Bareilles, Sara - I Can't Wait Lyrics

I can't wait, can you?
'Cause I can't wait, it's true
I wish it were today, to integrate
A new little life into ours
I can't wait
Lucky us, lucky little one
Who's still to come, it's such a rush
To be waiting for a baking bun
Lucky little family we are we are, we are
I can't wait

I can't wait for the baby to come

House is set, we got the bassinet
For baby to lay down and stay
Such a lucky little lady, or a little man
We said we don't wanna know yet
I kinda want to know, we already talked about that, and
I can't wait, we know
We're so excited to, and honey by the way
Have we thanked you for the womb?

I can't wait for the baby to come
I can't wait for the baby to come

Almost there, I can barely
Even stand it [?] to repare
For the new little infant
Credit cards are maxed, but who gives a damn,
When you got a baby coming?

It's a time like this
That we thank God that
You have that incredible job
That's giving lots and lots and lots and lots
Of paid time off, it's all a design

I can't wait for the baby to come

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Bareilles, Sara I Can't Wait Comments
  1. Zoe Andre

    Who's this song between? I'm guessing it's Earl singing mostly with Jenna at the beginning

    *Tess *

    'and by the way, honey thank you for the wooh'
    Yeah, that's earl allright haha

  2. Zz CBSkilz zZ

    Ngl at first I wasn't a fan then as it went along it grew on me

  3. Lessly Cepeda

    This soooong lmao

  4. My Moments with Mom

    Oh my gosh, can't wait to hear all the songs on What's Not Inside! Love you Sara!

  5. gillie halfone