Barbra Streisand - If You Ever Leave Me Lyrics

When I fall, you're my place to land.
I lose my touch, you're my hands,
The one I hold on to.
If you run out of reason to try
I'll love enough for both you and I
I'll be the one you can run to.
I'd rather go through any pain love puts us through
Than to spend one day without you by my side.

If you ever leave me, will you take me with you?
If you're ever lonely, I wanna be lonely too.
My home's beside you, no matter where you may go.
My love's inside you, even more than you know.

In a world of anger and lies
I find peace in your eyes
A flame in the darkness.

Ooh, And through all space and time
'Til every star refuses to shine

You know where my heart is.
I'd rather go through any pain love puts us through

Than to spend one day without you by my side
If you ever leave me, will you take me with you?
If you're ever lonely, I wanna be lonely too, Woah.
My home's beside you, no matter where you may go.

Where you may go

My love's inside you, even more than you know.

And I can't remember life without you
The way it used to be
Feels like a million years away.

Well Hold me 'til the angels sing.

Tell me every little thing.

Promise me forever from this day

If you ever leave me, will you take me with you?
If you're ever lonely, I wanna be lonely too, Woah.
My home's beside you, no matter where you may go.

Where you may go

My love's inside you, even more than you know.

Even more than you know.

Even more than you know.

Even more than you know.
Even more than you know.

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Barbra Streisand If You Ever Leave Me Comments
  1. Zeynep Simge

    Such a song ❤️


    Quel beau duo🥰

  3. Catherine Fenderson

    Richard Marx wrote this song and it was him who told Barbara he knew the person who would be perfect to sing it with her. She asked who and he said Vince Gill. Both Barbara and Richard were being interviewed about the songs on the Album and they was asked specifically about how the duet between her and Vince came to be. Richard said he suggested Vince was the best person to sing this song. Richard and Vince have co-written songs together. Also they have sung on each others records in the past.

  4. TheWaterArtist

    "It takes two to tangle
    and these two do it well.''

  5. Javan Faith Agol

    i love barbra

  6. Cindy Jones

    Make me a place wt you wt love

  7. Macushla XOXO

    if each day,
    each hour,
    you feel that you are destined for me
    with implacable sweetness,
    if each day a flower
    climbs up to your lips to seek me,
    ah my love, ah my own,
    in me all that fire is repeated,
    in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten,
    my love feeds on your love, beloved,
    and as long as you live it will be in your arms without leaving mine.’

    Pablo Neruda

  8. Dave Glo

    I wouldn’t have expected this duet to be so good, mainly because Vince and Barbra’s styles are so different. But it works. And I think there’s a great affection between them.

  9. Ashiq Javed

    Love this song so much. Beautiful lyrics and both did great job

  10. molliedog

    Geez - she's all over him!:)


    Simply beautiful. My mams favourite song.

  12. Gary S.

    God, this song is so gorgeous! Barbra and Vince are perfect together. One of my very favorites!

  13. Petergay Brooks

    Amazing song, this song came in my dream I song it n started crying.

  14. Eurofizzer

    Pure class, nothing more to add.

  15. James Monroe

    Vince and Barbra-a musical match made in Heaven! Their voices blend perfectly here-they should have done a few more duet tracks together!👍👌

  16. Cindy Jones

    Please don’t leave I have all my love for you😇😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  17. rabt16

    Amazing and beautiful duet
    WOW!! 👍👏👍👏

  18. Quelonia

    una perla de las tantas de Barbra Streisand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Altonahh10

    A wonderful song with perfect harmonies

  20. larry ganser

    Barbra does it again. She makes any song and any one she sings with magical.

  21. Ondina Benzon

    Obožavam Kris Kristofersona💋💋

  22. Cindy Jones

    I wish You wouldnt leave I need you so if doesn’t work for you have my number

  23. Cindy Jones

    Love his voice beautiful song great Barbara.

  24. Cindy Jones

    I wish you would come find me I miss you so

  25. Cindy Jones

    You know why heart

  26. Toria Live4Christ

    THAT ... was beautiful!

  27. Cindy Jones

    If you leave take me wt you love❣️

  28. Cindy Jones

    If your not getting married today tomorrow soon

  29. Cindy Jones

    Don’t leave my heart is breaking

    Cindy Jones

    Don’t I need your strength or gods love to see me what love is it been so it been you

  30. David S.

    Barbra’s voice is like no other. Unfortunately age has taken its toll on her voice now.

  31. David S.

    A conservative and a staunch liberal together. Nice to see

  32. Chris N

    Their voices blend beautifully on this touching gem, plus they make a very sexy couple.

  33. Richard Glazebrook


  34. Thomas Woo

    "I'm so bored I think I'll write a song". Vince should have avoided this collaboration.

  35. Annie bannie

    Wow I love this clip so much, I watch it a lot ❤️

  36. Annie bannie

    I love this clip, I could and do watch it over and over ❤️

  37. barbara covell


  38. Annie bannie

    😳 WOW! Stunning, i just listened to this three times in a row beautiful i love it

  39. Randolph Anckle

    super song you go Barbra show them how's it's be sing damn superb

  40. Gay Male Stink Fetishes

    I understand that this was Barbra's and James Brolin's wedding vows in a song, but Brolin couldn't sing too well, so she sang it with Gill. lol Beautiful idea and EXCEPTIONAL song, however...

  41. WildPhotoShooter

    I've always though  Barbra Streisand's voice has a quality that no other female vocalist has.

  42. Cindy Jones

    I'm having a hard time let you go I care for kind and caring for so long I do want you go it. Hurt so much.

  43. Eric Mark

    Hahaha, this music video is so awkward!

  44. Nathalie Lonergan

    I subscribe

    Nathalie Lonergan

    I subscribe to you

  45. pearl trotter

    Love this song.. They do a wonderful job on it.

  46. De Haendel


  47. Guy Will

    What is incredible about Streisand is that she literally can sing anything. I think she absolutely loves these types of duets. She seems so comfortable with Vince Gill and he seems to get there too. Why anyone need to denigrate this performance does not understand the word "chemistry"

  48. Anita Shoe

    Awesome song they're so good together too bad we don't don't have music like this anymore

  49. KarlaElaine100

    Vince can sing duets with so many others and do it so well.

  50. Dora Goffman

    Absolutely love this song!

  51. Dale Ledford

    I still think this is one of the most beautiful songs Ms. Streisand has ever done. I wish it had been a hit.

  52. Bob Shaw

    Great duo . They sound great together. They are two of my favorite singers .

  53. Ursula Maurer

    lovely, love the artists

  54. geo752

    This is the first time I have heard this song and it's superb

  55. julie cunningham

    Such a deep song with so much love xx

  56. Cindy Jones

    God gave me you

  57. sparry

    I need a cuddle from Barbra. She is absolutely gorgeous.

    J. B.

    I wouldn't mind being held by Barbra.

  58. Shirley Lanham

    The best!!!!

  59. Danny Davis

    excellent Song

    joan irvin

    Danny Davi

  60. James A. Litteral & Mark S. Taylor

    Love, love, love this song and both of the singers!

  61. Lindsay Steel

    Remember ... you first , no you, no you.. lololol

  62. Nicola Trahearn

    My mums song to dad at his funeral..celebrated their golden anniversary such a lovely song..shes 90 now and still waiting to be reunited

  63. parisjok

    her best male singing will always be master Barry Gibb

  64. shunlvswx

    I don't think Vince ever done a bad duet. He sounds good with everybody. Vince has one of those voices who blends with everybody.

    I remembered when this song came out in 1998. I fell in love with this song.

  65. Zoltan Attila Elekman

    good f****** lip singers both of them are drag queens

  66. PowerEagle20642

    our wedding song. Love it. And still happily married for 12 years

  67. James Mckenny

    Streisand why didn't she performed live on her famous song Woman in love.

  68. cg505able

    Vince is the ultimate sound! Streisand is always a songstress!

  69. Fauzy Rahman

    Don williiams

  70. Amy York

    Babe, oh My Love I played this for left and went to Heaven last week but you were supposed to take me with you

  71. Deborah Hill

    I loved Barbra for years! In my mind were BFF"s.

  72. Mecie Pascoe

    I love this song it makes me cry every time I hear it

  73. Oceana B

    This always makes my tears run down! Everytime I hear it the memory will come up. My beloved one made once a big mistake that I hardly could bear it. I wanted to leave him but I love him so much that I couldn't do it! Then I heard this song, and it made me unbelievably cried alot till all my tears gone!

    Sonny Cannon

    You see,,,, love is NOT just a thought,,,, it's alive, it's very powerful! If we would only listen to it!!!!

  74. Thu Yang

    Gosh this is the first time; I am just crying just by listening to this song. It makes me hunger for a love like this!!

  75. Jackie Crady

    Will be a song in my wedding. Their voices together are magical. Have loved this song for so many years.

  76. john zagmester

    barbara ,, a voice .. none other like it

  77. MusicLover_KB

    My mom had a Barbara Streisand CD that she would play all the time in the car when me and my siblings were younger. This song ALWAYS stood out in my mind, and it's the most memorable song for me. On an additional note, looking at Barbara and the way she sings, it's hard not to think of Lea Michele singing as Rachel Berry on Glee

  78. Bebo Gomez

    I love this, their voices compliment each other.

  79. betty dale peters

    I love this. their voices blend beautifully. Thanks so much for letting me hear this!

  80. Francisco Ferrer Galiana

    Bellísima canción

  81. Inez de Melo

    If only they could really take us with them...

  82. Sara Slape

    Richard Marx writes beautiful music

  83. DianeCT

    Love it! I have always admired Vince - great voice, great musician.

  84. angel williamson

    this song means so much to me my boyfriend gave it to me when we first met in may 2009 and we are still going strong it will be 6 years for us on the 15th of this month

    Bebo Gomez

    +angel williamson Very nice, God bless you both.

  85. Derek Foote

    Absolutely beautiful!

  86. Alex Townsend

    Beautiful duet!! Haven't heard it in years. I stumbled upon it after talking to my British girlfriend about Barbara Streisand one night. Am I ever glad we had that conversation.

  87. Don Hawkins

    most people don't know Barbara loves country music..
    back in the 1970s she traveled to Nashville to record w/ Billy Sherrill..
    (Tammy Wynette's producer) project was never completed , Babbs walked out on Billy!

  88. Normando Snoopy

    Love this duet.  Their voices are great together.  Glad Barb is coming back and singing more.  William, get over the hate and listen.

  89. stela menezes

    If You Ever Leave Me  - Barbra duet with Vince Gill

  90. William Baker

    Gill is great....but why would he sing with this bitch of a traitor....she is a big nosed piece of trash in the same mold as Hanoi Jane Fonda.....she is pure vomit.....and I am as mature as any person here....but bet yer ass, I am in no way a damn liberal coward...........I have been accused of being blunt.....I have no idea why....

    Karen Miller

    Has nothing to do with her opinions. Its about their music. Stop hate dude.

    Dave Fuller

    +William Baker You have no idea why...Yeah, RIGHT...LOL!!!


    +William Baker What has Barbara Streisand done to be a traitor? I've never heard anyone speak negatively of her.

    cliff smith

    sumthing you cant do dick heah

  91. Wilma Bakker

    This song allways brings tears to my eyes.


    Me too! :-(

  92. Courtney Currie

    Beautiful piece

    William Baker

    a piece of crap by a traitor and a person named Gill.....

    Dave Fuller

    +William Baker She is a traitor because?

  93. Annette Dacosta

    They say nothing last forever, but I believe in a love that will ......even after they are gone ___ lesson learned .