Bareilles, Sara - Lulu's Pie Song Lyrics

Let's make a new one Mama, what do you say?
I love you when you let me pick out the name
Sugar and butter and flour and mother...

I think today we'll start with strawberry cream
I'm calling this one: Lulu's Strawberry Dream
Sugar and butter and flour and mother
(Sugar and butter and flour and mother)
Sugar and butter and flour and mother
(Sugar and butter and flour and mother)

Sugar, butter, flour.

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Bareilles, Sara Lulu's Pie Song Comments
  1. Nathaniel Lee

    100 of 100

  2. Kenya 7

    This is such a wonderful song to end with! A new beginning! I always get teary hearing it...soooo precious!!!

  3. Ayatimas Pérez Brito

    Love this song ❤ Hello everybody!! I just wanted to tell you, and show you that recently I've made a cover of this song with my voice and piano. It would be great if you could listen to it and tell me your opinion 😘😘
    Here it is!! Hope you'll enjoy of it 💖💖🎶🎶

  4. Carit World

    I always start tearing up at the last "Butter". The note just hits me.

  5. Meggy Peggy

    I really wish they included this in the show.i know it would be hard to find a 4 year old to sing it but I feel they could revise it and Jenna could sing most of it and and lulu could pop in and talk/sing little words or phrases. It would really add to the mother daughter bond these two have

    Alex Fisher

    I was lucky enough to see it the other day in London and Jenna did this song its just not on the official cast recording I was so surprised

    Potato Pancake

    Meggy Peggy This song is in the show! Just before You Matter To Me, Dr Pomatter visits Jenna at the diner and she’s baking a pie, and she sings him a song that she and her mom used to sing when baking; this is that song!

    Doctor Eithne

    Or they could get a slightly older child maybe around 10? To look like Lulu but a bit older and she could be cooking it or something so there is like a young lulu and an older lulu

    Katelyn wouldn'tyouliketoknow

    The originally did have it in at the end, and its between Jenna (Jessie mueller) and Lulu (the little girl that played her), so was Door Number Three, when Waitress first started at, I believe ART.

    Hannah L

    Meggy Peggy they sing like 5 seconds in you matter to me

  6. Elrae Moon ThatPoet

    This song melted my heart into raw lava. I am sobbing uncontrollably. Snot everywhere. Send help

  7. that one annoying soprano

    i was watching Forrest Gump and i thought of this song and i burst into tears. i’m still sobbing

  8. Nicholas Bruno

    A song of a little girl and mother baking together... how heart warming it pretty much kills!

    uʍop ǝpısdn

    Nicholas Bruno yes, if only this had been included into waitress the musical. It would've been a nice touch

  9. Cassandra Naranjo

    I tried my best and these are the chords I came up with (Eb, Ab, Cm, Bb1) I repeated throughout till I got to the last "Sugar, butter, flour," where I play (Ab, Cm, Eb). Let me know how it sounds

  10. Llama party

    this song is so awesome

  11. SterlingEdits

    oml yess waitress

  12. Caroline Thies

    Let's Make a new one, mama, what'd you say
    I love you and you let me pick out the name
    And butter
    And flour
    And mother
    I think today we'll start with strawberry creme
    I'm calling this one Lulu's strawberry dream
    And butter
    And flour
    And mother
    And butter
    And flour
    And mother

  13. Caroline Thies

    So cute! I really want to see Claire or Mckenna Keane singing this for youtube!

    Llama party

    that would be so amazing