo the clown

    no shit

  83. ArgosWarrior

    She is fking diabolical

    bozo the clown

    does it n ee e  eed to be said? yes it does!

  84. Tri Monster

    I thought Cheryl was a good singer.... then I watched this. My ears are in pain from her voice.

  85. shook lizard

    Sweety maybe try acting because you cant sing

    Tri Monster

    She should just become a dancer

  86. bozo the clown

    she not lyin she really does N E- E   EEE- E ED  Gary to help her with this song!

  87. bozo the clown

    3:27 Christ pet!

  88. bozo the clown

    jezus! she canna fookin' sing!

  89. bozo the clown

    0:30 gary lookin to his manager/agent like 'wtf u get me into?!'

    Nicola Tilt

    Ha ha made me laugh.

  90. Freya Smith

    Cheryl’s part was hard to listen to

    Red Carded

    we should be paid for having to listen to this whilst waiting for Gary Barlow to sing.

  91. itappedout

    Remember kids. Being a professional pop singer and smoking 20 cigarettes a day is not a winning combo.

  92. Pamela Hanna

    What an absolute abismal excuse of a singer. CRINGE 😕 Poor Gary he must think that this was the worst thing he could ever have agreed to do. She is absolutely awful.

  93. Gokkle of Geer

    A cat sliding down a Blackboard sounds better than Chezzer-tweedy-cole-vaseline-pain.

    Red Carded

    LOL @vaseline-pain

  94. Linda Sinnott

    Ouch my ears!!!

  95. Dominique Dupont


  96. mal chick

    I'm going to play this to everyone that's bin nasty to me, they'll feel real pain then

    Viv. S


  97. Lush Lavish

    Cheryl only got the dimples and that's about it. Gary is an amazing singer! <3

  98. Jane Spampinato

    Cheryl can’t sing!

    Jane Spampinato



    Jane Spampinato the truth hurts doesn’t it hater

    smck 2016

    She only got past her first audition of Popstars because Pete Waterman was getting a hard on looking at her no mention is made of her singing at all.


    smck 2016 if she was really bad there’s no way she would of got through or got millions of votes at the live stages she always had star quality that’s why she’s one of the biggest pop stars


    krystal you can’t speak for other people so fuck off

  99. Kelly Barton

    id rather hurt then feel nothing at all?,cheryl you've just hurt me with your singing love....


    Kelly Barton no one asked you to watch hun