Banks, Lloyd - It Ain't A Secret Lyrics

Lately Ive Been Hearin Alot Of Things That I Don't Agree With
And It Ain't A Secret
Everybody Know You Puss Nigga You Ain't A Gangsta You A Wuss
What Makes You Feel Comfortable
Enough To Call My Name Out Like You Know Me
Nigga I Ain't Yo Homie
I got A 4 Pound On Me
And You Can Have It

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
This Here Will Make You Piss In Ya Sweats
You Know Me Mitchell & Ness, Smithon & West, Pistol And Vest
I'll Take Ya Life Away With The Sound, I Got The Whistle Of Death
The Boy Flow Put The Crystal In Meth, Take the Listeners Breath
You Wont Believe What They Do For Cock,
I Hit The Telly Thrash, And Slide Off Before The Rooster Crock
Pour Out Some Liqour For Big Let Off 2 For Pac
Don't Linger Around Niggas Shot Off The Roof Alot
Fuck Rattin Every Tooth Is Locked,
And You Cooperatin, Helpin Them Damn Near Recruit The Block
I'm Blowin Heavy On The Sofa With A Desy (Desert Eagle)
just in case A Nigga Smooth Enough To Slip Through Cracks
I'd Rather Throw Somethin at U then get my shit moved Back
This Is Hardcore Pitbull Rap Right Out The Track
Look The Hood'll Bring The Bitch Out For Ya
Man I get the guap, My Money Flip Like Fish Out Water yeah


I'm Startin To Feel Like I Got It All Sewn Up,
I Helped Raise A Few Of These Niggas,
Now They Think They All Grown Up
See These DVD Gs Is Pissed Off Behind The Scenes
spoon Fed Niggas cliques soft as Lima Beans
To Be Real I Don't Know Why I'm even Trippin
Cuz I'm runnin Shit Like Diarea Drippin
My Breads Long its like big
So I'm Comforable enough To Go To Court In My Pj's Like Mike Did
I Move Around With the Sket the Long Magees
So Chill cuz You Cant Block Throws with Shaun Bradley
I'm a Still Be Here When D-Block Flops
I Got More Cash Then Them In My Reebok Box
I Brighten Up A Picture I Shine Bright
Standin In My Way Is The Only Way you'll Be In The Limelight
I'm Lazy When I Hit And Run
Which Means You Don't Get To Come
Even If You Get To Come


Niggas stiff when I pass cuz I'm on a spaceship on wheels
Fresh ta death, look dude couldn't slip on peels,
And you a bitch all you got to do is slip on heels
She ain't know me cuz the house on the cliff costs mills
I put pressure on ya
Give ya clique boss chills
Bet there won't be no more sores when the steak sauce spills
I get the bills a young black entrepa nigga,
Strapped wit a vest armed wit a trigga
My buddy got a twin tag along
Ya bitch is a quarter, who am I to split them up bloods
thicker than water So I Capture All The Episodes On The Camcorder
She Lick It Off her Stomach right After I Blam On Her
I Turn The Corner With The Mack Daddy Limp
Young super Fly Black Larry Flint in the Bent
I Thought About Clappin Joe, But Why Hit him With The Iron
He One Big Mac Away From Dyin


I got it on me nigga
Man fuck you niggas
Fuck around and buck you niggas
rap would be over
Man fuck you niggas fuck around and cut you niggas
My career would be over
Man fuck you niggas fuck around and buck you niggas
No more shows
Man fuck you niggas
Fuck around and touch you niggas
And you'll tell

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Banks, Lloyd It Ain't A Secret Comments
  1. Michael Wallace

    Still banging this in 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Wilks Wilkins

    Nigga said I'ma still be here when dblock flops with more cash them them in my Reebok box🔥🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Tre M.

    That big withdrawal album needs to be remastered, would cop it asap

  4. oliverrando

    Sorry lloyd banks went hard at jadakiss but not 50

  5. Wax Doe

    Fat motherfucker. 😂😂

  6. Oliver Hernandez

    This isn’t that good


    Prob listen to mumble rap gtfoh

  7. Loyal Philly fan

    Man fuk u niggas I’ll turn around and buck you niggas ya life will be ova! Damn banks

  8. Loyal Philly fan

    Lloyd Banks is a underrated diss maker. Him yayo and 50 also killed ja rule on order protection he also killed rick ross with officer down. 🔥🔥

    Wax Doe

    And game.

    Loyal Philly fan

    Wax Doe yup with “you ain’t authentic”

  9. LeBomb James

    Lately, I've been hearing a lot of things that I don't agree with
    And it ain't a secret
    Everybody know you puss, nigga
    You ain't a gangsta' you a wuss
    What makes ya feel comfortable enough to call my name out like ya know me?
    Nigga, I ain't cha homie
    I got a 4 pound on me
    And you can have it

    [Verse 1]
    This here make ya piss in ya sweats
    You know me. Mitchell and Ness, Smithin and Wess, Pistol and vest
    I take ya life with a sound, I got the whistle of death
    Ya boy flow put the Crystal in Meth
    Take the listeners breath
    You won't believe what they do for cock
    I hit the telly thrash, and slide off before the rooster crock
    Pour out some liquor for Big, let off 2 for Pac
    Don't mingle around niggas, shoot off the roof a lot
    Fuck rattin, every tooth is locked
    And you co-operating, helping 'em damn near recruit the block
    I'm blowing heavy on the sofa with the dessie
    Just in case a nigga soft enough to slip through the crack
    I'd rather throw some at you then get my shit blew back
    This is hardcore pitbull rap right out the track
    The hood a bring the bitch out for ya
    Man, I get the Glock
    My money flip like fish out water, yeah!


    [Verse 2]
    I'm staring to feel like I got it all sewn up
    I helped raise a few of these niggas, now they think they all grown up
    See these DVD G's is pissed off behind the scenes
    Spoon fed niggas, clit soft as Lima beans
    To be real, I dont know why I'm even trippin'
    'cause we run this shit, like diarrhea drippin'
    The breads long, the pipe big
    So I'm comfortable enough to got to court in my PJ's like Mike did
    I move around with the sket, the long Maglees
    So chill, 'cause you can't block those wit Shaun Bradley
    I'ma still be here when D-Block flops
    I got more cash than them in my Reebok box
    I brighten up the picture, I shine bright
    Standing in my way is the only way to be in the lime light
    I'm lazy when i hit and run
    Which means you gon' get to cum, even if you dont get to come


    [Verse 3]
    Niggas stiff when i pass
    'Cause I'm on a spaceship on wheels
    First to death, little dude couldn't slip on pills
    And you a bitch, all you gotta do is slip on heels
    Cheatin on me, 'cause the house on the cliff costs mills
    I get the brush on ya, give the clique boys chills
    Man, there won't be no more songs steak sauce spills
    I get the bills, young black entrepre-nigga
    Strapped with a vest armed with a trigga
    I run and got a twin tag-along, the bitch is a quarter
    I don't mind to split 'em up, blood's thicker than water
    So I capture all the episodes on the camcorder
    She lick it of her stomach, right after i blam on her
    I turn the corner with the Mack Daddy lip
    Supa fly, black Larry Flint in the bed
    I thought about clapping Joe, but why clap him with the iron?
    He one Big Mac away from dyin'

  10. Carlos Zavala

    Bank$ 2019

  11. Korey Sylver

    Banks went hard!

  12. Swave Gretzky

    What’s the samples on here

  13. Enfinity 8

    This album is so underrated! I say album because technically it was only released as a Mixtape because it leaked. Till this day I hope Banks would release this as an actual album fully mastered with credits and maybe some additional tracks or features across all digital platforms. So Banks, if for some crazy reason you see this comment, please release this again, fully mastered as a classic anniversary album. I would be something I've been hoping for the last 12-13 years. Thanks!

  14. Oliver Hernandez

    This is trash

    The Empty Seven

    Go listen to justin bieber

    ReJay YT

    @Oliver Hernandez you're just mad cause he dissed your favorite rapper 😂 Banks is better than Jadakiss get over it

    Loyal Philly fan

    Oliver Hernandez you’re one to talk with a gay ass name like “Oliver”. You fucking clown.

    Oliver Hernandez

    Loyal Philly fan dude wtf my name has to do with anything I bet I’ll still knock your ass out and I’m more gangster than you faggot

    Loyal Philly fan

    Oliver Hernandez whatever is clever dawg let’s take it outside dawg!!

  15. Bottle Waddle

    Banks never got the beats his lyrics deserved / many yawns in the beats

    Tre M.

    Totally agree, I was about to make a post on that lol but yeah his beats selection been mediocre over the years imo

    Flea Market Mixtape

    @Tre M. i liked fno

    Basel Khan

    I thoroughly enjoyed the production on Cold Corner 2, V5 and V6

  16. new philmz

    what tape was this on?

    Loyal Philly fan

    new philmz the big withdraw, which was supposed to be banks second album but was leaked before it got released by some fucking stupid ass hoe. He then released it for free download to basically a mixtape now.

  17. WB Jayy

    He lucky Jada didn't diss him if Jada diss him he'll be destroyed or if DMX diss him

    ReJay YT

    banks destroys jadakiss. Officer down > any diss jada ever made

    Loyal Philly fan

    Infinity Jay ツ Lloyd Banks is a top 5 diss maker in my book. Don’t ever disrespect him again he would kill your favorite rapper with 1 song.

    iPotency !

    @ReJay YT officer down wasn't that good Justin Bieber could win a battle against Rick Ross. Ross isnt a diss artist.

    iPotency !

    Tell me again how banks better than Jada. After Jada banks flopped and got dropped from interscope.

  18. oliverrando

    this shit sounds wack


    man i could say whatever i want

    Ricky Spanish

    Blue Archer Fr all he does is say "wack" or "this sounds ok"


    well i can say whatever i want is my opinion

    Dank Dank

    @oliverrando Are you and Oliver Hernandez the same person?

  19. Jamie

    This is hardcore pitbull rap right out the trap!!

  20. Michael Wallace

    THIS SH*T IS STILL FIRE IN 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And 2019! First time hearing this.

  21. Abiodun Jegede

    Lloyd banks one of the greatest rappers

  22. Maly Mal28

    This shit is whack

  23. Alexander Lundqvist

    Top 10 Lloyd banks tracks
    1: trying to be a gangsta
    2: it aint a secret
    3: beamer benz or bentley
    4: if you so gangsta
    5: karma
    6: porno star
    7: when the chips are down
    8: im so fly
    9: my house
    10: survival

    Tariq Zraika

    1. Father Time
    2. Dear father
    3 if you so gangsta
    4. South side story
    4. Shot down
    5. Who shot ya
    6. When the chips are down
    7. Payback
    8. Home sweet home
    9 . Killer theme
    10. Beamer Benz or Bentley
    11 . I salute you

    Chris c

    How do you forget southside story?

    off the grid, but on YouTube

    no Ice Box Pt 2? ❄️

    Flea Market Mixtape

    Banks featuring jada chosen few!

    Sir Damian

    Victory? Senorities ?

  24. Michael B

    lloyd makes me cry every second 🐐poet , no one else matters


    Lloyd Banks the best! Fuck 50!

    legend guinyard

    LIFESTYLEZ OV DA SOUL ON ICE fuck you nigga

  26. Jamie

    still bumpin

  27. nolamusic

    this my shit man I grow up to this🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👊👊💪😈

    Reality Check

    504bank I was raised off this shit

  28. Richard Löwenherz

    The Real GOAT

    Richard Löwenherz

    @SPIT the TRILL lyrically unbeatable ;)


    @Richard Löwenherz To most rappers yes

    Steve Mason

    Richard Löwenherz what??


    Richard Löwenherz Banks, Jada & Nas are all GOAT

    Straws The Plk

    AZ up there too

  29. Reality Check


  30. Michael B

    Banks the illest on the mic all time 24 7 365

    Rick Harding

    Michael B fucc are you writing your phone number lmao

    ReJay YT

    ru stupid lol 24(hours a day)/7(days a week) 365 (days a year)

  31. Eliseo Garcia

    Ur one Big Mac away from dying lol lol yeah!!!!!!

  32. Andre Sam

    most underrated rapper, has some of the best lyrics and stories of any rapper in year's

  33. heiafclynoslo

    Who produced this?


    heiafclynoslo I'm guessing dj whoo kid

    Reality Check

    Sha Money XXL

    Justin Schubert

    It's trash production wise


    fucck New York #Bomptton

    Event1 #Linhood#Dirrty#BlackedOut

    lol ny got better mcz den compton go listen to sum yg and fink u gangster

    Dank Dank



    Naw nigga me and YG from the same hood ain't no thinking about shit .


    im from the bay and fuck south cali, the rotten apple all day where colors don't mean shit

    Dank Dank

    KENZO TOONZ Shut your 2006 sounding ass up

  35. Sir Damian

    Hardcore pitbull rap


    I thought about clapping Joe, but why hit him with the iron, he one Big Mac away from dieing!!!

    William Mangus



    Daaaaaamn he went hard on that line

    Farhan Naqvi

    Oh Contravercy

    Flint J


  37. JAY

    Banks killed Jadakiss & Fat Joe!

    Lee John

    Qu ill Banks will ate him worse then Beans


    Banks killed GAYme & Fat Hoe, but he can’t fuck with Jadakiss or Nas. 50 Cent’s bitch ass got killed by GAYme, Nas, Jadakiss & Ja Rule!

    WB Jayy

    Richard Löwenherz DMX,Ice Cube,Nas

    Straws The Plk

    Banks too lyrical now he the type of nigga u don't want featured on ur song cuz he will b the reason y ur song is nice he would have niggas skipping ur verse n shit

    iPotency !

    How come banks flopped after Jada and styles p dropped shots fired and banks ended up doing mixtapes and got dropped from interscope 😂

  38. Michael B

    the smoothest of all time, only one with the gift.

  39. Jose Felix

    Niggaz really took ja rule style and ran with it listen to ja first album a song called suicide and you'll see what it is


    Hahaha look, there's more Eminem and Tupac fanboys coming...


    BenbanksTV People who ain't 13 year old Eminem dickriders like you bump Ja Rule, Ja's debut shits on any of Em's corny ass raps

    Dorito Starscream

    LIFESTYLEZ OV DA SOUL ON ICE em and 50 destroyed ja fuck outta here

    ReJay YT

    i know u trollin hard but ja rule is like one of the worst ever to pick up a mic. He could sing ok but he couldnt rap for shit. He shoulda took notes from banks

    iPotency !

    Ja got buried by the feds. He was winning the beef against 50. When em got involved at the right time when the raids happened they took advantage of ja and Murda inc not being able to respond. Subconsciously and from Hippocricy ja wins. Here's why they call ja out for singing 50 and gunit next album they sing just like ja. They say ja trying to be like PAC. Then on hail Mary 2000 50s verse is 99.9% all 2pacs words from bomb first and against all odds. Ja's verse on so much pain had some similarities from PACs words but more bars were changed to make it his own kinda like Em's verse on hail Mary 2000. And 50s GRODT was about getting shot on damn near every song like PAC states in multiple songs soooo how call someone out for something you're doing. 50 takes the ja L when it comes from his side of the beef with Murda inc and 50 and g unit took the L against the lox and Nas as their sales dropped they never recouped that 50 ran to Jada and styles and asked do songs for his album and dropped even more after game. Em saved 50s ass once he was brought into it to save face for shady aftermath and perfect timing when the investigations happened when Murda inc couldnt do anything.

  40. Amir

    Nope, you just got it confused!

  41. Ismael EAG

    Fuck what they do with their pvt life, who cares if he was gay or not, fat/thin, tall/short... This shit is dope, nuff said!

  42. kirbyBangz

    Yet you forgot I EXPOSE you saying ''I like Prodigy'' ROTFL! You say he's gay and has aids yet you like him? You never heard me say anything gay like that hahahaha

    You didn't answer my question which indicate YOU mad lmfao!

    Why you IGNORE everything gay 2pac did? Why were you even watching ''Is 2pac GAY'' ????? LOL you know he was a faggot hahahahaha you say Bank$ is Brain pumper yet they love 2pac so are pac fans HOMO? Even Wayne love pac HAHA

    You're one retarded gay white boy aint you? LOL

  43. kirbyBangz

    You insecure hiding your face kid. You either ugly, ashame you're white, or you look retarded? All LOL. Damn smh

    Why you default pac (who has gay tendencies even admitted he's FEM like fags) pictures? You think pac look attractive? LMFAO

    Yes you a white boy haha look at me? Many people think I'm Latin. Who mistakes skin tone with race? LOL

    You deluded saying Pumper is Bank$ right? Well isn't it funny they both HUGE fans of 2pac AKA the feminine ''thug angel'' that made a suspect sex tape? LOL

    Richard Löwenherz

    kirbyBangz banks > pac

    In This Life I lead

    I bet Pac can fuck your mom's sisters and aunt

  44. kirbyBangz

    1/2) That pot killing your brain cells. You're too dramatic and emotional. look how your caps is locked, basically yelling at everybody through technology LOL

    Google ''Gay porn star comes Forward To Clear Lloyd Banks''


    You just want to believe what you want huh? You're a diffcult bitch no doubt but deep down facts about 2pac and Bank$ killing you so you take it out on me hahahahahahaha

  45. kirbyBangz

    High all the time, the drugs you smoke is fucking with your head.

    You ignore pac facts about a sex tape that shows gay/bi-sexual tendencies because you love em that much? You're a homosexual.....CLEARLY

    You WROTE ME. You stalked me on videos and you can't even refute white boy. It's weird and creepy you don't even know me yet I'm the only one you stalk me. Do you know how gay that is? Yeah sure you do LOL!

    I took a vacation thinking you were dead now I'm back and see you still bitter

  46. kirbyBangz

    And all jokes aside don't say that retarded shit ''It's a fact Bank$ did porn because website says it'' PLENTY of websites has MORE gay rumors about 2pac that's a fact. Brain pumper isn't Bank$

    Say what you want about me but I state FACTS that came out of pac mouth like him admitting he has feminine characteristics..You mad

    Pac even done actions that's recorded on tape that's gay/bi-sexual but you upload videos about him, steal his pictures, and stalk dudes over him.

    What's wrong with you?

  47. kirbyBangz

    This retarded white boy obsess with me lmfao

    What the fuck wrong with you? That rumor been debunked it was Brian pumper..The fact I told you that 100 times indicate you WISH it was Bank$

    I really think you a homosexual. You admitted you love Prodigy when you claim he gay

    You apparently STALK me over the fact you love 2pac when it's a proven FACT pac got naked with men with one chick, went to gay clubs, pac even admitted he had feminine ways and MORE!

    Seriously whats your problem?

    Gerald Brizznich III

    dude pac wasnt gay..theres a difference between being gay and comfortable with ya sexuality..i bet anything pac woulda never fucked no boiii..and you would know that. .he loved bitches..his best friends all said that was pretty much all he was doing if he wasnt recording or getting fucked up

  48. kirbyBangz

    I'm chill homie

  49. BlueHefnerT

    lmao chill the fuck out

  50. kirbyBangz

    Stay the fuck off my channel you stalker go try on your kkk dress you goofy bitch

  51. BlueHefnerT

    re-reading comments LOL

    Im not white u fucking rasist

  52. kirbyBangz

    I didn't say D-Block wasn't a group stupid ass so stop using equal signs you retarded white bitch

  53. BlueHefnerT

    cory u retarted idiot d block = group

  54. Ev1L_ONES

    punchline king..undisputed

  55. Tre M.

    This came out around 2005 off the big withdrawal.

  56. garyfagan123

    banks killed it. he got fat joe on that last line hahaha

  57. Allan Rubini

    banks the best

  58. sean white

    you must not have realized his last album sold out in the stores.....yea shut that shit up

  59. smokey robinson

    its a reason why banks dont sell its because ''HE SUCKS''

    Richard Löwenherz

    smokey robinson are you high?

    Gaborik Boy

    sold more than all the guys he diss in that song. except Game, but it still pretty close if you count Beg for Mercy. He went platinum twice so what are you talkin about ?

    talk straight

    Bruhh u most be living under a rock with ya nonsence cus banks always went platinum and is one if the best selling hiphop artist

    Anthony Williams

    Facts straight trash

  60. whiteboynigg


  61. bwtd

    shame everybody doesnt buy his music

  62. Richard Löwenherz

    banks is to mutch for all rappers alive.. only 50 and eminem can rap like him

  63. carlo j

    fuk all gun toters, swords is the way of the samurai, the crusaders, the arabs, and real warriors.but i prefer fighting nerds coz they more clever.

  64. alotofshots

    Lloyd be going in but I'm happy d block and g unit cool now fuck fat Joe

  65. zero1356

    @darklord199 hell yea

  66. darklord199

    cant wait for tht cold corner 2...

  67. RealRiteZaya

    im runnin shit... like diarrhea drippin

  68. Richard Löwenherz

    fuck jadakiss!!!!

  69. blazeofglory00

    this is his best album period.

  70. Anton Komarov

    its LOYD BANKS NIGGAH PLK niggacz

  71. Scrilla Thrilla


  72. Donny Ricks

    @TFnw9 get out

  73. Scrilla Thrilla

    damn dis was better than rotten apple

  74. Tec9family

    Fuck 50 Cent, Fat Joe & Yayo
    Banks Buck & Game should be da G-Unit

  75. James Dean

    @brandon53276 in what world are you livin to write the words you have? jada and styles mainly jada slayed the unit with their disses


    Styles went off on that Ms Jackson ha

  76. redwing800

    @cappeeler09 y hate?

  77. showoff07

    this is my shit