Barbra Streisand - One More Night Lyrics

Ev'ry one keeps telling me I'm something I'm not
They fill me with questions, they tear me apart
But through it all it was you who pulled me out
Please don't leave me now
Just give me one more night to hold you, one more night
Give me one more night to have you near
There's a man at the train stop
With tears in his eyes
Reminds me of so long ago
When I was able to cry
Now I'm strong
Slip away and laugh along
With anyone who needs someone blue
Just give me one more night to hold you
One more night
Give me one more night to have you near
What can I say to make you stay?
I'd do anything; I' d give ev'rything
To have just one more night to hold you
One more night
Give me one,
Give me one more night to have you...To have you one more night...

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Barbra Streisand One More Night Comments
  1. Ederson Cleber Sousa Santos

    Linda música

  2. Leonardo Miranda

    Adoro essa música.

  3. xteta tcuche

    La mejor cantante, incomparable, una voz hermosísima

  4. Chris N

    I bet Stephen Bishop liked spending all the royalties that this recording brought him!

  5. Laura Stone

    This is a Stephen Bishop written song.  I read that he wasn't real crazy with the way she did this song.  Too "over-produced".

    ryan ahr

    @Laura Stone He's jealous that she sang it way better! Just accept it!

  6. Lisa Keller

    yes I know isn't that great? take that Madonna gaga Mariah ...any1 else?

  7. sunshineuk1965

    True, I didn't really want to make comparisons, both Celine Barbra are great singers but maybe it's because Streisand is an actrice and completely owns her songs or maybe because she really does choose better material than Celine, I can only say Barbra touches me more. Respect to both the Divas.

  8. Lewis Breland

    Celine Dion has a way of choosing songs that have no lyrical value. Some of her songs are truly touching, especially some of her French songs, but her choice in English songs is sometimes shockingly bad. Barbra commands her material. That's the best analysis I can come up with.

  9. Manuela Mauger

    Sinshineuk i was thinking for a long time,what i fellt more when Barbra sings,a d i think you go on The right direction.babs is The soul,heart,emotion,pure magic,

  10. roccorules1

    Streisand is a far better singer than Dion in every aspect. There really is no comparison.

  11. sunshineuk1965

    So why can Streisand touch me in a way Dion with her perfect control and range can't... don't know. Maybe its the simplicity and clarity - just the voice, not trying to impress, just perfect rendition of the song. She gives the songs dignity

  12. Manuela alberto


  13. Snarky Enigma

    Incredible vocal gymnastics; always loved it when Barbra showed off her (effortless) lung power.

  14. johnnyboyke

    ofcourse she is ! Why? because she is simply the best female singer ever .

  15. Larr

    Barbra Streisand is the First Artist With #1 Albums in 5 Consecutive Decades...


    Make that six consecutive decades!

  16. Neal Baggett

    Perfect...I wish we could get this message to her. Simple!!! Less Is More. as she told Rosie. I cherish the love she gave in the 90"s.....PERFECTION



  18. 14adrano

    70's Barbra.....The BEST period in her career by far. Some may think her style and song selections during that period wasn't the best, but it sure was the purest. She needs to go back and revisit that kind of style and just have fun with the lyrics and go back to simplicity. Drop the excessive orchestras, well maybe not that many, get together with "some" of today's and yesterdays best songwriters, have a simple orchestra and make some magic. Trust me, it would be a step in the right direction!

  19. bezener

    Takes me back to when I was 18, I am 47 now. You always come back to what is best and classic
    Istanbul, Turkey

  20. greateststarbyfar

    the voice is flawless a true stratavarius among singers!!!!

  21. Lucian Berger

    hermosa cancion!!, no la conocía.

  22. Floppy sunhat

    Stephen Bishop sings this song great too!