Bareilles, Sara - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay Lyrics

Sittin' in the morning sun
I'll be sittin' til the evening comes
Watching the ships roll in
And I'll watch 'em roll away again, yeah

Sitting on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
Just gonna sit on the dock of the bay
Wastin' time
Oh, oh

Left my home in Georgia
Headed for the Frisco bay
'Cause I got nothing to live for
And nothing's gonna come my way, yeah

Sittin' on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
Sittin' on the dock of the bay
Wastin' time

Looks like nothing's gonna change
Everything's gonna stay the same
I can't do what ten people tell me do
So guess I'm just gonna stay the same

I'm sittin' here, resting my bones
'Cause this loneliness won't leave me alone
It's two thousand miles I roam
Just to make this dock my home

Sittin' on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
I'm just gonna sit on the dock of the bay
Wastin' time

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oh, oh,

Sittin' on the dock of the bay
Wasitn' time, wastin' time, wastin' time

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Bareilles, Sara (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay Comments
  1. Dennise Hamilton

    I miss the bay

  2. Ray Trevino

    Sara B. it the very best, a tidal wave of emotion.

  3. HistorywithTed Payne

    At the end 2019 is testing me and my love of cover songs and Sara Bareilles. This is not "jazzy nor is it "soulful"

  4. Dsbobo1986

    Fantastic! Phenomenal! Magnificent! This is Sara Bareilles at her best. 😉👌

  5. Glenn parent

    the earth is flat

  6. Glenn parent

    did the philly hockey team win again

  7. Glenn parent


  8. Hailey Alden

    WOW 🙏

  9. Ashley Grace

    Her voice is soo smooth

  10. Egan O'Ryin L.

    As I am gingerly strolling on over bays way tilted cap ma’am, offering this lovely vision some little necks covered in hot sauce! oic now catch me if you can like the Ginger-
    Bread Cuz man! Sara is a beautiful vision mixed by a combo of an artist crossed musicologist! Lovely to my senses! Indeed!

  11. Matthew Breese

    Why did u have to ruin this shit for me

  12. Petrucci John

    Not a cover. Just another different song with same lyrics

  13. Ronald Perrell

    So Soulfullllllllll, Love it. And for you folks that gave a thumbs down would not know what a brilliant performance was, if you saw one. She made this version her Own.

  14. Greta S Bo

    She floors me. Every time!

  15. Lukas T

    I am 24. Heard this song the first time roughly 5 years ago.
    One of the ones I know I will be listening to for the rest of my life.
    Hardly anything in life is forever, but music is.
    Surreal thought.

    David E Dillman

    Got you beat by 44 years, ... and yes, you will hold this song in your heart forever. I ∑as at work on Friday, and the guys I work with all broke into this Otis Redding song, ... his legacy. Love this tune, and Sara makes it her own. Amazing!

  16. Jean Sebastien Amyot

    OMG ! First time I ear about her ! Fantastic !

  17. Glenn parent


  18. Mohamed Nashar

    This is incredible!!!

  19. Michelle Schmitt

    Soooo soulful! 💙

  20. charlize841

    I watch BGT and the like and then listen to this and realize how far away all those contestants really are.

  21. B Bonaduce


  22. jodysheli

    Awesome!!!! Please keep doing what your doing!!!

  23. Amanda Wilson

    I enjoyed the serenity of her voice, and I loved the blues in the guitar solo.

  24. detharp

    great to wail on a Bb harmonica in melodymaker tuning, sing wail n fly with her,somuch emotion

  25. detharp

    nice to go on a Bb harmonica, wail n fly with her

  26. נורית אבישר


  27. Lis Cain

    That felt so good. Thank you!

  28. Dominic-j Simeoni

    :-) .... I do not know you, ... I'm happy to meet you ... :-)

  29. Bryant W

    I almost didn't listen to this. First thought was "old tired song" boy was I wrong. First time I've heard this song in twenty, wait thirty years and enjoyed it. Thank you for reviving a classic, that I thought was old tired and dead.

    Amanda Wilson

    I wish it was on the radio.

  30. Ted Day

    She does her live shows, as good or better than a recorded studio version.
    How many music artists can do that?
    Almost none. Rare.

  31. Ted Day

    Dont know if she ever did..but God Bless America...or..America the Beautiful..sure would be pretty.

  32. Lorraine Brown

    I love her rendition !! 💕

  33. Dante Russo


  34. Max Sunman

    You are a very good singer and pianoplayer too. Must been easy for this talent woman. This sounded so pretty when you sang it! Wish you a wonderful day full of love and happiness.

  35. Michael T

    She is a goddess, clearly from heaven.

  36. detharp

    harmonica MelodyMaker tuning in key of F( second pos.) so much fun to wail with that sweetie,yep.

  37. Dominic-j Simeoni

    It's a magical moment, there are no words to describe it

  38. Jose Jr. Canillas

    Nice video, beautiful song with a very nice voice. I love it.

  39. John Smith

    who are the pillocks whooping and screaming

  40. caldogrun

    I love this polished and great talent of a woman-singer-song-writer!!!

  41. kimberly klug

    she's so talented - does she make her own music?


    Yes. You should check her discography. She released a new album today actually.

  42. lisa oaks



    Go and listen to her new record. It was released just a few hours ago. She's a sweetie pie 💜🎶.

  43. Carl Bowden

    A favorite song, being done beautifully!

  44. Daniel Dickerson

    What a very Beautiful, very talented, classy lady

  45. Phil Bates

    Absolutely wonderful. One of the best things you will hear on YouTube ANY day😄❤️☯️🙏

  46. Dennis Johnston

    Jesus. My new favorite artist

  47. Richard Jones

    as is she I have to admit as a human being as well as externally

  48. Richard Jones

    How on earth did I miss this absolutely spectacular masterpiece of a cover WOW just wow so so beautiful

  49. harry oliver

    Sara, you may waste time here, any time you please! Thank you, Sara Bareilles!

  50. Meghan Strobel

    So much talent going unnoticed unlike half of what’s played on the radio. Makes me so mad to see such amazing artists with TRUE talent not get all the recognition they deserve. Love you Sara you continue to be flawless in all that you do

    James Blair

    Meghan Strobel I don't agree with her political views. But she IS talented!!

  51. Octo_03 Gener

    She is unique..... great artist she did well for her cover songs.

  52. Ciara Butler

    What key is this in ???!!

  53. Gregg Jensen

    Never thought it possible, better than the original!

  54. DoNot Need

    I still remember when they came and took Otis's sister out of class to tell her what had happened. I think I'll put this on my like list...

  55. Ron Belin

    Interpretation ? that when you pay to copy the work of accomplished musicians ?

  56. Gregg Jensen

    Wow she made this song her own!! Great version love ir!

  57. jgoldfluss

    She gives me goosebumps. Brings back all my memories of living in SF for 20 years. She's incredible in every way possible!

  58. Pentti Saarikoski


  59. Michael Taylor

    so few singers can capture this song's spirit but you did it in spades, very well done.

  60. Howard Turner

    Man I’m so glad I found you. You’re one of my top fav’s for sure 💪🏻

  61. Michael Buchanan

    Sara can take any song and make it her own.

  62. jjerichoo realartist

    excellently natural. love it xx

  63. Derek Poniedzialek


  64. Michael Sliter

    Someone showed this lady, as a young girl what powerful music is.

  65. Road Wonder

    I celebrate her as a person and musical talent.

  66. Molecular Voltage Transmuter

    Never seen a better cover of this one! 😮

  67. Jean-philippe Peyratoux

    Pure talent

  68. Stee 74

    Wow wow wow

  69. Nathan Hammer

    Still enjoyable at 2x speed. (Didn’t watch it at normal speed for comparison tho.)

  70. Glenda Paul

    the performance was excellent and original. not keen on the outfit, but Sara is very pretty and pleasant.

  71. EyesInTheDark1

    She's cute, I don't care what you say... AND! It sounds like she can step up to a mic and do it, not like those studio queens.

  72. Ned Parks

    I did not think ANYONE could cover this song ever. Well she has so all others need not apply.

  73. kevinlortie54

    Such a deep and expressive talent. I feel certain that she pays deeply for such a deep talent pool. Please keep your head above the waters, Sara, as you are much loved and appreciated by the faceless many.

  74. Darren Burns

    where did this Sara B come from OMG!!!


    Sara, you gotta be black. There's a black girl hiding inside you, somewhere....

  76. Kay DeMott

    I love Otis but she does it great!

  77. TPTV

    goosebumps every time.

  78. Curt McGurt

    Hands down the best artist I've heard

  79. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    anybuddy else lookin at her tities

  80. kevinlortie54

    Sara you do such justice to this great classic cover.

  81. Katherine Chambers

    Such an incredible talent! I envy her range and her amazing vocal control

  82. J B

    She brings me peace especially gravity and she is stunning beautiful!Hope she comes to new york.

  83. Morbid4nya

    She's got such excellent control of her voice! I wish I could sing like her!

  84. John Boulding

    One of the best vocalists of our time

    Tony Stanger

    hunny you havn't met me

  85. Dana Alcorn

    Love it!

  86. miah alicia collis

    That brung a tear to my eye.

  87. Sunnie Weeks

    She has such a beautiful voice love this song covered by her.

  88. bob charly

    Underrated amazing angel! 😇

  89. Phil Wright

    Thank God I found you, better late than never, pure golden girl omg what feelinggggggggggg

  90. Molli Cook

    Thank you for sharing your gift of music just the way you do girl

  91. frank milliren


  92. Camy Idy

    That was amazing ......!!
    Damn haha
    *Hope that you're having a great day everybody* :)

    *If you have any spare time, check my covers if you want, you would make my day* <3

  93. Bob Stevens

    Yes, this is music

  94. Robert Purser

    She just takes it to a different level.

  95. Jose Tamez

    of course she whistles in perfect pitch!!! Mi amor!

  96. Ruski Martini

    Nothing less than stellar.

  97. Mark Lydon

    I wonder if the guitarist has been inspired in anyway by Jeff Beck.

  98. Shelly Martin

    I haven't heard her this song this one, but it's really good her version of it