Banks, Lloyd - Show Time (The Games Over) Lyrics

[Intro: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
OK, OK, OK! {Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!}
That's it!
You stupid motherfucker!
I'm what you wanna be, nigga!
Talk that shit in front of me, man.
You already know what time it is man, it's the Unit! (uh!)
Ain't no one better! (yeah!) [gunshot]

One's for the money! - Two's for the groove,
I cruise! - On the interstate so smooth. (uh-huh!)
Rather be the rebel, move when I wanna move (yeah!)
30 days straight, 30 pair new shoes! (bitch!)
Fools! - Feelin' like they got shit to prove (uh-huh!)
Lose or lose, you do not get to choose (eh-eh!)
Sparks crackling on the top of my view
The rap A-Bomb, so nigga stay calm! [gunshot]
The flow's way gone! - Blue and gray charm
Long firearm, that'll do way harm. (yeah)
I'm a don! - Bitch lock on!
The ""! (ugh!)
Tried to ruin 'em! (yeah!) - Now I'm on 'em! (yeah!)
From midnight to morning the kid Michael Jordan. (ugh!)
Disappear in thin air the car often
Come to your front door like a orphan! ("DJ Whoo Kid! ")
Breeze in the lot! - Nibble off the auction (uh-uh!)
Dude's exhaustion, I brought New York in. (errr!)
You ever seen a walkin' and talkin' coffin! (huh? !)
Well, that's what I see when I see you again! [gunshot]
You bumped heads with the OD'er
The overseer; see my chrome millimeter (WHOOO!)
Either! - You're just dumb or had too much reefer
Oh, you ain't with it, well I ain't with it either! [blast]
Just my luck, you slip into a seizure (uh!)
Rap don't need ya, slip in cold ether (damn!)
That's speak through a filter and get a microphone fever
Big heart, the temperature of the freezer. (freezer!)
News flash - NOBODY believes ya! (uh-huh!)
Hold your fuckin' head! - Developed amnesia. (haha!)
You ain't me! - Let alone a leader!
Yeah! - You don't even write your own shit! (nigga!)
You feeling hype then go sit
I'll break off a brick and light the whole strip! (pop! pop! pop!)
You want attention! - So I'm addressin' ya
Nigga, I can wrestle ya, a .38 special ya! (uh!) [gunshot]
Come Christmas, it gets messier
The rap messeng ya, running niggas over!
Yeah, I shine! - Line for line, I (yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!)
Outwit Einstein, pounds of crime grind. {Whoooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!}
That SouthSide bullshit, I'm on it! (uh!)
Time to make 'em sick, lung full of vomit.
That's what you get when you spar with Muhammad (uh-huh!)
Cocktail bombs in your car do a comet. [blast]
The hood made him cover up the butterfly! (butterfly!)
Now I'll make him cover up the other eye! (eea!)
Cause you ain't never merked nuttin, that's another lie
Nigga, don't make me, hum you a lullaby! (naaaaaaah!) ("DJ Whoo Kid!")
What's that, you ain't got no help now (noooow!)
They left you all alone for your meltdown. [shot]
You cryin' in the dark and I knew it
Next time you think about killin' yourself, do it! (that's cold!) [shot]
Cause you a - bitch-ass nigga anyway you view it,
It ain't no one from Compton 'til I can't do it.
I'm from a town where they all love fluid,
Anybody that can wear a tounge ring can't talk tough. (uh!) {Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo}
You ain't even seeing half of Fif' {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!}
You're only one album in and 50 wrote half of it! (haha!)
You said you a rider and you thuggin'!
Turn around and hug Joe Buddens! [blast] (AAAAGGGHHH!)
Now, either that's soft or I'm buggin'
That's what happens when you turn nuttin' into something.
That boy bluffin', he'll talk if they cuff him
It's "All About The Benjamins" and playin' phone, fuck him! ("DJ Whoo Kid!")

That's it man!
I ain't finished yet playin' with your stupid ass, man!
You confused motherfucker!
I got a little advice for your ass too man
Next time you in the room and...
You're all alone... with the light off!
An'-an'- and stuck in the closet!
With your pistol in your mouth!
Thinkin' about blowing your noodles out, nig'!
Just go ahead and do it man, trust me! [shot]
You're better off that way!
You're not authentic, nigga!
You're a copy!
Faggot... [gunshot] [beat stops]

[Interlude: 50 Cent]
50 Cent, man check this out!
Hot G-Unit material; Lloyd Bank$!

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Banks, Lloyd Show Time (The Games Over) Comments
  1. Michael Hamilton

    Banks slayed Game here.... Game wins tho as far as the beef tracks go! No doubt!

  2. Angel Hernandez

    RIP game

  3. Ali Khaliq

    Banks got him

  4. gerald lewis

    Can't believe Lloyd Banks killed the game with 1 song.

  5. RatedR Nolove

    Aye banks got him back for that 300 bars and running tho they both had good bars going at each other

  6. Wax Doe

    Nigga said be at your front door like an orphan. 🤒

  7. Sco Pac

    Who’s beat is this originally

  8. Shorty Nation

    Love banks

  9. Antwan Darelle Fenton

    Christmas day 2018

  10. Johnny Kaos

    Banks murdered this game bitch hahahahah

  11. Ricky Spanish

    104 people don't write their own shit

  12. Eddie Brock

    "The hood made him cover up the butterfly, now ima make him cover up the other eye" 😂😂 so true

  13. Joseph King

    killed him twice

  14. italiangraffitikid

    Mannnnnnnnnn been a Banks fan from day 1. If a song wasn't good I'll say it. But man nobody wants to fuck with this man. Game knew better. Physically and lyrically.

  15. Justin Milazzo

    Banks can hang in there with anyone. I like the game and love jada but he tore both of them up.

  16. Randy Lahey

    Damn, been listening to banks beef tracks and he fuckin murders that shit

  17. Tomas Afonso

    Banks is so underrated, god damn, his skill is sick, everything is on point, dude is a beast.

  18. jib

    " you already have one album and 50 wrote half of it "

  19. Ej Wilks

    Where was he when lox ate him and the unit alive🤔

    Heat Lifer

    What happened to the Lox after the Unit lol

    Brandon Grear

    death wish homie I herd dat track all da way in Texas cuz banks fired at the locks wit dat

    Scope Maverick

    Heat Lifer they’re way better off than G-Unit now...Lox never went anywhere and they ate the Unit in that beef. Mainstream forgot about 50 Cent and the rest were forgotten with him. Lox too strong in the street. Been around since Biggie and still around.

    Heat Lifer

    Didn't they drop their second G-Unit album after that and debuted Top 5 and went gold? 50's next album also?

    brandon finley

    DeathWish, banks destroyed em

  20. Antonio Gravely

    midnight til the morning the kid Michael Jordan 💰

  21. Prince Slice

    This Is smooth

  22. Mongoloid Mike

    The Game nice but he nothing compared to Banks

    Tyrese Fisher

    The game is trash

  23. Clive Clivington

    Game can flow but this boy Banks oh man

  24. Redskins Banks

    one of the best diss records ever

  25. Trill Bill



    Trill Bill Meek ain’t shit

    Jddel Ddel

    @ONE VERACITY lol meek is dope af as far as new generation,he can seriously write....but u cant compare him to the unit, that's unfair,only wu and dpg could fuck with the unit tbh ...

    Tyrese Fisher

    @Jddel Ddel meek mill is garbage

    Jddel Ddel

    @Tyrese Fisher "meek mill is garbage"
    "Game is trash"
    Your opinion on hip hop officially doesnt matter,go talk to a wall and listen to drake and cardi b

  26. Slimkidd730

    You can tell Game and Banks didn't click in the group. Game was cool with Buck and 50. The way Banks and Game went back at each other that shi was real. Thats life though, everybody not going to click in a group.

    Turtle Anton

    Slimkidd730 banks was the number 2 guy in the unit and then it was game

    Jddel Ddel

    @Turtle Anton and thats why game fucked with him in the disses more than the others, jealousy...and that's why banks dropped so much fire....50 would wipe him if he went serious but he decided to just ridicule him and let banks go hard

    Dewayne Darmanie

    @Jddel Ddel i agree with u but stop sayin if this n if that because 50 used the same points Banks used on this in his disses we re livin in the real world thats all 50 can do to Game everyone tells him the same thing disses are exhaustive unless u lie n exaggerate

  27. ceeza santana

    Banks and fabolous are punch line kings

    Tristan Britt


    Turtle Anton

    ceeza santana true

    Michael Tadlock

    Cassidy up there

  28. JAY

    I like Game but Banks bodied him on this!!!

    Billy Conforto


    Mental Life Consultants

    Billy Conforto yes. Lloyd’s pen is sick

  29. liveNlearn914

    this was a lyrical assult

    Antwan Darelle Fenton

    Lolll yup

  30. Ned slanders

    he turned around and hugged game


    +Ned slanders

    10 years later.


    +Ned slanders Is that a good thing tho? Lol

    Clive Clivington

    dude, a decade, let it go

  31. jamal alaur

    this my guy !!!! killed game though

  32. Progressive



    Game over banks?...This is where your opinion dont count...he bodied game and will again if have to...nobody wants beef with banks...he dont destroy careers cause his his purpose is to stop you speaking on the unit which everyone did...rick ross go at 50 but never say nothing about the shooter which was banks cause they kno lyrically he crazy and that why 50 put him on them...banks is 50 rap bullet proof vest...his loyalty is on 100

    Antwan Darelle Fenton

    Ggggg gunit

    Jddel Ddel

    @Ricky Spanish chill tf out game was dope....he just wasnt even close to the unit

    Jddel Ddel

    @Mischa accurate but 50 spit top tier shit

    Tyrese Fisher

    @Jddel Ddel game is trash

    Eden Holdon

    @Ricky Spanish - Bitch please. 😂

  34. james phoenix

    banks the goat

  35. Joshua Velazquez

    "Turned around & hugged joe budden"

  36. gana M T.


    Dewayne Davis

    @Aric been listenin to Banks since 2002 and he got worse and worse throughout the years


    Not Really He Has The Greatest Mixtape Line Up Ever Gettin Better And Better

    james phoenix

    +Dewayne Davis the game is a name dropping groupie.have you heard fno? its the greatest piece of hip hop ever created. banks is the goat. period.


    Aye this is a good track but Game's response 'Soundscan' was dope

  37. Jiddu Mind

    Punch Line King!

    Franklin Evans

    Nope, Lil Wayne

  38. Kenosis

    -”You’re crying in the dark and I knew it…Next time you think about killing yourself..Do It!”


    @Promethazine yup got the instagram post bro .thanks anyway..50 feeling some type of way tho 

    Mr. J

    +Kenosis Ralte Aren't you happy now? :)

    Game is cool with Banks, Buck, and Whoo Kid, 50 needs to accept Game for what he said, he said the beef is over


    @Kenosis Ralte Fif doesn't like the pic of Banks and Game, Buck is cool with it


    An Sawi OOZE a chang chuan A booze ah a HOOD That line tho, OUCH

    Rahszn Gtm

    Mr. J no they actually had real beef somebody died but made now

  39. ™ᙠ uɐqnƆ ˙˙˙ssǝ⅄

    Wooooooooow... Odee! Went harder than when he decimated Officer Ricky in "Officer Down".

  40. MaxP03


  41. x0opeth0x

    Boooody bag

  42. Compa Oso

    Good track

  43. Christoffer Enslev

    Insane Lyrics, But I Think Diss Tracks Should Also Have a Insanse Beat To follow up on the Lyrics

  44. Sean Botwin

    Banks is a lyrical BEAST !!! GGGG-Unit ! YEAH !

  45. backnite1

    and banks put out 2 classic . rotten apple and the big withdraw . and his single was a athemn of that summer and sold more then game on single sells lmao game only gots 1 platinum album banks got 2 owwwwwwwww


    i like both of them but banks got better skills

  47. Flec Guapo

    Instrumental name?

    Scope Maverick

    Davey Fleck Nas - Where Y’all At. Can barely listen to this track now, since I’ve heard Nas on it. Nas bodies this joint.

    Crock Taylor

    Scope Maverick one of my fav Nas tracks!!

  48. Charmaine Jones

    Fuk game

  49. Havoc1521

    I want banks get in on this control competition

  50. Dave de la peña


    JH 03

    Fuck u too

  51. TheCheckdown

    lmao he rare

  52. memphisboi55

    tupac disagrees

  53. Daniel Dimino

    I can wrestle ya or 38 special ya. Banks is sick no doubt top 5 or better

  54. veediot

    Yeah that jam it coulda had a better melody

  55. kirbyBangz

    You heard ''Office down'' by Bank$?

  56. David Sanders

    gggggggggggggggggg-unot Black wall street u gone die regardless when game spin that revolver king of NY beware of the ghost of Christopher Wallace

  57. YurrGTrain

    Throwback shit but banks ripped game son

  58. daddysgotcha

    i tried to listen to this and give it a chance but .. god im sorry lloyd banks is just awful

    richard garcia

    Wow fucking idiot

  59. veediot

    best diss track by Bank$ (I think maybe...)

  60. TheCheckdown

    the butterfly means, new life. after one of games men got shot, game had to make a huge decision, to go n get revenge or not to do anything. game chose not to do anything because of influence from Michael jackson, funk, dre, snoop, and many more. it sved hip hop. the butterfly actually means alot if u know what it represents.

    Ej Wilks

    FamouSx408 "the hood made him cover up the butterfly,now ima make him cover up the other eye"-Banks

  61. JVO King

    that was fuckin ruthless

  62. Flexsquared


  63. TheCheckdown

    its funny af when game only spent 5 days wit 50.... umm no u cant fuckin write half a album in 5 days

    Clive Clivington

    50 muted his own vocals

    richard garcia

    Only 5days? Lol the game is in the... 50cent we in the club video lol and he went with crips.... Lol BLOOD!!

    richard garcia

    50 cent - Im not rich and still lying ( game diss)

  64. Alex V.

    this 1 is his best i think shit he says makes me laugh my ass off he makes the game look like a lil girl

  65. Sensi

    banks got that nigga

  66. elijahunderwood09


  67. 50eathaters

    @Landonx4 Explain how ? Oh please further your statement ...PLK made what, a song or two, game made a mix-tape, several songs, documentary, interviews, a brand (G-unot), and lied loads and after that said sorry ...Yea your soo right

  68. Wiremode

    i'd blow myself after hearing this -_-

  69. DrewSmoothTV

    Nigga i can wrestle you or 38 special you.

  70. Leo

    I wish banks was still in NBA basketball... This nigga balled hard

  71. Michael Cobbs

    Nas - where ya'll at

    Scope Maverick

    Michael Cobbs Makes it hard to listen to the Banks version.

  72. IM_RAZKAL_B****


  73. Darragh Meehan

    @thowardd game < Lloyd Banks

  74. Justin Blancarte

    @Charmer4856 but the lyrics weren't so it doesn't really matter

  75. The Empty Seven

    Lloyd Banks FTW !
    Game Over BItch Ass

  76. tavon reyes-almanzar

    @pacsalive530 lmfao good jokes, but in reality g-unit shits all ova game and black wall street

  77. DaReoCharmer

    The beat was wack

    Sir Damian

    DaReoCharmer this is from lyrical era . Dumb fuck!,,



  79. Stathis Papakosta

    @meth1cal maybe but thats true game never spoke infront of him

  80. g1nek17

    lol never heard one of gunits disses back to the game. and everyone was right. gunit is wack as fuck!

  81. royalnaz1

    banks is way over games head

  82. IcecreamLeGenD

    banks destroyed game !

  83. kyle pril

    @AMG634 u dont know what ur talkin about boy look up why tattood the butterfly on the internet boy u the only fan of loyd banks i think xD ill explain once more

    faggots: loyd banks, 50 cent, toni gayo, spider joke

    real G's: the game, ice cube, dre, eminem.......

  84. kyle pril

    my ears where bleeding during this song go play outside banks u cant rap ill show the whole world my dick if loyd banks go platinum!! ggg gggg G-unot

  85. abcxyz2440

    @buncharebels actually its better than 300 bars. Game, over the course of 300 bars, and about 15 minutes, managed to say absolutely nothing.

  86. BDonz81

    Lloyd Banks would rape The Game nowadays. Game over bitch

  87. oel5991

    game fuckin disses banks on his 45,000 first week sales... this is THE hottest album all year behind Recovery if you ask me the new album is fire... as it is displayed in this song even on disses banks lyrically slays game

  88. LibesPoetry

    hahaha i needed a good laught lol

  89. ricrossisaCOfakeBoss

    @npinightmarestyle you talkin but u tuned in plk bar 4 bar run this rap game

  90. ricrossisaCOfakeBoss

    @JAVIER6292 1 word BANK$

  91. Real Nigga

    @2pacthuglife2 nigga game didnt kill shit if anything he killed himself whos more talked about 50 whos nowhere to be found game who just had a huge hit record that reached gold on a indie banks game is dead

  92. SuperArthurlee

    @npinightmarestyle ya still with G UNOT shit listen to true rap nigga GAME was a stripper and BANKS is off the gutter!!

  93. jdog1724

    @2pacthuglife2 its funny u put this on a game diss video by a gunit member

  94. Fazawasa

    "You're crying in the dark and I knew it...Next time you think about killing yourself..Do It"

  95. nickv11763

    @2pacthuglife2 but lyrics wise he killed em and he wrote it himself unlike the game who had his whole shit written for him by 50, hes a joke i'm srry

  96. Vicente Almaguer

    Lloyd Banks is 50 Cent secret weapon when beef comes out

  97. Culley

    @1017dede fuckup

  98. TheScarecrowBB

    banks murdered game, damn...

  99. mobspeak

    real gangster shit .. these people will shit on anyone.. that's real gangster shit.. even the ones they respect, to your face they will play by the rules .. behind you they are trying to devise a plan to break all the rules.. FUCK YOUR LIFE!