Banner, David - Evil Knievil Lyrics

They gave us Obama like
It was gonna stop the fight
Like it was gonna stop the cause
Folks still scraping
Trying to find them some socks and drawers
And something to eat
The IRS is coming so I'm back on these beats!
Barack pushed hope, Reagan pushed dope
Clinton pushed something down a young gal's throat
Yah, and since we talking about throats
White folks, what do you know about ropes?
Yah, what you know about trees
And men swinging from them, that look like me!?
How do you say that don't affect us?
Tuskegee, how you let them infect us?
It's fear of the black semen
Putting sage on this page to eradicate these demons
This for Tulsa, Oklahoma, this for Rosewood!
This for Philly when the cops bombed the whole hood
This for Harlem when the pigs stop and frisk
All my folks from the Congo tell Belgium suck a, suck a
Boy Wonder? No, I meant Dick Grayson
I'm essential like the Moors were to the Masons
The Kush, the black push
Aborigines I love you, take back the bush
Oh, we are back on presidents
George was so irrelevant
But he did send the country to hell
And a lot of black folks to jail
If we are blind, that's fine
I'll mime then I'll spit it in braille
Drop an F-bomb in cursive, and put that whore in the mail
P.O's they are about to shut down
I was on my way to Heaven then I stopped and turned around
The government yeah, it did shut down!
I was on my way to Heaven but I stopped and turned around for my people!
I try to never leave you!
This is a war against evil… Knievil

[Ernestine Johnson:]
Lifetime of pain you can’t wash away these stains
You can’t soak me in a tub full of bleach
And brighten the shadows you left on my past
Or lighten those dark stones you placed on my path
Where is the love? Mentally institutionalized by a nation plotting our demise
Sickness is created for our numbers to be cut
Love, it is like you are staring at us with your eyes wide shut!
Love? What love? Where are you?

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Banner, David Evil Knievil Comments
  1. imnotsurpised

    I was on my way to heaven but I stopped and turned around for my people

  2. American Brotha

    Dang, Bro Banner, Thanks. Be careful brotha.

  3. That One Arab

    After sitting in my backyard listening this album, I can say this is the best hip hop album of all time (including illmatic). It's influence towards reality and empowerment towards piety overpowered Nas's technicalities. If hip hop was only about words then Illmatic would blow you out of the waters lol but this is as hip hop as anyone will ever hear. Congratulations David Banner, amazing artistry.

  4. Beloved Champion

    I'm a white male born on 1987 not 1687 or 1787 and definitely not 1887 my number is 667 beloved champion is my name and I stamp this album as beautiful beloved Champion signing out

  5. Super Nova 333

    Yah. Yah. 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🌚

  6. OfficeOnSunset

    Lavelle keep them coming #SU 1992 Jones Hall Cali Crew homie

  7. Glory Hill

    Love where are you!!!!!!!!!

  8. Clyde Jackson IV

    "I was on my way 2 heaven but I stopped and turned around"

    Glory Hill

    "For my people"

  9. M C

    Ain't shit hard as this!!!!!!!!

  10. Ireland goddess

    Love this song I just discovered this on spotify

  11. weelzofsteel84

    simply a masterpiece , great work Banner

  12. Just-in-timeg2g


    George Hussein


  13. Tyrone Sheppard

    This album literally is art in the form of music. It is an excellent and creative demonstration of truth! Thank you, David Banner...thank you!

  14. Jeanee King

    Love where are you?

  15. SweetTee. _ .Vibes

    Beautiful work of art

  16. 205Slim Reaper

    Banner we need you in Birmingham Mann please

  17. RyanLox

    Why does this classic shit not have more views , SMH I wish I could work wit you bruh


    Because the only way you're going to see this, is if you physically search for David Banner. This isnt going to come up in some random list of videos, when you're watching something else.

  18. Netta Jones

    David Banner the realist this is what they do not wanna hear truth

  19. Twania Parker

    speak it!!!!!

  20. Janae's world tv

    true shit, someone is going to have a problem with his lyrics though. but i likes!!! he spittin facts.