Bareilles, Sara - Fire Lyrics

Door clicks while his wheels start spinning on the pavement
And I go fill the space up where he has been staying
Won't lose much sleep, he never went that deep
Love you? Oh you sweet thing, no, I never said that
Let me hold your ego while you get your bag packed
Don't take this the wrong way
But when a spade shows up I call it by its first name

We were
We were never gonna catch fire
We'd have burned up in the flames
Long before they ever rose up higher
Someday I
I won't have to feel the cold
But I do now so I'll know
What it feels like when I feel fire


Talk, touch, kiss then this one's just like all the others
But I know all too well that I want deeper waters
I held my breath to swim
But shallow shores aren't safe enough to dive in

We were
We were never gonna catch fire
We'd have burned up in the flames
Long before they ever rose up higher
Someday I
I won't have to feel the cold
But I do now so I'll know
What it feels like when I feel fire

That comes and stays fire
On blood and veins fire
I've only ever wanted fire
In my chest
In my mouth
On my tongue
In my mind
And my soul
So my lungs can breathe in fire

We'd have burned up in the flames
Long before they ever rose up higher
Someday I
I won't have to feel the cold
But I do now so I'll know
What it feels like when I feel fire

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Bareilles, Sara Fire Comments
  1. Not The Only One

    Very nice interpretive video. I liked the dancing, too.

  2. Matthew Henry

    A one letter word has never been my favorite part of a song until Sara bareilles said "I"

  3. Eddwardo Chesterfield

    I thank my choir teacher for introducing me to this woman years ago. Her music is just delightful.

  4. Jo Marie Lopez

    Is she a dancer too! My gosh!

    Paul Epperson

    that isn't her dancing in this video

  5. tangerines are imaginary

    3:09 my poor wig

  6. Joules Bass Tamaca


  7. Turtle looklike Urkel

    I like this one

  8. Meredith Dalton

    "When a spade shows up I call it by it's first name..." Yes!

  9. Rocky Graziano

    I love my Italian Gal Sara.

  10. Diana NF

    I love you Sara!!!

  11. Josselyn Kingsley

    I Love this artist! I forgot how much I loved her in the 90’s . Now I’m sharing her powerful and inspiring music with my teenage daughters. ❤️ Love you Sarah 🙏

  12. Amalia Tri Agustini

    Wow.... Beautiful vid..

  13. George LeBlanc

    oh mighty sara that f- word you keep singing is dangerous , but you,re pretty , you know if you sing in a building, , but hi it's two days past Christmas , hello I really  enjoy your music & videos, your fan , George leBlanc Jr.

  14. Greg Jetnikoff

    I rarely comment on the actual video content but this dance/choreography is as great as Ziegler's in the Sia videos.

  15. stup

    😂 who did this 😂


    sara belly u idot

  16. Matthew Henry

    An under appreciated artist by many, including me, for years.

    She's been making amazing music for a long time.

  17. Kiel Bartolay

    Filipino Sara Bareilles fans here?

  18. John Howard

    Within a few moments of the video I had to look up the choreographer- and I wasn't surprised (but very pleased) to see it was Travis Wall. He's brilliant. And a beautiful complement to Ms Bareilles' terrific song. Yay!

  19. Mike Raftery

    Spades are very formal playing cards, I think you should use their surname

  20. Ahri

    This is the best song on the album and it's not even close

  21. Marcy Brown

    I love this woman

  22. Ren Z


  23. Living Member

    This is a woman, worth dying to love.

  24. Living Member

    I would never be against her over the music she has played.
    She's too fucking beautiful and has never acted as an enemy toward my life, in any way.
    Yeah, she's beautiful.

  25. jitka votrubcova

    czech republic,unreal!!!!!JITKA super!!!!!!!!

  26. Angel

    nice auto-tune, props to the producer

  27. suesoosu

    I really love these contemporary dance moves, they look smooth and emotional at the same time

  28. sunkissedsam

    This song slaps so hard. I’ve been in love with Sara’s music since 6th grade ❤️ I just posted a cover of her version of Yellow Brick Road! ;-) please check it out if you’d like❤️

  29. Double O Sowell

    Wow . just wow

  30. wilhelm paul martinez

    this not having 1B views is criminal

  31. Dan Kilgore

    My wife and I just saw her concert here in San Diego and she opened with this song. She is amazing!! It was a better concert than when we saw her 6 years ago on her “Little Black Dress” Tour.

  32. Miko Tayong

    come to the Philippines, Sara!

  33. pcarebear1

    That intro hooked me...this has some crazy Patti Smith or Stevie Nicks spellbinding power soul singing. I love this side of her!!!!

  34. SamM Sam

    Saw her show last night. Perfection!

  35. Aline Barbosa


  36. David E Dillman

    I've always said that "dancing near the fire" is the essence of loving in this life. Sara's song captures it perfectly.

  37. Dijin K Devaraj DKD

    Why this not getting 100 million, really this song deserve more views. Friends let's all share it again in our social media accounts..

  38. Cynthia Haring

    Have enjoyed the songwriting of this talented artist for some time now... another excellent album, with strong vocals.

  39. Robert Wilson

    Not as good as that Brave song. I thought this song could have been a lot better. It's ok.

  40. Eugene Dittler

    I listen to "Amidst the Chaos" every day...I guess this makes me obsessed!!! Go, Sara!!! <3

  41. kakak tua

    Love this song

  42. Faded Blue

    If you have the time, join us in ranking Sara's songs! (
    Results will be posted on Reddit (r/sarabareilles) on Oct 14th.

  43. Autumn Moreland

    I didn't like this song at first. But now I love it. Best line ever in any song "let me hold your ego while you get your bag packed"

  44. Kanishka Chaudhry

    Well, Apple was playing this song during the WWDC19 conference at San Jose Convention Center in June! That bought me here..

  45. CD Regal

    Damn, this girl can do no wrong. How does she do it? She keep dropping hit after hit!

  46. Terry

    Wish she'd come over to the UK

  47. Abrianna Fletcher

    I can't get over that "fire" harmony ❤😭

  48. Ali Baba

    She said fire cleanses.


    Gina Linetti can sing lol🤣🤣

  50. Litanya Shaw


  51. Bron Plew

    Love the song love her voice could listen always

  52. Sheila Loranger

    This whole album is actually not about relationships per se. I watched her on James Corden and the whole album is about her feelings when the Obamas left the Whitehouse. She said she felt like her parents left her.

  53. Dian Kristen

    Philippines, yaaaassss??? Pretty pretty please...

  54. Living Member

    Remarkably beautiful. I so hope for her life to receive as much good as she deserves in it.

  55. rrbaggett7

    You cannot truly miss what you never had. Having lived in the cold for ages now, I almost wish I had never felt that fire so long ago. Almost.

  56. Derek Radcliffe

    I want a book mailed and time spent together. Not marriage.

  57. Derek Radcliffe

    Im no good at that for you.

  58. Derek Radcliffe

    No! You cant do this. You are a good woman. I'm a good man.

  59. Derek Radcliffe

    Its never gonna work.

  60. Derek Radcliffe

    A woman among girls.

  61. Derek Radcliffe

    Thats better.

  62. Derek Radcliffe

    The flames of hell are too much.

  63. Derek Radcliffe

    Im a man no matter what you do.

  64. Derek Radcliffe

    Break me?

  65. Derek Radcliffe

    Medicated and under control? Its like a man trying to marry an angel.

  66. Derek Radcliffe

    Wanna try me off meds? Beat me then and Ill give you all the daughters you like.

  67. Derek Radcliffe

    Im weak on this stuff.

  68. Derek Radcliffe

    Marry a strong man. Not a medicated one.

  69. Derek Radcliffe

    Are you fooled by the world or something? Cameras? Ignoring Gods camera?

  70. Derek Radcliffe

    Ill tell you you are the one and everything.

  71. Derek Radcliffe

    Ill pop whatever pills you like.

  72. Derek Radcliffe

    Gonna play games with a man you cant handle off meds? We can pretend all day and night.

  73. Derek Radcliffe

    Im medicated. You can marry away 😆.

  74. Derek Radcliffe

    You can see me now. Ive been temporarily killed. Marrying that is an illusion.


    Derek, are you a stalker?

    Derek Radcliffe

    @wildwildben yes.


    @Derek Radcliffe Then you should stop.

  75. Derek Radcliffe

    Wanna dance in fire? Its more likr screaming in pain.

  76. Derek Radcliffe

    What good is that? Have the father of your sons put a ring on it.

  77. Derek Radcliffe

    You dont burn hot enough for me Sarah.

  78. Derek Radcliffe

    Marry me and find out.

  79. Derek Radcliffe

    Want some?

  80. Derek Radcliffe

    I am with a suicidal girl right now trying to save her because she played with fire.

  81. Derek Radcliffe

    Trying to see how close without getting burned?

  82. Derek Radcliffe

    I would kill all of you. A family with me is so stupid.

  83. Derek Radcliffe

    Damn right you dont know.

  84. Derek Radcliffe

    You have no knowledge

  85. Derek Radcliffe

    Put your hand on a red hot stove for eternity if you like me.

  86. Derek Radcliffe

    Its not worth it stupid woman!

  87. Derek Radcliffe

    You are so fucked if you climb into bed with me. In a fire kinda way.

  88. Derek Radcliffe

    Americas singer.

  89. Derek Radcliffe

    You want to burn? You know nothing.

  90. Wade Rogers

    Where did the SNL video go

  91. Derek Radcliffe

    Joseph was a just man.

  92. Derek Radcliffe

    Mary was a virgin.

  93. Derek Radcliffe

    He was light.

  94. Derek Radcliffe

    I saw him.

  95. Derek Radcliffe

    Jesus Girl. Its a true story. Not sure if you believe.

  96. Derek Radcliffe

    Only watched it a buncha times, not overly obsessed or anything.

  97. Jeremy Hillary Boob, Ph.D

    When your ult bias does a comeback after 6 years

  98. Diego Gonzalez

    That cardi b has more recognition than her is what's wrong with the times today.