Barlow, Gary - Actress Lyrics

She sleeps better with the TV on
She came in dark but she goes out blonde
Her mother slept with a Rolling Stone
Her lights are on but she’s never at home
She’s never at home
She’s an actress tryna’ learn the art
Actress searching for a part
If you ask her, ask her what she’s in
And watch her act again
Still trying to figure out who she is
Sometimes she’s mine but she’s always his
She made a movie once for fifty bucks
You can still get it if you know where to look
If you know where to look
[Repeat chorus]
All lies, all lies
Bad breaks and broken minds
Old words of make believe
One more honey just for me
Tryna’ find a line
Tryna’ hold back time
Ask her what she’s in
And watch her act again
She leaves the doorway right behind her
Her whole world is a stage
She needs to feel your eyes upon her
As she dances in a cage
The music’s pumping louder
As her mind heads to the stars
She gets clarity of thought in the back of someone else’s car
[Repeat chorus x2]

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