Barbra Streisand - So Long Dearie Lyrics

Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye.
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye.
Don't try to stop me Horace, please...
Wave your little hand and whisper
So long dearie
You ain't gonna see me anymore
And when you discover that your life is dreary
Don't you come a knockin' at my door
'Cause I'll be all dolled up
And singin' that song
That says you dog, I told you so
So wave your little hand and whisper
So long dearie
Dearie, should have said so long
So long ago
Because you've treated me so rotten and rough
I've had enough of feelin' low
So wave your little hand and whisper
So long dearie
Dearie would have said so long
So long ago
For I can hear that choo choo callin' me on
To a fancy new address
Yes, I can hear that choo choo callin' me on
On board that happiness express
I'm gonna learn to dance and drink and smoke a cigarette
I'm go'n as far away from Yonkers as a girl can get
So...on those cold winter nights, Horace...
You can snuggle up to your cash register.
It's a bit lumpy but it rings!
Don't come a knockin'
I'll be all dolled up
And singin' that song
That says you dog, I told you so
So Horace, you will find your life a sad old story
You'll be livin' in that lonesome territory
When you see your Dolly shuffle off to glory
Oh I should have said so long...
How could I have been wrong?
Oh, I should have said so long...
So Long ago!

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Barbra Streisand So Long Dearie Comments
  1. Robert Hudson

    The first husband hanged himself.

  2. Ирина Морозова


  3. ambidextra ambidextra

    🤣😍🤣😍 SpecTACular Innit!!💖😁😜

  4. kelly mckay

    Bravo Bravo Bravo only Striessnd #1 best ever!!!!

  5. Madelyn Homan

    My theater is doing this show! I kinda plan on auditioning for it! Hope I do well!

    Spencer Petree

    Madelyn Homan any updates?? I love this musical btw and wish I would’ve gotten the chance to do it in school. The only “classics” we did were Oklahoma and guys and dolls

    Madelyn Homan

    Spencer Petree yes! I actually got the part of Irene!! Then again not a lot of people auditioned. But yeah, I got the lead role!!

    Spencer Petree

    Madelyn Homan awesome!! Hope it goes amazing! I love “ribbons down my back” it’s one of my fav kinda under rated songs. Plus you get to sing it only takes a moment and I loveee that song. Break a leg!

  6. Megan Fregoe

    Damn her highlighter game is strong.

  7. Allan Southern


  8. Sam Montanez

    The way Horace looks back at the camera out of shock and confusion is just priceless and freaking hilarious 😂. It’s like he’s breaking the fourth wall

  9. La Serpenta Canta

    good god she's so fucking ugly and annoying.

  10. Hayden Harris


  11. Cornelius White

    Streisand is PHENOMENAL in this scene!!! This is straight out of Bugs Bunny! I mean, she literally just danced and sang all around him! 😍😍😍

  12. Anuchid Alex Nanthakowa

    how come she  never sing this number in her concerts

    J. C.

    She used to.

    Sasha R

    Anuchid Alex Nanthakowa I think unfortunately as with most performers, with age her voice can no longer withstand numbers as demanding as this. I saw her perform in concert a few years back and she did a montage of some of her most famous, really demanding numbers but only a few lines from each, it’s too much to handle multiple numbers like that in one concert I think. She still sounded as fabulous as ever, though.


    Decadent number... Just the best.

  14. AbstractAlbatross

    When you realize that Streisand was 25 in this...


    AbstractAlbatross I thought she was 27?

    Joshua Alexander

    27. She was 26 when she did the Funny Girl movie

  15. SMEGIK 315

    My favorite song from hello dolly

  16. Lola cherrycola

    Someone pls get me a gold dress like that 😍

  17. Noe Berengena

    Through the illusion of film-making anything is possible. Barbra was only 27 years old when this movie came out, which means that Matthau was 21.5 years older. With the help of makeup magic his hair is jet black at the age of 49. By today's standards he looks older than that.

  18. rob yohn

    Actually Barbra did get along with Walter Matthau many years later. They never worked together after HD but he was at many of her social functions.

  19. Maverick 1

    Money 💰 Over Bitches 😂😂😂😂

  20. Marc Ackerman

    Streisand's talent is always nothing less than amazing. There's no equal to her voice, phrasing, interpretation, talent, and intelligence.

  21. Scarlet's Sanctuary

    Walter Matthau was 22 years her senior!!!! Dude shoulda been on his knees for her!!!

    J. C.

    She was playing a part meant for someone older. She wasn't supposed to be young.

  22. Oops My fault

    Just got dumped a few days ago, but this really put me back in my spirits :)

  23. Pine's Motion - Pictures Presents

    My childhood.

  24. Scootland Braunskies

    walters expressions in this number are genuine. apparently they hated each other in real life!

  25. Claudinei Lustosa

    She's very hot

  26. Amethyst Stone

    Horace looking at the camera at the end be like: “WTH just happened”

  27. I Do Basketball

    Dat voice change tho...

  28. Ajallgood

    One of my favorite musicals just wish there were more songs uploaded from the movie!

  29. Alana King

    In my opinion, this is the most brilliant way anyone could act out a breakup or exiting a relationship, particularly if the person it is aimed at has lost all means of interest.

    Moreover, BABS does it absolutely brilliantly. One who can say "stuff you" without the person even realising it's happening.

  30. greeklawyer2002

    #MihaiTrăistariu se transformă în
    #BarbraStreisand #HelloDolly!
    #Eurovision2006 #Tornero #MihaiTraistariu
    #YourFaceSoundsFamiliar #yfsf #yfsfr #Romania

  31. Peppermint Snowdrift

    This is one of my FAVORITE scenes, because it's so sexy!

  32. Devin Walleck

    The fact that there was actually mutual resentment between the two in real life made their performance more believable in this number.


    I read that Matthau said of her that he had seen more talent in a butterfly's fart

    Noe Berengena

    That animosity has been recorded in several accounts about the filming of the movie. Tensions came to a head in a heated argument between Streisand and Matthau on June 6, 1968, on a hot day in Garrison (which stood in for Yonkers in the movie). That was notably the day after Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated.

  33. Melissa D

    This is literally how everyone wishes they could leave their crushes after they solidify their lack of interest in you. An over the top dance number followed by stealing something they own and leaving a momento as you ride off, leaving them completely confused and at a loss for words.

    Brian Douglas Ahern


    ambidextra ambidextra

    Isn't it tho!🤗

    James Brummel

    he's interested

  34. MarsFire

    I mean really that VOICE. It’s incredible always incredible. Xxxooo

  35. Modern Day Crooners

    Love it..!

  36. Ray of Sunshine

    I love the fact that she is trying to gain his attention😂😂

    "Don't try to stop me Horace PLEEASSEE!!"

  37. Dave Glo

    He’s just not that into you!

    Of course, Streisand gives us one of her amazing vocal performances.

  38. Putri Joyce Irawati

    This has always been my favorite Hello, Dolly scene. The way she sings "Goodbye...." always cravks me up 🤣🤣

  39. happyMOO5

    The best. Thanks for making my day!