Bareilles, Sara - Falling in Love Pie Lyrics

Sugar, butter, flour
Sugar, butter, flour

It starts with a feeling
That bubbles up when you see him
Like some stranger you recognize

Opaque but electric
The ways you're connected
Are invisible threads from your eyes

May we all be so lucky

It swells up between you
In its magnetic magnitude
A brute force with the sweetest disguise
It swallows the days and makes
Everything else simply fade away
It's the fireworks when two souls collide

May we all be so lucky

Sugar, butter, flour

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Bareilles, Sara Falling in Love Pie Comments
  1. madsprixe

    Does anyone know the proper chords to this ?

  2. Marrys KreativWerkstatt


  3. Juan Barria

    I like so.much

  4. Bri-is sleepy

    Everything she creates is just magic.

  5. Georgie R

    Sounds almost like a reprise to a soft place to land. Love it!

  6. gillie halfone


  7. Karina Jo

    LOVE IT 😍