Bareilles, Sara - Saint Honesty Lyrics

We're leaving all the windows open
We don't even mind the rain
Or where we let the floors get wet
So what if the hardwood stains
Cause we're collecting evidence
Of one remarkable storm
How wild it was to find it and finally feel the climate
Instead of only staying dry and warm

Rain on us
Saint Honesty
Salvation is coming in the morning but now what we need
Is a little rain on our face from you sweet Saint Honesty

So we won't sleep tonight
While we brace against the wind
Oh these hearts they're weather-makers
We'll go where they take us
Till we find ourselves shelter again
We won't settle for the silence
We won't drown in the tears
We'll say every single word even if we think they'll hurt
Let the rain wash away these tears

Rain on us
Saint Honesty
Salvation is coming in the morning but now what we need
Is a little rain on our face from you sweet Saint Honesty

Oh, we won't let go
We'll be soaked to the bone
Baptized by truth we will reap what we sow
Build our own higher ground
When the rain's coming down
This is worth it to me
Saint Honesty

Salvation is coming in the morning
We'll wait patiently aiming straight for it
But now what we need
Is a little rain on our face from you sweet Saint Honesty

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Bareilles, Sara Saint Honesty Comments
  1. Cara Manuel

    Of course this is underrated. This has substance.

  2. Cynthianya Badouraho

    Sarah im an artist also your songs gf!! I could say yjey actully help me great lyrics !!

  3. kevinlortie54

    Nothing better than a hot cup of tea and this wonderful song from an incredibly talented artist. Thank you from my heart Sara——you just made my day.

  4. Давид Анахт

    7 December 1979❤❤❤

  5. Давид Анахт

    Это лучшее что я слышал , после Джоржа Майкла...

  6. Raquel Guerrero

    Por qué dice que en México no se puede ver el video que horror 😥😥por qué

  7. amal l

    3:30 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Emily Fritz

    Though my faith often falters, the fact that people like Sara Bareilles exist makes me believe in God.

  9. babybattuxedocat

    This song is so incredibly raw, honest and beautiful. I never cease to be amazed be Sara.

  10. Chloe J

    Hi Sara thank you so much for having the concert in San Diego I was there it was amazing your amazing. Unfortunately I was sick so it was hard for me to make it the best night for me. But I had an amazing time listening to this particular song. I got a T-shirt of you on i I wear it all the time. I’m currently crying because I don’t love myself right now and listening to this song makes me feel better. Just listening to your voice comforts me. Thank you for being you and making this amazing music. It sounds like angels singing to us. Thank you for helping us with everything we go through.

  11. Lucky Jenn

    I Love You!! Thank you Soo much! God bless you!

  12. Ana Lívia Miná

    GRAMMY NOMINATED Y'ALLLLLLLL she deserves it so much

    Faded Blue

    Fingers crossed that she wins this time!

  13. Araseli Reyes

    Just heard this&i luvvv it

  14. Tom Goodwin

    Wow Sara! You are killing it. You surpass what I thought was the very best. You have out done yourself and we are the better for it.......

  15. Anita Backrub

    This is it. This. is. it.

  16. Egan O'Ryin L.

    Wow, her song emotionally held me feelin' as if I am 15yrs old again experiencing puppy love all over again! Who is she? How pure her soul is? She's able to sing those lyrics, expressing her innocence! (Big fan here)

  17. Mavicity

    I sang this in my birthday suit in the dark without a care about the neighbors. I had a good cry.

  18. Nic D

    Sara Bareilles could sing the alphabet and have my undivided attention but Saint Honesty is truly something extra special. The lyrics will tug at your heart and make you think but her voice will bring tears to your eyes due to its sheer beauty. ♡ Incidentally, I recently learned that this recording was done in one take. Amazing...

  19. Paul Howell

    Another beautiful one Sara

  20. Vanessa Murillo Guerrero

    I hope this song blows up because it is so beautiful 😭❤️

  21. Sara Medzyk

    This CD is amazing and so is Sara Bareilles! ThisCD has everything blues,motown, strong kick butt women songs! I can't wait to see her in concert Oct. 27 in Paso Robles. Sara Medzyk

    Nic D

    Enjoy the show! I went to a Sara Bareilles concert a few days ago....absolutely phenomenal.

  22. beckham48

    I would play this song to my the other half on birthday with a chocolate cake in my hand and chill at home with good food and wine

  23. Lord Voldemort

    God. I wish I could sing this song with this perfection on my own.

  24. DMC8727

    I was never a huge fan of Sara, but some of these notes are amazing. I would like to hear Demi sing it.

  25. Brittany Logan

    Phew girl!! That voice 😍

  26. Rachel Feliciano

    There are no words to describe just how amazingly beautiful and talented is she!! Thank God we have Sara Bareilles in this world she heals my soul with her words! we love you Sara!! thank you for bringing me through!!! 💜💜🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏🎶🎶🎶

  27. Rachel Feliciano

    There are no words to describe just how amazingly beautiful and talented is she!! Thank God we have Sara Bareilles in this world she heals my soul with her words! we love you Sara!! thank you for bringing me through!!! 💜💜🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏🎶🎶🎶

  28. Gail Eaton

    Beautiful my daughters name Honesty

  29. Faith

    I can just feel it, whatever it is she's feeling. Wow.

  30. Devyn Mitchell

    My favorite off of this album 💓💓 I just covered it on my channel--it would mean the world if y'all gave it a look ☺️☺️🌸 She is amazing!!

  31. D Bryant

    I love your beautiful voice and words in your songs🥰♥️

  32. Hombrequemiralaluna

    Every time. Every song. She touches me.

  33. Kat Buckley

    Absolutely beautiful...can't stop listening to it! Another masterpiece worthy of a grammy Sara 💗

  34. Francis Perla

    Thanks So You Think You Can Dance

  35. royalfan24

    Give me some John Mayer guitar backing this incredible track.

  36. diego quiros

    So you think you can dance brought me here ! <3

  37. JAVIER M

    I love your voice and this song, the!!!...Thank you!

  38. Miguel Canté Chan

    Goosebumps starts at 3:32 😭❤

  39. What's The Problem?

    On 3:30 that note totally destroyed me ❤️

  40. Valencia Young

    I love this song!

  41. Natalia Collazos

    🌻❤ thank you Sara for that powerful song ❤

  42. E p s i l o n

    Not to be dramatic but-
    This is the most beautiful song ever made. 🤭

  43. Tera Hansen

    REALLY need to stop listening to this song at work. One of those ones you want to sing along with. I have had to stop myself a few times. I definitely can't hit those high notes like Sara, people may not be impressed.

  44. Money Darling

    Dear Sara

    Money Darling

    Have a good day Sara Sara. 😊

  45. kevinlortie54

    This song leaves me desperately waiting for your appearance in San Francisco.

  46. DAN Ellenberg

    Jet the rain wash away my tears come you sweet honesty

  47. S L Smith

    The salt of my tears do not seem to heal the wound of missing You anyone that can set a tome limit to grieving has never lost a piece of their heart. This song mmmmmh
    Bless God 4 this woman writes from a spiritual place

  48. Michelle Rossouw

    Love this song!!! Just what I needed 💕

  49. ursula keegan

    Inspiring & profound 🙏🏻

  50. Boozybird0

    I could listen to you all day Sara, simple beautiful lyrics and such an incredible voice 😍😍

  51. Orion

    I would be so disappointed if this album does not win a Grammy. After all these years with every album getting better, how is it that this insanely talented woman is still not recognized? Very few singers/songwriters (if none these days) know how to write songs that actually moves and soothes the soul.

  52. Jim downey

    “These hearts are weathermakers, we go where the take us” is now added to “sunburnt skin and handlebars” as proof she is directly connected to the source.

    Rachel Feliciano

    🙌🙌🙌🙌 YESSSSS!! 💜💜💜💜👏👏👏👏👏👏

  53. Jonathan Oberreuter

    In case you want to play it by yourself:

    G-D-Em-C-G-Am-D x2



    G-D-Em-C-G-Am-D x2



    Em-C-G-D x2

    II (modified)

  54. Fernanda

    She reminds me of Nora Jones... I love them

  55. nkugwa cathy

    Keep the music flowing Sara Bareilles.Us who know you appreciate yo music n talent.U always speak to my heart.

  56. faith Awuor

    Beautiful does not even come close to describing this Ballard...

  57. Ted Day

    Sara Bareilles isnt a typical model of broadway beauty..until she sings. Her musical instincts for composition, coupled with that golden voice is a treat to anyone with a skosh of feelings. Saying that, is redundant. One doesnt need to be told it. She can behave with some bawdy wordings, but her serious side is full of love or melancholy or courage. To know her would beat being near any Swifty-style mega-pop zillionaire bubblegummer.

  58. Murr Stevens

    Yeah, baby!

  59. T P

    Thank you Sara B

  60. Cornelia Boelke

    This magnificent symbiosis between a soothingly warm voice and a message which so deeply resounds in the conscience of the heart is above and beyond.

    Geetally Gee

    BoelkeCornelia Truth❣️

  61. Emilie Han

    one take full band. this song is a masterpiece

  62. Amethyst1209

    Love this Sara thank you.. every time I'm going through something you have a new album... Been a fan since your song featured back in Vampire Diaries early episodes. God Bless :)

  63. gypsy rose

    Tickets purchased, can't wait!

  64. Emily Keen

    'Brave' grown up

  65. nino sanjuan

    Hmm... I've been looking for a song about honesty for the last three years

  66. headfonic

    Great looking video content. Presume you did a great deal of your very own video coding.

  67. SweetT116

    love, love love. everything about this is so amazing.

  68. Robert Pearson

    OMG she’s good 🎶🎶🎶✌️

  69. blindwillie99

    You make me feel like a natural woman ?

  70. rockstarTraveler

    Sara should create a nice smooooooth blues album next time

  71. LaSportiva Musica

    That's the most soothing song i ever heard!!! 😍

  72. Lisa Harmon

    This is amazing! Just amaaaaazing!

  73. Margaret Roper

    Beautiful song for not only a rainy day but any day!! This song is very spiritual with a healing message. Well done Sara Bareilles

    Geetally Gee

    Margaret Roper my thoughts exactly 🙏❣️

  74. megan sibbert

    Cohen like tune !

  75. Rebekah Withakay

    Sara eavesdrops on my deepest inner thoughts and sings the soundtrack of my life with grace and elegance. She practices lyrical miracles and word wizardry. I. Love. Me. Some. Her!

  76. jane williams

    Tell it Sarah. Thank you for your voice. That we need so much right now!

  77. kevinlortie54

    You just put a little rain on my face Saint Sara. Rills down my face....

  78. milehighkid85

    Toe tapping like I’m in church. Shit goes HARD

  79. Richard Culbertson

    What an incredible voice and talent. So moving....

  80. Christina Fazeera

    Goosebumps all over me, dang Sara!!!!

  81. Camden Tilley

    As morbid as this may seem and as unreligious as I am, if I could ever choose a funeral song for myself this would be it. Such a powerful and moving song and by far my favourite from this entire album.

  82. Heather Hill

    Thank you 🙏

  83. Heather Hill

    How beautiful you are and beautiful voice God loves all his children

  84. Koji

    Performance of Saint Honesty on SNL tonight will be a highlight of my life. Holy Shit!

  85. Diane M


  86. David Schwartz

    Brilliant and gorgeous in every way, a perfect lyric delivered in angelic tones, devastatingly heartbreaking, yet hopeful.

    M. Morse

    Well said.


    The lyrics are so true its almost gospel. Loved it !

    Geetally Gee

    ELLIE BOONE It really is❣️🙏

  88. Eric S

    Just saw Sara on SNL. Her music and especially this song just floored me. Thank you from a new fan.

  89. La'Toya Addison

    Just heard this on SNL and I had to come check it out again #NiceSong

  90. Kryptonite

    well, damn. that's much better than anything she's tried to make a hit with

  91. FsTv Lyrics

    I'm thinking to made a lyric video for this song 😍.

  92. Rachel Lisette

    Absolutely beautiful! 👌🎧💜

  93. Emilie Han

    my new favorite song

  94. Wilfred Chin

    From the first four notes, easily my favourite song from the new album. Such a feel-good vibe!

  95. Kurt

    Heard this song yesterday. It has been a whole 24 hours with it on repeat. Sara never fails to sing out what my heart is looking for. I love her so much.

  96. Joana Freitas

    I just love this song, it's unbelievable that it's brand new and sounds so warm and familiar, like I've listened to it my whole life, my heart just lights up hearing it <3

  97. Krista Berg

    Sara! Slayed My Heart. Love<3

  98. Mayank Boob


  99. Marie Elise

    sing She Used to Be Mine at the same and i promise you'll be in tears