Barcelona - Heal Lyrics

It seems like everybody wants to play
They wanna buy it for a price
I'm no exception 'cause I play the game
Until you opened my mind
Like you do sometimes

Heal the love and the love will stay
Feeling your love in a whole new way
Sweet Valerie, Valerie
Heal the love and the love will stay
Feeling your love in a whole new way
Sweet Valerie, Valerie

I hear those haters screaming every day
They got me heavy, weighed down
Then you came and sang your song, lovely day
They need to hear that sound
Like I do right now

Heal the love and the love will stay
Feeling your love in a whole new way
Sweet Valerie, Valerie
Heal the love and the love will stay
Feeling your love in a whole new way
Sweet Valerie, Valerie

Ooh, love is enough
Oh, it's enough to give it up
When we blame it on each other
Love is enough
But it's enough to lift you up
When you give it to another
Love is enough

I saw a little boy the other day
Yeah, he was acting too strong
All it took was a little girl to change his face
And she was singing your song
And I sang along

Heal the love and the love will stay
Feeling your love in a whole new way
Sweet Valerie, Valerie
Heal the love and the love will stay
Feeling your love in a whole new way
Sweet Valerie, Valerie

Heal the love and the love will stay
Feeling your love in a whole new way
Sweet Valerie, Valerie
Heal the love and the love will stay
Feeling your love in a whole new way
Sweet Valerie, Valerie

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Barcelona Heal Comments
  1. Jamie Michael Kerepa

    This is magical 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Thaislane Fernandes

    minha música favorita

  3. Ankur Sharma

    Love from India

  4. kéka

    Musica perfeita😍

    Thaina S

    Vdd, muito boa ❤

  5. TOPmusicman8

    Yamaha dx7?!

  6. Waliul The 'Wall·E'

    Such a good music!

  7. SharpTechno

    Hello SYML :)

  8. maud quilici

    Is Barcelona actually SYML ? mind blown

  9. Ferdinand Y. Agustin

    Yes they are great specially the song Touch

  10. Immortal Burdens

    check out the Lip-sync Music Video i created of your song "Please Don't Go " no monetary gain.

  11. D. A.

    Great song 👏

  12. richik bose

    This song :")

  13. patricio osorio

    I like too much this song, how dont have more views?

  14. Luis Sierra

    Isn't this an incredible making out song? Omg, I have chills

  15. Wraith Gaming

    i hate you guys...... you made me cry like hell for two damn days because of "please dont go" song.... my girlfriend left me and is gonna marry another dude.... coz of her parents.... but oh well im over it. . i had all this pent up sadness in me.. and u guys made me release it.. thank you... u deserve a bigger fan base and audience.... you'll get there dont worry..

  16. noah

    wow, i like this song.

  17. Moses Tarup

    When I hear the song, it reminds me of my my brothers.

  18. Lola Lolita

    Essa música é tão boa, mas o clipe é tão ruim

  19. 李倩

    I'm Chinese, there are many people like you guys in China!! I look forward to your new song!!

  20. 李倩

    So when does a new song come out? I am looking forward!!!


    My cure including drop everything


    Im blessed to hear this song

  23. agnieszka eco

    LOVE THIS BAND!!!!!!!

  24. Gina’s Journey

    I am so in love with this song. 'Discovered' the group yesterday. Have been hooked since <3

  25. Michael Huang

    you guys are amazing, great boy band

  26. whater colors

    I fucking love this song! I love this band!

  27. I Kvd

    Very underrated

  28. StaAna Robert

    Love this band all of their song make sense

  29. onomeus

    wonderful track guys

  30. Antony Kein

    So underrated !!! Full support !!!!!

  31. Francisco Sousa

    keep going guys! you're awesome.

  32. Abdulrahman Lingga

    this is music, real

  33. Erika Gutierrez

    You guys are amazing ✨✨

  34. Gee Younes



    I feel like the luckiest person in the world to know this song

    Jenna Palmer

    me too!!!

  36. Johndmua

    I'm so obsessed

  37. Mari Vall

    This band is very good I don't understand why they don't have the audience they deserve

    richik bose

    Mari Vall exactly

    Sem Perez

    Maybe because they prefer fancy dance movements than true music. For example justin bieber who i neven seen him playing an instrument in live shows

  38. 지영

    Hey dear! umm.. first, I apologize for my unprofit grammar. I love your song, voice, and lyrics. but these days i couldnt see you. I want to watch your concert movie, daily life, most of all your singing. i dont know what I'm saying. but i love you guys. so pleaaase come back this page!!!

  39. Abigail vr

    I can listen to this over and over ... <3

  40. Netto Monttalvo

    una hermosa canción!💝

    Jenna Palmer

    Me encanta!!!

  41. Matthew Curiel

    Come to Texas Barcelona!

  42. Unxx

    this is soooooo underrated! i love this song a lot

  43. Bianca Gomez

    I listened to this while reading an angst fanfiction. Now I feel like crying every time I hear it. Dammit

  44. Igor Lopes

    is this the oficial channel ?

  45. Odair Lima

    love Barcelona 😍😍😍

  46. Camilla Barbosa

    this band is so underrated, I love your work, you're amazing and I hope you have a huge success some day

  47. 迳自

    你们在网易云音乐上很火 加油

  48. sofia demero

    Good luck with your music... i love this song 🌃

  49. Krish K

    Awesome band. Love this song as well. Fall in love was also legend guys.

  50. imama noor

    they deserve so much appreciation

  51. Zora

    My gf introduced me to this song and i am just lost in it right now

    Ash Jacob

    +Zora this song made my woman and I get back together, quite a feeling, a saving grace!

  52. Carolina Armendariz

    I really like this song. It is one of my favorites this season. :D

  53. Mojo2015 Yeatmo

    My boyfriend introduced me to this song and now I'm a huge fan! This song holds a special place in my heart xox thanks guys love ur music n hope to see u live in concert

  54. Giugi Blond

    Amazing song <3

  55. Kesya Reis

    veiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii q isso

  56. Por P.

    Please, don't play with my heart tonight. I get a little insecure

  57. SwaffyX

    Please, put your music on Bandcamp. It's a great website, I can't stand iTunes.

  58. Charo Sanchez

    I love your music

  59. ReneeMartinezXO

    Everyone comments about how beautiful the song is and how the video paled in comparison but the song while beautiful is about sex. Did you want porn in the video?

  60. Sophie Batchelor

    I love this beautiful track enormously - it's a shame the video doesn't quite do it justice

  61. imstaplerbulletproof

    Great music as always. What's up with the music video though, it seems like it was made with powerpoint. The transitions from screen to screen are just so cheesy.

  62. MandaBear83

    I love them. I wish everyone in the world could hear their music. This is a great song. One of my faves by them is Stars :) <3

  63. Paulina Litkowska

    it's fantastic! <3

  64. Judy n Boudreau

    chills !   love it !

  65. Debora Alves Rocha



    very nice song,,,

  67. Suzanne Woods


  68. jammin4him247

    I can't tell what this song is about...having sex or coming to Christ? The fact those two things are far separated worries me.

    Barcelona used to make awesome music. Now they make this mono dimensional stuff and it upsets me. I still listen to their first album because it's awesome. But I can't get into the new stuff.

  69. Phellipe Ferreira

    Muito boa a música! Eu escuto vocês a pelo menos 8 meses, mas só agora consegui achar algo sobre vocês. No geral encontrei pouca coisa sobre vocês aqui no Brasil, não é o suficiente, mas já é um começo.

    Tainara Santos

    Phellipe Ferreira as músicas deles são ótimas

  70. Denilson Gustavo

    L O V E

  71. Izzy Mendez

    Just saw them last night in Chicago and they are truly the nicest group of people to ever play in a band. Their band to audience relationship was pretty special.

  72. Honey Bunny

    Love you guys!

  73. Corbeaux


  74. Jeremy Defee

    their album is great, but they are awesome live!

  75. Caleb Branson

    This is the most patriotic, american, sweet love song ever

  76. Trinh Duy

    Love this :D

  77. ☆Vainilla☆

    hermosa hermosa!!!! me encanta 

  78. Nikko Tan


  79. Nicolette iz meh!

    Saw u guys today in Miami Florida and I got sooo close to taking a picture with u guys but I got nervous lol but anyways great job u guys are truly amazing and my fav song is diamonds and silver ! Plz follow me on insta @nicolette_princess love you guys!


    Don't be shy! These guys are friends of mine. Very friendly and welcoming!

  80. Vonnetta Norfleet

    I saw you guys at the Fray tour in atlanta! Loved it! Keep up the good work!!

  81. Ariel J. Blanco

    Perfection! :)

  82. vegan.on.skates

    I have listened to this song sooooooooooo many times!!!! I absolutely love it!!!  and OMG Rhett without a beard!!!!!!!  :D

  83. Avery Addison

    They are even better live!

  84. Samantha Hipper

    I saw you guys in Philly and fell in love with your music ❤️ I love you guys!

  85. Caroline Barros

    I'm gonna marry with this music!

  86. josuerdgz93

    I recently watch them in concert. They are awesome! Me and my friend loved it :) 

  87. KyoCatLove

    Totally wish this was a video of you all cuddly with a girl!! supa sexy

  88. KyoCatLove

    Saw you guys in Dallas!!

  89. Kort Peters

    Brian - I want that lightning bolt shirt!

  90. Donita Fatland

    Awesome video, awesome band!

  91. Jenny Johnson

    Learned of this group from touring with The Fray. Huge fan of their music now!!!

    Brayanna Williams

    Same. I saw them in Kansas City. They were amazing


    @Brayanna Williams woah same

    Brayanna Williams


    Khalil Santiago

    Have you heard their old songs like Colors or Come Back When You Can? They didn't sing their older songs on tour but they're really good. I fell in love with their music when I they released Come Back When You Can :)

  92. Kieran Bertrand

    I love this band! :)

  93. Lavoy

    Love the video! 

  94. Leg Channel


  95. Jr Lavi

    love it !

  96. GUEV

    I love YOU ;D!

  97. kcfromslo

    This is amazing, as always. One question, though. What happened to Chris?

  98. BeauCh

    The slow-mo totally works.  Well done on whoever did the edit. (and the music isn't that half bad either)  ;)
    All the best,
    -Beau Ch.

    Jenna Palmer

    could NOT agree more!!! <3<3