Banks, Lloyd - This Is The Life Lyrics

I'm gonna smoke all day
Fuck all night
I think I'm coming
This is the life
I'm counting money
Do what I like
Life is a gamble
Just shoot the dice
Green money keeps chrome wheels turnin'
White and Black girls popping
And purple weed burning
What I do with my time
Don't concern 'em, middle finger to the cops big money earning

Everybody is talking but my kinda talk is the reason I ain't got to walk
I got to ride
Hustle like my time is short
Surround my fort
Damn if i get caught,
Get common sense To tell you ain't playing
Know how hard I fought
Fuck these bitches
They'll be there
When I'll get back
Back to the lab
Mag, load the chronic bag,
Smoking and scratching the pad
...Rap when I'm mad
had to go back to the rags
carry on with my swag
... is all over your bag
Get better
... these haters have a death wish
And I can smell them 'round the block.

[Repeat Chorus:]

South side is where I got my style at
... the future is fucked up
And crying ladies want their child back
Born in the combat
I get it spent more behind that
This... contagious avoid contact
I've been rhyme jack
Lift away until I lost my mind
... catch money is my favorite...
I'm like... With a bullet back
... there friends... but they all wanna roll up
They don't wanna scrub
And I don't want no...
Baby... until you catch me
Let me breathe until I catch that

[Repeat Chorus:]

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Banks, Lloyd This Is The Life Comments
  1. Rob Jr


  2. Derrick Brookens


  3. Hasty

    "Cash Money is my favorite doormat!"

  4. Rob jr.


  5. Tony Gburns

    This is an Underdog song

  6. Michael B

    Best poet in galaxy demolishes everything best at every component of music truth hurts 💯🔥😰💙

  7. Generule Maximus

    Lloyd Banks Top.5 Underrated!!

  8. Lee Newell

    He stepped his game up. I like that!

  9. Bread Skii

    G-Unit QFurb Rida Gang Gnote Team Sativa

  10. Quan Bowens

    This song still fire...plk all day

  11. Wilhelm Keil

    Cash money's my favorite door mat

  12. Dekwon Ganaway

    is real......

  13. Ordinary

    life is gamble, just shoot the dice!!!!

  14. mario tomko

    banks was always the best mc out of gunit better then 500 yayo and buck and game true dat man tnx 4 understandin me im sayin dat 2 everyone man haha his da best

  15. lazycollision

    @lucbr66 2010 was a tough year- Recovery, I am the West, Hunger for More 2, lots of other rappers made good albums but these 3 were the best. better than lil wayne, kayne west, drake, nicki minaj.

  16. Moos

    /watch?v=DieoZaKOeos is all you need in life

  17. BlackStarrMuzik Bawz

    Lloyd Bank$ All Day Fuck Gayme Nd Young Fuck GGGGGGGGGGGGG-Unittttttt 50 yayo banks the rest can suck dick

  18. DJ Infamous

    these haters got a death wish & i can smell them around the block

  19. SURtifiediLL


  20. Ade Abayomi

    This should have being a !!!!

  21. jordan t

    hell ya best song ever f ya

  22. jordan t

    hell ya

  23. dontizzle805

    this beat is fire damn....HFM2 was no joke

  24. PeaceTreety

    This song reminds me of the one from the movie Tales From The Hood

  25. Masta Ace

    this shit is fire
    here is the instrumental of this .... /watch?v=Unk3a4-RBZ4

  26. Chris chrissy

    nothings touchin this ever

  27. 7dmk7

    "Cash Money is my favourite door mat." lol

  28. DJ Infamous

    half the songs too hot for tv.

  29. talknobullshit

    GOTDAIMN!!!! Thi$ Go HAM!!!!!

  30. TallGuyJ

    man lloyd banks goes off!!! i just became a fan from his hfm2 album



  32. Shayne B

    @snoopdodoublegeezy lmao this track shoulda been on the album yet most people dont even know bout it cus its a bonus track...fuckk

  33. snoopdodoublegeezy

    this shit iz crazy mane !