Banhart, Devendra - My Dearest Friend Lyrics

I'm gonna die of loneliness, I know
I'm gonna die of loneliness, for sure

I'm gonna die of loneliness, I know
I'm gonna die of loneliness, for sure

My dearest friend
You'll soon begin to love again
To love again

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Banhart, Devendra My Dearest Friend Comments
  1. Natali Salinas

    Leonpoldo gay

  2. Matthew M Canada BC

    Reminds me of pink floyd

  3. Matthew Newhard

    When does the music start?

  4. nelson eduardo rojas


  5. J H

    Moow brought me here


    I remember once I was listening to Moow and I was like... holy shit.. I know this song, he's sampling one of my favorite songs by Devendra. Made my day.

  6. Glenn Barker

    This is fuckin stupid I'm glad I've never heard of it before now.

  7. anil oommen

    This song is beautiful .i am remembering my close friend Roy .He died yesterday.I am totally collapsed now. No sleep .I am gonna die of loneliness ...

  8. lino last

    aaaaa ❤❤❤

  9. Isabel Rosario

    I'm gonna die of loneliness, I know
    I'm gonna die of loneliness, for sure

    My dearest friend, you'll soon begin to love again, to love again.

  10. Domitilla Argentieri Federzoni

    every time that me or my BFF broke up we send each other the link to this song :)

  11. Ray

    It's so uplifting to me. I'm weak, I just need someone constantly telling me "It's going to be okay" when I can't feel anything , I guess.

  12. Juliana España Villota


  13. Badtanman

    Being 20 sucks

    Josh B

    With that being said though, the greatest day of my life has also been this year. Life is silly that way.

    Sammy Stone

    Josh B it'll get better, time heals everything

    Tré Despair

    Wiltracy Wjorn so does 38

    Elizzabette Garcia

    being alive sucks*


    Imagine being 32

  14. Минога

    Любимое. Любимое из любимых. Шикарная работа.

  15. bryanmunich221

    Sucks when I feel like that

  16. Maria Gonzales

    que bella pieza.

  17. choco late

    my life's soundtrack....

  18. Raymond Morales

    Who is the actor in the video?

    Richard Guillen


    Vincent Spacegazer

    +Richard Guillen nope

  19. Mala Echeverria

    My dearest friend, you'll soon begin to love again..

  20. Felipe Oliveira

    Now I've learnt to love again...

  21. Maria Flores

    as a venezuelan i feel bad that i haven't heard of him before! he's amazing!

  22. atomi62

    Reminds me so much of Jonas...

  23. Onthismourning

    I'm gonna die of loneliness with you.

  24. Abel Meza Enríquez

    anybody knows where this was filmed?


    in Russia 


    Cyka blyat

  25. Mikeyphoto8

    Your gonna die of lung cancer before you ever die of loneliness my dear friend. Tobacco is sacred smoke

  26. CosmoMemory91

    This song is perfect.  Devendra is perfect.

  27. Cristian Frias


  28. Guigo Romagna

    Great Song!

  29. Jonathan Pham

    This song on loop watching the timeless sunrise over the Irish North coast in spring!


    my god, you're a romantic masochist

    jack firmin

    yeah cause its probably raining as well.

  30. Brenda Gutierrez

    Woow es la primera vez que lo escucho a este hombre, divino.

  31. Daniel Ballesteros

    The most beautiful man in ALL over the world! D:

  32. ALVARO A.E

    Adiós Dayhana, mi bonita 

  33. Ivan Herrera

    This song is just perfect

  34. Mary Lou

    Transience, beauty, gentleness, subtleness...
    This song remind me a little Sufjan Stevens...

  35. Tuk man

    winter is coming

  36. vampire4vampire

    Even though you are the reason I feel this way, thank you for showing my Devendra Banhart. 4 years... 4 years of friendship, love, CARING about you being faithful as FUCK!!! WASTED ON YOU!!! ;-; ill be over here in my corner crying myself to sleep now with this song in repeat. But hey, thanks.

  37. Jessica Morina

    So beautiful

  38. Felipe Oliveira

    This song was a dearest friend for me in hard times! Tks, Devendra!


    Nice to hear that. I'm in those hard times now.

  39. Joel NG

    ohh no 1...2....3...4

  40. Dylan McKenzie

    Love it

  41. atomi62

    I love his art...

  42. Sofia Blazquez Rodriguez

    aaaah canciones melancólias hinviérnicas...

  43. Bryan Donovan Jr.

    I've lived in New England for my entire 25 years of life and have been smoking now for 8 you could say winter and cigarettes have lost their magic...watching and listening tho i find myself wanting to insert myself on his walk of beautiful sadness, until i remember i live this everyday right now and it sucks fucking dick. sweet sweet indie music and an artsy video sure can obscure reality!

  44. JanuszS58

    Me gusta...

  45. Jovan Teo

    Am I the only one like his voice? :O

  46. Gap piu piu

    Dont mind him. (he must be high)

  47. Mariana Silva


  48. Rosa Frutilla

    q maravilla de hombre

  49. Oriana López

    grande Devendra! me hace estar orgullosa de ser venezolana! *u*

  50. Natasha Waterman

    Qué triste :(

  51. Andrés Rojas Antón

    I like the fact that this song is short but thats because I love when conventions are broken:)

  52. Елена Шастина


  53. Tyler Shumate

    I've never been high. I fucking love this. I have nothing wrong with getting high.

  54. apreuss42

    One of those hauntingly beautiful songs.

  55. Jack Sawyer

    Not to mention, cheaper. . . I agree that it is possible to cultivate our own inborn ability for altering our consciousness in ways that mirror the use of psychoactive compounds, but I'm not sure that modern humans generally have the discipline or the time to do so. It's for this reason that the possibility of the appropriate use of these tools remains one of the few saving forces present in our society.

  56. Maddy Harvey

    Because Devendra is listened to, and greatly enjoyed, by many people who are on mind altering substances.

  57. Levitek uhm

    That's why it's amazing and the video! everybody felt this way in their life.

  58. Levitek uhm

    This is how I feel after somebody who I love to death left me after 2 years...

  59. Tomas Krissak

    Everything on this video is me, hair, coat, the way I smoke, things that surround me, things I pay attention to, my soul beeing displayed as this, now this is me.

  60. Jack Sawyer

    Sober consciousness depends on neurochemical stimulation. In fact, psychedelics are able to enter the brain and lock into the appropriate receptors because of their similarity to the structure of chemicals which are native to it. With many natural entheogens, such as psilocybin, there is no observable ill effect on the organism. It is used in medical settings to great effect. Additionally, DMT is a drug found naturally in the brain. I'd say we're very well-adapted to this kind of activity.

  61. ExperienceLOS7713

    Valid, yet I believe this neglects the fact that our bodies are simply not adapted to withstand the intensity of neurochemical stimulation which drugs provide. The enhanced states can be exhausting on the body's normal physiological functions (especially the nervous system) because the chemicals which produce the sensations are in elevated doses not normally found in food.

  62. C. Glass

    I enjoyed reading this comment but I failed to see how it was related to the video. :)

  63. Rel1369

    Maybe not dislike it but i really do not like it. I cant understand any of the lyrics (too soft under the music) and i am left empty after watching/listening. The only thing i did like was the attractive man walking through most scenes of the video. Oh the scenery was good too. BTW i didn't care one way or the other about the ciggy.

  64. José G. Márquez

    Wait a minute, this is the soundtrack of my life.

  65. Niamh

    What a sweet video.

  66. melancholicear

    i don't have words. i should have written this song. it's totally me, mine and about me.

  67. rigantikos

    Ma-gni-fi-que !!!! lyrics:
    I'm gonna die of loneliness, I know
    I'm gonna die of loneliness, for sure

    I'm gonna die of loneliness, I know
    I'm gonna die of loneliness, for sure

    My dearest friend
    You'll soon begin to love again
    To love again

    Marco Antonio Montes Martinez

    gracias 😍💙

  68. Alex Magdaleno

    That song was amazing!

  69. almontage

    'Wanna take you on a ride on a big jet plane'.... totally ripped that from this song.

  70. prettysorryeyes

    the beginning of this song. <3 starts subtle & keeps building up, getting more intense & then... poof! -I used to love this simple, beautiful song. Kinda still do.

  71. InvaderChrissy

    So simple yet so beautiful

  72. MsBecky1989

    I really love this song,i feel everything he says.It's amazing.

  73. emmaeliina

    Me too.

  74. shaitangoetia

    I cried with this video...

  75. catalinainavarro

    totally agree!

  76. Google made me do it

    Didn't you post this on other vids too? I entirely agree with you on the conciousness thingy, we only think what's real by percieving it so other realities can be created and exist AND you can enter them by having the right key, whether they're meditation, drugs or just a good night's sleep

  77. Daphne O'Horror

    Hay que usar drogas con responsabilidad

  78. AndreasZimmerman

    He's mocking himself :)

  79. Victor Eredel

    @articmonkeyslover This is not original video. I filmed this video in my hometown (Petrozavodsk, Russia).

  80. Sophie Malania

    love U <3

  81. Claudia Elena Mendoza Cedeno

    is this the official video? where was it filmed? it's beautiful!

  82. nuramber


  83. panzer569

    @nitronick389 He's a lonley fucker who walks through his inner gloom and doom, but at the end he finds the light. I would think haha, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

  84. Nicholas Zustak

    I love this song, but can someone analyze this video? Seems artsy for the sake of artsy. Lacks substance

  85. evacanela

    @SacredNonsense You can surf between altered states of consciousness with different tools, such as music, ritual dance, meditation. Using drugs is a shortcut, but remember that it´s an intoxication...

  86. luanavvvvvvv

    @ComeBackSmiling why do you even bother?

  87. TheJazzeater

    check out nino rojo , rejoicing in the hands, also what will we be and oh me oh my

  88. fiveknives1

    The cigarette most def crossed the line. get a room

  89. Lara

    @SacredNonsense Did you ever read C.D Broad?

  90. landon kandon

    thumbs up if you like this remake!!! thanks

  91. MikeDazZle d.

    buy them all :)

  92. Phylisha Tobin

    I really love this song, it's just so calming and beautiful. I've only a heard a few songs from Mr. Banhart and i must say I am falling in love. Any suggestions as to what album(s) I should buy to get started.Thanks in advance

  93. eustace cranch

    @Rahoorkhuitable yeah. me too.