Banner, David - Wizdom Selah (Outro) Lyrics

When I think about things. They happen
I can actually do, what I think about. I'm so powerful, I need to give more honor to that. The divine power in me and be deliberate. Why would I allow myself to drift when I can direct it? I was born with the instructions. Right and exact, consciousness, inner guidance, knowing, choosing how to act in every situation. I create me. Believe it. Turning thoughts into things. Turning vibrations, I feel into thoughts. Impulses I receive... Wait, let me back this thing up to the source, so I can get a hold on it. Think about yourself. When you lay yourself down on your bed, your ears can still hear a voice, when no one is talking aloud. When you close your eyes, you can still see things. Raise your energy up (The God Box) and stretch your awareness. There is really nowhere that you can't reach. Which shows what you have dominion & influence on. You already came with the instructions. Nature naturally grows toward the light. I mean you're just a receiver. Receive the message, and your path is formed automatically and the sun continues to shine. Even if we put an umbrella up to block the light. I mean life isn't happening, it's responding to us. And naturally, we return to our internal flame

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Banner, David Wizdom Selah (Outro) Comments
  1. Chundra Shannon

    Deep... Wisdom..... "Came with instructions" ....Wow...💖💖💖💖

  2. jason neal

    Makes my soul tremble hearing this.. To deep

  3. Edyce Dorris

    A thinking song rwith some beats oon!!!!!

  4. Indigo Goddess

    This record brings tears to my eyes and chills to my spine!! Eye had to add it to my meditation playlist bc it just hit different for me like that!! The God Box in its entirety is absolutely phenomenal!! Eye mean its fucking brilliant and an infinity thankh you's wouldnt be enough, but eye give thankhs anyway!! Thankh you Banner The God!! Ase' Ase' Ase' Namaste'!!!! 🧡✨🧘🏿‍♀️

  5. Jaire Whitlock

    shhh.... just listen

  6. That One Arab

    I actually needed this one myself

  7. doogie Five-Four

    So underrated

  8. Gnostic Aquarius

    Oh yessss! Let’s get it!

  9. thats me


  10. 1upanu

    love this!

  11. Yarel Yahudah

    Simply beautiful inside and out

  12. geraldine pearson

    Life isn’t happening
    It’s responding to us

  13. Dustin Van Huisen

    Great album

  14. Michelle Russell

    Wow! This is excellent. The modern day version of the original rap. This is so relevant that it can open the minds of our youth. The current rap of violence, sexual immorality, promiscuous,, drugs, disrespect, wtecklessne, sodomy, ill-gains, stripping, and fear needs to be repelled by our community and the truth spoken to raise the consciousness of our own.

  15. CloudCake And Friends

    Nature naturally grows within the light.

  16. E Negron

    Powerful! Power up!

  17. Samanthia Moore


  18. love of relaxation

    This low key has all the info

  19. Clyde Jackson IV

    "Lemme back this thing up to the source"

  20. dakine

    music can be a more powerful force than anything

  21. Mark C

    Thank you homie from the Sipp for making such a quality filled piece of work. This is a masterpiece.

  22. Selah Bey

    My name is Selah. :)

    My husband just played me this and it massaged my soul. I have never felt this much love. Thank you for this beautiful creation.



    WOWWWW! CHILLS & VIBRATIONS! #datswassupTJ 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Peace & Magic.

  24. Kelvin Phillips II

    I have never felt such emotion listening to a song as I feel listening to this. this is they type of song I want my child to listen to whenever they feel discouraged

  25. Karon Frazier


  26. Brian Cowan

    We dont die, we multiply.- Bay
    Bay's kids

  27. Free 2bMe

    One of my favorites....

  28. Jackie Has

    This song is everything. ❤️

  29. ii QwiiZ

    Feel so much love from this track I just liked everyone's comment ..."why not":)


    ii QwiiZ same :)

  30. Jacques Divine

    I was glad to pay for the whole album..This is one of my favorite tracks..Big Up To David Banner for this Track..This is my morning meditation music☺

  31. UltimateBattleRap

    This album is proof that the 'quality sells' argument is bullshit. I would have been happy to pay $100 for this masterpiece, im able to hear it all whenever i like for free, thats fucked, the industry is fucked

  32. On the Shoulders of Giants

    This track is the truth.

  33. Natisha Martin


  34. DJ JCLEF

    This track changed my life.

    Russell Lawrence

    DJ JCLEF facts same here

    quiet storm

    This whole album changed my life...

  35. Nicole McIntyre

    Wiz has spoken!!!

  36. Honey Kiss Royalty

    Only one disliked, who ever it was fuck them. Love this music!.

  37. Ronald Singletary

    Felt that

  38. Michelle Smith


  39. Agha

    This. is hard.

  40. Official DEFENDERofTROY YT

    Powerful cuz... love this right here / the vibe is amazin

  41. Sharitta Dent

    I was drunk when I heard this song the other day!!!But today now that im sober I think David Banner did a great job on this album and the God Box being shipped out was very clever. However I feel like he should respect religion. Just because he feels a certain way doesn't mean we all should. GOD, JESUS and THE HOLY SPIRIT are real to me!!! Asking for God to bless you with wisdom is real to me. I had been in and out of trouble for a long period of my life!!! If it wasn't for Jesus and prayer honey I don't know where I would be at. God does have a presents. I will say this album is better then Jay Z 4:44.

    Anthony Honey22

    I hear what you saying queen and there is 1 universal GOD,I believe in him or her too but all banner is trying to do is let our people know there is nothing wrong with our ancient spiritual belief systems I ask this question to every Christian I come across, What did African people have before the white man brought you there Jesus?????EVERYTHING we ruled the earth we were at peace no major wars were not happening as much as they are today,we were 1 with god ,spirituality,nature,self,the universe,some of the knowledge in the bible has merit its has 30 to 40%of our knowledge in there with the rest white people bullshit.your melanin is what makes you a goddess this is all yours! The story of Jesus birth and commandments and a lot of other stuff comes from Kemet or Egypt as they call it.I know it sucks when your spirit belief system gets rattled but just do some research queen.Peace and Black Love✊

    Sharitta Dent

    Anthony Honey22 I know he is Sug!!! I respect and admire everything he's doing! Jesus is not bad tho! Acient Egyptian History and beliefs aren't neither! There was plenty ancient gods and goddess! They are still talked about til this day! Thanks for the reply! And I think there is a Spritual War for the Throne back!


    Sharitta Dent religion is the great divider, ask anyone whos not a sheep, the point of this work is to get past religion and go to spirituality

  42. Matthew

    Miles Davis bleeding through.

  43. Wesley Hunt

    Dig that !

  44. Lawrence Bartholomew

    " Raise Your Energy Up" Life isn't happening, It's responding to Us. POWERFUL Banner.

    Lawrence Bartholomew

    And that beat a monster.

  45. qtipp81

    Love! I create me!

  46. Queen Radiant

    Drop those jewels!! This album is EVERYTHING!!

  47. ninareklaw

    love this..high vibrations.."you already came with instructions"...

    Daryl Dandredge

    ninareklaw yep. I liked that too.

  48. mz Tremias

    Love Everything about it. Keep giving us Great conscious music Banner! Love and inspiration for us! ...601 Stand Up!

  49. LaShonda C. Henderson

    this is and harmony!!!!💖

    Elzay X

    That what's death is. peaceful