Bareilles, Sara - Kaleidoscope Heart Lyrics

All the colors
Of the rainbow
Hidden 'neath my skin

Hearts have colors
Don't we all know?
Red runs through our veins

Feel the fire burning up
Inspire me with blood
Of blue and green

I have hope
Inside is not a heart
But a kaleidoscope

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Bareilles, Sara Kaleidoscope Heart Comments
  1. Mega Mario Bros

    Sky Living advert anyone?

  2. chayensweet

    the best selling album from sara ❤️❤️❤️

  3. X popsicle X

    Love this song 💖

  4. James George

    Her 6th grade teacher Mrs. John, would have the class make kaleidoscope hearts from paper. I know this because I had the same teacher 20 years after her


    And if u pay attention you can hear that the ending of this song is exactly the start of Uncharted (in fact these are the first 2 songs of the album).. aaaah so much love for this incredible human being

  6. Gryf

    The reason I love her is because of her control and range. This is what happens when an A Capella group singer can also write great songs

  7. adam Everingham

    does Imogen heap know her style is copied here

  8. Molly Adams

    wish there was a longer version.

  9. Katie Smith

    found this from an advert for crime shows lol

    lool i dount exist

    ahaha sameeee

  10. andrew jones

    Love this

  11. Jod the wbee

    Sky 1 anyone

    lool i dount exist


  12. Paul Livesey

    Am I the only one who sees this as marriage vows?

  13. nobody nobody

    Only Sara Bareilles can make 60 seconds feel like 3 minutes. 😂

    adam Everingham

    yeah a bit of a rip off

  14. smacksmashen

    Someone's an Imogen Heap fan....


    This song is total dog shit! Highly offensive to those with finely tuned and sensitive ears.


    Well, why don't you and your precious ears just boogie on out of here and let the rest of us like what we like?


    Hey you, go listen to the genius of the Residents. In this album each of the 40 songs is exactly one minute long like the song above is. The idea of the album being that if you strip all normal 4 minute songs down then really they needn't be longer than a minute long to get the idea across, so play each of these records 4 times in a row then you have a 4 minute song. It is the most condensed, insightful music ever made, and the music phonetically organised so they don't get boring. Each record is pretty genius in it's own right, there are some annoying ones on there, but some real gems as well, but makes other music sound quite trite and meaningless when understanding it. They are the weirdest band you'll ever hear in your life as well though, so be prepared , but when you bored of everything, then they are there. Track one is so fucking awesome for starters. Cheers mate, enjoy..


    That's great, but the point I was making is that a lot of people like this song and don't think it's dog shit. A lot of people would probably find the pretentiousness you just described as dog shit too. Doesn't make it so though.


    It was pure entertainment value me calling it dog shit. Everyone else in the comments section wishing it was 4 minutes long and things and I say it's dog shit lol. The song gets constantly played on this Sky advert during the ad breaks, I hear it at least twice an hour and irritates the fuck out of me when knowing it note for note and upset me to see people saying it's so good, when I'm pretentious up my own arse about music me. Here's another band who pushed the envelope somewhat..

  16. Adrian Whitley

    Wow beautiful song its haunting and you went it to go on forever unfortunately its only 1 minute long , so you just keep your finger on replay.. Hehe....

  17. Ian

    A perfect intro into a borderline perfect album. It's criminally underrated, maybe my favorite pop album of my lifetime.

  18. kek sims

    I remember this being on your ipod for free and always listened to it

  19. Abby B

    This is my fav song!!!

  20. itzSammi

    Too bad its too short

  21. Kyoumi masu

    I uses this as my boyfriend and mines first anniversary intro song. I started the music as he came up the stairs, we live in a garage apartment, and by the time he made it to the top the song ended and revealed these hanging hearts I made myself leading to the back. As another song played he could read each which had a letter of the alphabet and qualities of that letter that I thought of him. :) He hugged me and was so happy ^_^

    Celeste Phemister

    Well Hush that's beautiful

  22. Lyra

    Sarah is my godmother of poetic inspiration ✨

  23. Tailless Jay

    Love Love LOOOOVE Sara B

  24. FushiaRose

    why is this so short!😣 I've been looking for this FOR AGES

  25. Ashley Fox

    this was part of our winter guards show this year :)

    Sadie Spencer

    We're using it for our marching show this year at my school :P


    I'm interested, I'm in a marching band too. Are there any good recordings of that show on youtube?

    Sadie Spencer

    I'm not sure... Look up Azle High School or Marching Green Pride 2016 Kaleidoscope.

  26. angelfire

    I love this song so much

  27. mimi love

    Where was the lyrics??


    +mimi love The description. Always check the description.

  28. Tanya Arroyo

    sara bareilles sang the song with her voice. she did not use insterments sooooooooooooooooooo pretty

  29. Sean Williams

    This song reminds me of my life before my stroke in 2013 I think it's because it was in an advert for living TV

  30. Jessie Brown

    I give 9/10 because it is just too short :(

  31. nomi inquies

    Yes finally! I've been searching for this soooo long > x < It didn't get out of my head, and I wanted to find it so bad. Love it!!

  32. Autumn Shenk

    I. Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!

  33. Hailey Woodworth

    This song needs to be soooo much longer!!!


    I know. I was listening and like, then at the end, 'Wait, that's it? Is that really it? Uh... Okay?'

    Randy Dias

    @WriterTheSylveon You should hear it when it's played with the other songs in her album. This is the first song. The one that comes DIRECTLY after it is Unchartered. The way the two songs sync into each other is beautiful. :)

    Emily Bordignon

    +Rachel D. (Agent Turbo Fingers) where can I find it?????

    Emily Bordignon

    +Rachel D. (Agent Turbo Fingers) thank you SO much!!

  34. ThatDerp

    This song should be like 4 mins long

    andi Barefoot

    Roly Baldwin that is not even remotely the same song

    Andrea Figallo

  35. Ginna Curtis

    What a let down of  song!!

  36. Andrew H.


    Janelle Cargill

    I love when choirs recreate this !!

  37. Cosmo.Lilly

    First thought: Wha- Why is something so beautiful so short? ;-;
    Second thought: Doesn't matter, best 60 seconds of my life.

  38. gingerhalo1234

    Doing this in acapella

  39. Carlos Gamez

    Check 0:24 and compare with the album

  40. Carlos Gamez

    This song's so fuckin awesome! :D :D :D However, you just can't cut 2 seconds of a recording just because it's silence!!! You even cut a bit of breathing... silences in this particular song are beautiful! Why??? D:

  41. Maura Gaffney

    My sisters a Capella group did this!

  42. Claire Erickson

    It almost sounds like Imogen Heap...

  43. Lee Si Jie

    Lovely :)

  44. Amy Whitehouse

    I wish this song was longer! I love it!

  45. Saqlain Mujtaba

    Movies like this help to make Youtube fantastic. They never fail to cause me to have a good laugh. BUT the vast majority of families are slowly but surely KILLING their family dogs - without knowing it... The garbage they insert in dog food creates cancer malignancy and tends to make family dogs die young.. To conserve your pet's life do a search for Double Life Dog Diet (Google it.)

  46. destroysilence

    This is the story of my life. Whenever I develop new interests, I add more colors and shapes to my Kaleidoscope Heart.

  47. Kristen Christian

    Cant believe I am just listening to this song for the first time in 2013... Love this song!

  48. Chelsea Adkins

    why is this so short? :( amazing song

  49. Zoe G. Lewis

    We're doing this in our choir. It's gonna sound incredible in a concert hall...

  50. BartimaeusTrilogyFan

    Well, Imogen used a harmonizer to harmonize her voice, no? Sara just sang the various harmonies and layered them together, I think. I prefer that way of doing it myself - sounds more natural? And a little less mechanic I guess. Which probably makes sense. xD

  51. gejunkapps

    OMG this song is so good its my favorite!!!!!! B)

  52. Nana Sarkodee-Adoo

    Am i the only one who gets goosebumps listening to these harmonies?

  53. Isabelle Greenberg

    that is very true, thank you


    Sometimes the smaller things have greater meaning.

  55. Isabelle Greenberg

    i really like it but, as some other people said in comments, its really short

  56. Katelynn Brown

    This reminds me of me old dance teacher who left our studio. :( I miss her

  57. Rebecca Today

    Heard this on an advert for the secret circle and instantly fell in love with it. Amazingly pure -3

  58. April Rose

    were doing this in my choir :)

  59. Evelyn Maida

    So perfect it's hard to believe it for me. I just LOVE sara. She certainly knows what is music about.

  60. crazychick96100

    OMG it is too short.. :(

  61. celaeno

    Frou Frou [email protected][email protected]"cool...



  63. Nicolette Vasquez

    tomorrow she will be performing this with my choir for a charity my school does every year

  64. Евана Лара

    I heard this on some advert

  65. DramasRS

    This reminds me a lot of Imogen Heap :s

  66. Muddydragon

    Thank you, Sky.

  67. neil larson

    I just made a lyric video to this song that is AWESOME. Took me forever, but it looks great. Check it out and let me know what you think!

  68. Paul Heavey

    The things I've been doing to that replay button should be illegal

  69. Melissa Dow

    love this. amazing.

  70. Abbey Harrison-Smith

    I love this song

  71. Magnet108

    live if the sky autumn drama advert brought you here!

  72. AnjilLee

    Best 1:00 minute of my life

  73. M-Dawg Rydizzle

    I wish this was longer

  74. drewv38

    why is this only a minute! ahhhh

  75. asdfghjkl asdfghjkl

    this is the most beautiful song, but so short.

  76. Gibtrickz

    @WenLisays Yea coz the song came out in an advert so now people are noticing it.

  77. Heather Gambier

    Great joy at finding this - like lots of you on here I heard it on the Sky ad! Bit short though :-(

  78. MooMoo

    @Amurana oh my goodness I just realized...sorry for the mislead!

  79. MooMoo

    @drewwFX right?! i posted this more than a year ago and people are just getting wind of it

  80. dfg regbgv

    Sounds like Imogen Heap's 'Mmmmm watcha say' song

  81. Connor McCluskie

    took ages to find i think every advert for anything should tell you what song they use so it isn't tiresome trying to find a good song!

  82. Connor Ivory

    Wow i have been looking for this for ages it just is an amazing song...

  83. Marla Mbemba

    It's over so quickly :(

  84. Angie Moynihan

    This song is amazing . i love it <3

  85. Kmac2021

    @Deadlybrit wut

  86. ReubenRohard

    23 People Need Their Hearing Tested......

  87. musicmadjenny

    @rastarenegade It's probably a sarfarner!!! Or is it suvener??!! All marf no manners. I'm a plastic scouser but the rest of my family are all scousers. All law abiding, hard working people who can take a joke (of course) but when the same joke runs for years, it gets a bit tired!!! Liverpool is like everywhere else - has some nice bits, some fab bits and some bad bits. Come up and see us sometime deadlybrit - put your money where your big mouth is!!!


    The advert at the beginning.....Did she really say Liverpool and glamour in the same sentence? LMAO LMAO, liverpool is a shithole of the highest order, full of thieving, mouthy, annoying, repulsive

  89. wowza191

    @InsanityAchieved : omg thank you! :D you don't know how much that has helped me! :D xx

  90. Amurana

    i was promised lyrics!

  91. L299111

    Reminds me of Imogen Heap

  92. wowza191

    Haha, I came here from the Sky Advert too:)) This song is a perfect example you don't need beats or instruments for a song to sound so beautiful.

  93. Tasha Lambkebab

    really wish this was a longer song. love it

  94. Lewis Smith

    Been looking for this for ages, saw it on an advert, thought it was immogen heap at first, great song :-)

  95. Ryan

    glee need to do this song!

  96. Second

    Just liking everyone's comments that mention the sky living advert because that's what brought me here ♥ Much love for Sara

  97. johnbradley100

    love it!

  98. deniseorita

    Thank you Sky Living for this fantastic song, she is incredbile !!

  99. Gallifreak

    Sky advert anyone?