Banhart, Devendra - Shabop Shalom Lyrics

[Spoken Word]
Our story beings on a Sunday afternoon, just between Halfway Tree and Spanish Town, where a young boy, not yet the cock o'the walk that he would soon become, was lying on the grass and taking in the sweet and sensuous scent of Hibiscus that languidly lilted along the summer breeze. It was at this precise moment that he saw her. Her walk was soft and delicate, with a thaumaturgical touch that only a rabbi's daughter could have. Before their eyes had even met, her luminous lips had already lured him in. Salvation winked with the promise of a Bris held at pinnacle and a congregation of sage's bunny hopping and chicken dancing to Yiddish Mento. Then their eyes linked, an aeon blinked, Amharic vows were scryed upon their hearts. Just to think, this all could be with the frenectomy and a few words of love...

My Shabop Shalom Baby, won't you Shabop Shalom with me, under the old banana tree?

My sweet Telavivian lambs bread, my heart can act as an emollient and you'll never, ever say, "Get Bent!" Noooo, no, no!

todamamatodamama da da da da [x2]

All the signals that I'm sendin I'll keep sending them and on the constanttillionth time, I'll make you mine (Yes, I swear I will...)

Your sweet supple breasts are golden ghettos, soft statues in stilettos. Two wise men instead of three.

Whenever I'm in a foul mood, I gotta see you in your Talmud and so happy it makes me, you wanna know who, who wrote the Book of Job? She wants to know, "Who, who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Well I did, I did. Yes.
Yes, I did, I did.
I did, I did. Mmmhmm.
I did, I did.

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia can a fun ordeal. I swear by Solomon's seal.

Honey, when it comes to love, there's a fire in the deep end of my heart, givin' me the Heebie-Jeebies. Ya see, I know the land of wood and waters, merely fodder for loves slaughter. And darling, I've watched you cake-walk to the Immaculate Conception for far too long.

I'm Livicated to you, yes.
Ahava Raba
Ahava Raba for you
We're in Heaven
We're in Heaven, it's true.
I'm ascending...
I'm ascending tonight with you

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Banhart, Devendra Shabop Shalom Comments
  1. Jazz Min

    10 years later still LOVE this

  2. Yoav Shamir - Defamation

    Great 👍

  3. Gareth Hutchinson

    who did fight the red bee trolls ?

  4. Gareth Hutchinson


  5. Jack D. Flippin

    Am I the only one who suddenly wants to sing out loud

  6. Gabriel Perez

    fuck you devendra for breaking natalie's heart.

  7. Nicola Ganz

    Shabbat shalom goyim

  8. gzuskrist

    now this what i’m talkin bout

  9. QuadraxisTheGreat

    omg he wrote the book of job!?!?!?!

  10. Laura Estrada


  11. Jessa V

    A tune for lovers

  12. MaX AlVrDiN

    Canciones épicas ocultas. ♡

  13. caivs

    hey does he have any other songs that sound like this? or anyone know any songs by anyone?

    David Caffrey

    Fairly certain this is inspired by Atlantis, by Donovan, at least the beginning.

    Mars Lamperouge

    "Won't you come over" by him sounds similar, you might like it!

    Таня Писцова

    The "body" of a song is very similar to Atlantis by Donovan. Maybe its only in my head but Atlantis is very amazing, i guess youll enjoy anyway :з

    Michael Heid

    Are you asking if we know any other songs by anyone else, because yes

    Gregorio San Lopez

    Try his whole smokey rolls down thunder canyon album or the whole cripple crow album.

  14. Cheyenne Gilbert

    Tryna get murdered to this

    A J

    Cheyenne Gilbert iconic

    Mycelius TV

    What did she mean by this?


    I am laughing so hard

    Michael Heid

    Are you free this Friday?

  15. yesiah suprees

    Yes please

  16. asdf

    hell yea

  17. himanv

    HBO High Maintenance brought me to this song... what a cool song, perfect for that episode of the cool series! :)


    yeah got this from high maintenance too


    Came here to say this. Top 10 episode forme

    Jazz Min

    I was in last year of high school 2010 when i Heard It.

  18. saneman666

    Rips off a couple of oldies _ Stay and Book of Love. but still love this song


    I feel like it is paying homage to Book of Love more than ripping it off. Loving this song though.

    Random R.H

    I knew i heard a little of Stay here

  19. Nicholas Gomez

    just a little bit loongeeeer

  20. ShashaRip

    Ojalá Emma le hiciera un vídeo a esta canción, si lo llegas a ver, considéralo💖

  21. Cinthya Morales

    oh euphoria,this song makes my heart smile.

  22. Christopher Ramos

    la primera vez que escuche esta canción pensé que era de los 50s 🤔😂 , sólo para enterarme de el muy buen trabajo que estos chicos hicieron! excelente canción

  23. Marian

    This song is an aphrodisiac

  24. Daily Texas

    Shrooms an this song

    Naomi Jones

    Shrooms and devendra banhart go together like milk and honey


    @Naomi Jones Dearly noted, thanks for the tip! ;-)

  25. Allen Sharako

    good stuff

  26. David

    love this song...

    Dfawe Fire

    David ♥