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Barcelona Falling Out Of Trees Comments
  1. coolgai5

    2019 and still one of my favorites :)

  2. bella lee-ball.

    reading my mind 🌙

  3. that0n3p3rs0n

    The OG Dear Evan Hansen

  4. jeffrey mbugua

    Now this man has a magical voice!

    Jessie Rose

    jeffrey mbugua YES

  5. Souradeep D

    Very underrated band. I came across Please don't go accidentally about 5 years ago and found that they're very genuine and exclusive. Such a shame that their latest album was rather average compared to this. Still Less than two is pretty amazing

    Jessie Rose

    Souradeep D The singer is now Syml and his songs are just amazing if you want to check it out

  6. Raymond Mendez

    Please Help!!! I'm begging for anyone to help me remember a song name I unfortunately do not remember the lyrics but I can describe the music video it's kinda Indie and alternative the people in the music video have blurry faces with three pairs of eye please me help me if anyone knows this song please help

    Mark Miller

    Darude - Sandstorm

    I was there the whole time

    What color was it?

    Souradeep D

    I think you're talking about Youth by Daughter. Hope you find it :)

    Raymond Mendez

    +Souradeep D (Sid) nope I know that song but someone finally found it for me it's too insistent by the do

  7. MsAmbahh

    This album got me through my junior year of high school, which was really tough for me; I had a mental breakdown that year. But these songs.. Especially this one, it would just make me feel like I was drifting, and for a moment I would just be lost in the sound. It was one of the best feelings ever. I love this album, and I love this song.


    +Native B.
    Thanks!! I am doing quite well! 😁

    Taste Lard

    Same fam

  8. Janay Gunderman

    This song is absolutely beautiful. So sad to hear their new stuff, they've changed so much and not in a way I like :(

    mustapha taleb

    @Janay Gunderman so true, they lost their way, the 2nd album was alright but the new one is just terrible


    +mustapha taleb This.

    Jessie Rose

    Janay Gunderman Check out Syml! He's from this band.

  9. Loops

    Love this song it's my kind of music :)

  10. krazybois254

    Coming in loud and clear in the PNW!! glad i revisited this

  11. Laura Ryan

    Well aren't you just a psychology expert?

  12. Bree No

    Unfortunately, you can't really chose what your children will and won't like. That's what will make them individuals...

  13. Clove Sevina

    this is the best part of youtube.

  14. Yannick Wolfe

    yup. whoever produced that song deserves an award.

  15. Robyn Shirvan

    I love getting lost on youtube

  16. Nika Štempihar

    You are saying that we should be peaceful and loving people while you are shading justin..

  17. Brooke Murphy

    If you are going to be on this side of youtube you need to understand something. We think the main music industry is going down fast with beiber involved. We like to compare our amazing music to that kind cuz lets face it, its just better. Its filled with so much more meaning then that awful music that is considered "popular"
    Also we are peace loving people and we don't like cuss words or arguments. So please no more. Enjoy the music. Don't judge one another, love, live, let people be people.

  18. CalibratedPerfectly

    why so much hate. to each their own. live and let live. hope for the best. no need to promote animosity.

  19. Nika Štempihar

    why am i here? i like that kind of music too ok??

  20. MsGummybearluver

    Eeew. A Belieber infecting our side of youtube.
    Why are you here.
    Get outtttt

  21. Nika Štempihar

    fuck off bitch!!!!!!!!!1

  22. yo fh

    depeche mode cover

  23. Yannick Wolfe

    i was hooked to that song after a few seconds too. I know the feeling.

  24. alxuria

    You will have great amazing kids :)

  25. Alba Hurts

    I live in Barcelona. I feel proud of my city!!

  26. 4lala444

    I love this song!...I also like some of Justin's...and Pavaratti's.. and Jagger's.., so live with it. To each his own.
    Open your minds. Everyone is entitled to his feelings, so remember the saying- "Music is what feelings sound like"...

  27. Dylan Ledford

    Quit doggin on Bieber. Hes human.

  28. Whiskey Beard

    Not wise, just awake.

  29. Whiskey Beard

    Some people live lives that are so mediocre, even something as little as disliking a song brings them some sort of sense of shit causery. Usually, its the same people that wish to talk shit on these songs.

  30. france2307

    My heart is scared, my heart is gone .

  31. Eliw Geym

    Love song, really love

  32. Estebombomb

    I'm starting to think people dislike songs on purpose, because there is just no way someone can dislike this song. It's amazing.

  33. endless0loveless 0

    You. Are. Wise. So am I :)

  34. jurgenbono

    I know, I rarely repeat, but this is crazy good!

  35. iloveyoubutivechosen

    repeat repeat repeat!

  36. Shannon Russo

    Four people need to feel a crucio...not long, just a few seconds. Long enough so they can understand just how good this music is. ^_^

  37. Alison B

    Beautiful, stirs in my soul something bittersweet.

  38. tarkineWild


  39. Beatriz Gallagher

    Make it two.

  40. Jon D

    Barcelona looks pretty cloudy there.

  41. TheDrewStroyer

    By the second person. That way they take each other out and we don't have to worry about anyone else contaminating our beloved gene pool with their musical ineptitude.

  42. Lacey Glasgow

    Barcelona: I LOVE YOU. Never change.

  43. Bravado

    that's what i call music ! great band

  44. linusnilssonify

    Make that two.

  45. donnycutter19

    2:52 ....give me chills everytime, dont even know if if its joy or sadness. but i know im alive

  46. Joe Caruso

    this....this is good music.

  47. neontrees3400

    Ahhh..memories of listening to this song and playing Fancy Pants Advernture 2.

  48. andrew

    First band thats really interested me since Coldplay

  49. Affinity For Truth

    this song is amazing

  50. Alex Watson

    the person that disliked this fell out of a tree

  51. Alex Watson

    I feel like i'm in a music video just listening to this song lol

  52. Miris

    Exactly. I don't know why people have to criticize people they don't even know maybe just to fit in with the crowd. -_-

  53. Peach's

    and once again the random stumblings through youtube bring me to a fantastic eargasm!!

  54. zsombor burany

    I waited till 2:57, soooo worth it!

  55. Braxton R

    Just found them.
    Listened for 3 seconds.
    "Ohhhh i like this"

  56. Eleonora Nyleve

    Why you have to put Justin here? What he did now? Please, listen to this song and shut up.

  57. The Shadow Maker

    When I have kids, they're going to listen to this and none of that Bieber shit.

  58. pennii86

    The first song i heard by them was 'Please Don't Go' and this was the second one. This band is just so amazing! I'm glad i found music that is awesome, but not too mainstream. :D

  59. ejayarts

    chick band

  60. Henrique Laterza

    Coldplay + Copeland = Barcelona .. That's awsome (:

  61. coolgai5

    for 2 years: any day that seemed bad or too long to even remember what i did i listen to this to slow things down to recognize what happened. then feel at ease/peace. no other song.

  62. Lucas Hickey

    wow another beautiful song! I think we have the same taste in music! ((smiles))

  63. Naomi Ruth Thompson

    I love this song <3 Especially when I'm feeling all mellow

  64. Riley McRae

    this song is sweet to walk in the snow with it blasting! makes it epic.

  65. Naomi Frye

    Wow, just got into them, first song I heard was Please Don't Go, I love this one!

  66. mcfriz123

    @lkulka for sure!! :)

  67. Laura G Photos and Film

    Wonderful ! Big hugs..

  68. Alex

    One person should be hunted down and kicked in the face

  69. nu710

    motogp <3 2:57...

  70. blackiekat13

    @DeadHelena I love Copeland... but no. This tastes purely of Barcelona; of dreams and stardust and the prettiest sunsets and love.

  71. MerrilyMareese

    this tastes like Copeland but more experimental. LOVE IT!

  72. hardcorexlemon

    suchhh a good album

  73. Luis Sanchez

    @ando4440 Just buy it on Itunes, its worth it and youre giving them the recognition they need.

  74. Lisa Kulka

    my favorite part is 0:00 - 4:17

  75. GiggleGag

    This song never seems to fail in suiting every aspect of my life... my friend's death, my first love, my first heart break. Happy moments, or sad, fall out of trees soothes me in such a lulling way. god damn, such talented artists.

  76. Ando B

    its a beautiful song,but I cant find any site were I can download this music.

  77. Michał KLuga

    awesome... greetings from poland

  78. Bryan

    That's sad.

  79. Nico Negri

    @Iamthemonkeyhead haha this is exactly how i just stumbled onto this band aswell :)

  80. Diego B. Vargas

    The last part is just epic! Love it :D

  81. Jordan Spencer

    0:00-0:41 should be in the subaru commercial where the dude is at the reunion and he sees his x gf and he starts having flashbacks

  82. Dani H

    This band is underestimated

  83. TKgeniusHELLTX

    I'm falling from their Tree, its so beautiful.

  84. AyuTsukimiya1

    Their Music Is So Inspiring And Beautiful, :)
    I'm Glad To Know Them,

  85. missuhch

    0:00-4:17 <3

  86. jordan hayes

    This Song NEEDS more views.

  87. Maria Kyprianou

    omg I can't believe i just found out about this band and that their songs don't rich at least 1.000.000 views!! this is what we've come to, best bands in the world are the ones not being recognised lately and losers pop artists are being idolised. I swear whenever I search a bit I always discover better and better bands. MTV is so D.E.A.D

  88. bella

    1 person is deaf.

  89. Katie Rivito

    this, please dont go, and get up are my faves off the album!

  90. Gośka Woźniak

    like it

  91. ccsays

    yeah they sound like the fray and keane but 10 x better!

  92. Synith

    2:57 <3

  93. Razie Rasid


  94. jouhei

    this song is so beautiful. this band should get a billion times more recognition; they're terrific

  95. meivisonfire

    indeed it is