Banhart, Devendra - Middle Names Lyrics

I pretend when I look in your eyes
Don't know where you're going
Don't come back, please come back tonight
Just about the only thing left is a lie
I wonder where you are
Then I wonder
But I won't wonder anymore

And I can see you now
Sitting there in front of the station
Feel the rain fall down again
I'd love to be there now but I'm heading in the other direction
Feel the rain fall
Feel the rain fall

Why is the moon so bright?
Why are you so nice?
See you alone at the Walgreens at night
I used to think that you'd always return to your woman-in-waiting
My love belongs to no one
And just about the only thing left is a lie
I wonder where you are
Then I wonder again

And I can see you now
Sitting there in front of the station
Feel the rain fall down again

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Banhart, Devendra Middle Names Comments
  1. Amelia Marrero

    I was feeling quite lonely, but listening to this song felt like a tight hug from a loved one. Always will be one of my favorites.

  2. Jimix Beatz

    I love this track so much that I had to make an afro remix of it

  3. Susi Wong

    So nice, let me fly away! 🦆🐞

  4. duha yüksel

    don't come back please,come back tonight

  5. Leticia Strugala

    Why is the moon so bright?
    Why are you so nice?
    See you alone at the Walgreens at night
    I used to think that you'd always return

  6. Ali Erdem

    Acının karanlığında ölürken yine ölümü beklemek vardır :(

  7. nikkbl4ck


  8. Henrique Sosa

    Getting some real Silent Hill vibes from this one. Beautiful

  9. Alexandr N

    this makes me remember why i want to play music and why it is magic

  10. Josh Knapp

    I love Devendra Banhart when he plays it soft and sweet.

  11. Dámaso Armijo Pradenas

    Lo compartió un amigo que vive en Paris... Es excelente, voz, la letra, todo!!!

  12. Cleber Vasconcelos

    Que coisa absurdamente gostosa de se ouvir!

  13. karla monsalve hernandez

    "En este hotel imaginario está Jackie, con su chaqueta de cuero fumando un cigarrillo. Su tiempo ha pasado pero ella sigue todavía elegante. Mucho maquillaje, pero cool. Un poco rockabilly, setenta setenta y dos años por ahí, pero fumando. Y en la esquina, un hombre de negocios con la corbata abierta, desaliñado, destartalado, balbuceando...una atmósfera muy tranquila, melancólica y un poco reconfortante..."

  14. sean jacko

    love it! sounds a lot like Roy Harper

  15. Anna Patrini

    I am waiting for the concert in Spain. See you soon @Vida Festival ! <3

  16. Brando Xi Jinping


  17. Daniela Ardila

    tus creaciones son la banda sonara de mis mañanas

  18. ulyana pauls

    I am obsessed with his music...

  19. Mara

    I love your music so much! You're a great person and an amazing artist. Every time I feel sad or I start having anxiety I put your music and all the bad feelings go away. Please never stop doing art

  20. Cass Leaf

    There is true heartache in his voice. This man has endured pain, and I feel every vibration of it. Brings a tear to my eye

  21. jill wood

    Adore everything about you Devendra, it was great seeing you at End of the Road lkast even stopped raining for your set xxxxxx

  22. lilith blooregard


  23. Saúl Martínez Sanmiguel

    anybody else remembered the body breaks

  24. Samuel Oliveira


  25. umalibido

    não dá pra parar de ouvir

  26. buenachina

    me llena el corazoncito 💖

  27. bodyanti

    Kings of Convenience?

  28. 10:11 PM - The power of music

    shared this on the Facebook page of 10:11 PM - The power of music!

  29. BlaBleBli BloBlu

    Devendra is pure Love.

  30. DJ_Dell

    너무 좋은음악 잘 듣고있어요.
    정말 너무 좋습니다 :)

  31. Smriti Subramanian

    I want to die listening to this..

  32. Marina van Dijck

    Such a nice song!

  33. Aline Almeida

    Devendra, why are you so nice? <3

  34. Smoonteza

    gives me the feels :'(

  35. Kristofer Mendoza

    What a lovely tune.

  36. Feernanda Vàzquez

    Ven a México!!

  37. Teresa Sotomayor

    this song was written about my best friend and once a true love of mine ; it's so beautiful, " he was so nice"

  38. PisumSativum

    "This song was written for Asa Ferry, front man of the Los Angeles–based orchestral-pop outfit Kind Hearts & Coronets. Asa passed away 10 months ago. Honestly i'm still in shock and hoping he'll show up at my door any day now. I loved him very much. He had not passed away when i started writing Middle Names. It was initially about thinking i saw him waiting at a bus stop, and then the feeling of knowing we were both wandering through the city, possibly only a block away from each other but not knowing it, the feeling of alone together."


    PisumSativum So poignant. Life is weird

    Shady Groves

    also read this, so fucking beautiful & sad - just like Devendra. amazing.

  39. Shwilly Kids

    Yes, the shrooms are starting to kick in.😏

  40. Pelle Sand

    ...holy shit. Speechless! Outdid himself with this one.

  41. Luke Bracken

    This sounds SO much like a bibio track

    Shady Groves

    man if Dev & Bibio ever did a collab that would be mind blowing

  42. mikebarrroso

    YUYA <3

  43. Saint Babylon

    You uploaded this on Ariel Pink's Birthday, hehe. mine too.

  44. Uziel Jimenez

    I've probably heard this over 100 times since it came out. Every time is just as endearing. Reminds me a lot of Daniel in Mala. Hope to see you here in Buenos Aires if you decide to do another South American tour for your new album!

  45. Marcieli Zucchi

    ótimo! <3

  46. Raquel Gutschwager

    sounds like kings of convenience. i love it ♥

    Gabriela Sélavy

    I agree, it is beautifully peaceful


    Completamente en éxtasis.

  48. Griscelda Hernandez

    una melodía más para irse a un mundo diferente realmente eres genial.

  49. Laura Muñoz

    Quiero esta canción en mi funeral

  50. nikkbl4ck

    no hay mejor canción q esta para armar uno


    Devendra un oasis en el desierto creativo.

  52. Marko Plovanic

    Crap! You're coming to Croatia and I can't see you :-(( Sucks!!!

  53. espeaheat

    SONG OF THE DAY (25 ΜΑΥ 2016)
    Devendra Banhart - Middle Names (2016)

  54. elvy ruiz

    I want this song to play forever until I die<3

  55. Cecilia Plata

    💙💚💛 sólo el puede transmitir tanta paz y amor...

  56. Ivan Campo

    This song takes me to a far away place. I have no idea where that is, but I want to live there!

  57. James Mercer

    when he slows a tune down to this pace it is always pure bliss. vamos dev

  58. Laura O

    ven a españa por favor te quiero conocer :) eres increible.

  59. Laura O

    ven a españa por favor te quiero conocer :) eres increible.

  60. obi squaw

    Can anyone comfirm that this song is about ana kras and their breakup? shes dating dev hynes of blood orange..just curious.

  61. Rainwater Enema

    i'm crying

  62. Robert Abraham

    Glad he's back :-)

  63. Karen Menzies

    Love this ...thankyou

  64. Antonieta Carpenter-Cosand

    Precious <3

  65. arubybluebird

    I'd like to think this is about Ana Kras, and then again not because it's too sad, but I really really liked them together, they were so lovely as a couple and I hope that they become a couple once more and stay that way for a very, very long time because ughaye sidhsoihd saiaidh aiiihdoalj oh, devendra :( ♡

  66. lonetruthseeker

    This is gonna sound weird but I like to imagine what is like inside this guy's mind sometimes

  67. Ray Barragan

    back with a fuckin banger. you go big D, do the damn thing

  68. dead chic

    i wanted this song to go on forever

  69. dead chic

    ty ty ty

  70. Samantha Dunn

    His new album comes out on my birthday, so I guess I will be getting a present

    Andre Alayon

    It comes out the day after mine so it'll be the cherry on top. 😊

    Bára Ší

    Close to mine too :) The best present! <3

    Saint Babylon

    That's awesome. This video was uploaded on my birthday as well as Ariel Pinks. Hehe, we both share the same B-day.

  71. Esthefania Duque

    Espero con toda la Fe del mundo que cuando saque su álbum en septiembre haga otra gira por latinoamerica, bogotà 2013 <3 miss ya.

  72. ash

    first thing I've liked of his since smokey album



  74. Will Hunter

    this reminds me of a place ive never been

  75. spoocyguy

    those guitars are straight playing with each other in a heavenly way

  76. mazrio128

    This is beautiful. Devendra is really embracing his inner Caetano, here 🤘

  77. Amanda Luara


  78. takk78

    I'm in love

  79. Mohamed TATAÏ

    I was waiting for this...

  80. Eli Acosta

    devendra ti amo mucho

  81. Adrian Hernandez

    gracias esperamos siempre buen trabajo de el

  82. Diana Carvalhido

    A song about Ana Kras

  83. Aldana Gimenez Pozzoli


  84. Keoma Dumba

    I'm glad u're back <3

  85. x sadsappysuckr

    this is so great. i'm excited for the new album.

  86. Noe Kusi

    Amarte es poco ♡

  87. André Fonseca

    Please come to Brazil again.... Sing here just with Rodrigo Amarante and make me and a lot of fans happy. Love your work/art/songs Devendra! <3 <3

  88. Sahara

    simplement beau

  89. Thomas Aasen

    Would love to have a painting/drawning from you. I think you are a great artist. Wish you all the best in life. Kind regards from Norway.

  90. Leon Andromeda


  91. bnk57


  92. Dalia O. Granados

    I love you, you are amazing, Your songs are beautiful, I can connect myself, go to others places with my mind. Thanks for this, from Mexico. 💖

  93. Guilherme Krema

    Devendra cada vez mais calmo, místico e sincero. Que bela canção <3

  94. Brad Rundblade

    really like this, might be the whiskey but shit it's great

  95. Carolina Bladinieres

    Sounds like chris cohen but I love it

  96. Gonzalo Gubero Bobadilla

    Is there any way to infinitely loop this?
    love it