Banhart, Devendra - Little Yellow Spider Lyrics

One, two, three, four

Little yellow spider, laughing at the snow
Ah, maybe that spider knows something that I don't know
'Cause I'm goddamn cold

Little white monkey, staring at the sand
Well, maybe that monkey figured out something I couldn't understand
Who knows?

Well, I came upon a dancing crab, and I stopped to watch it shake
I said, "Dance for me just one more time
Before you hibernate and you come out a crab cake"

Hey there, little snapping turtle, snapping at a shell
Ah, there's mysteries inside, I know
But what they are I just can't tell for sure

And hey ya, little baby crow, you're looking kinda mean
I think I outta spit before you start letting off your steam
For sure

And hey there, little sexy pig, you made it with a man
And you're got a little kid with hooves instead of hands

And oh, all the animals
All the animals

And hey there, little mockingbird, they sing about you in songs
Ah, where you been? Have you broke a wing?
I haven't heard you in so long

And hey there, little albatross, swimming in the air
Ah c'mon, you know I can't fly
And I, I think we really outta play fair

And hey there, Mr. happy squid, you move so psychadelically
You hypnotize with your magic dance all the animals in the sea
For sure

And oh, all the animals
All the animals

And hey there, Mr. morning sun, what kind of creature are you?
I can't stare, but I know you're there
Goddamn, how I wish I knew

And hey there, Mrs. lovely moon, you're lonely and you're blue
It's kinda strange, the way you change
But then again, we all do too

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Banhart, Devendra Little Yellow Spider Comments
  1. sonicleaves

    Listening in 2020, I love Devendra forever!

  2. Jeremy Hoover

    My new favorite song. I cant be upset about anything when it's on.

  3. Andrew McIntyre

    Wait holdup. Is everyone gonna ignore the sexy pig that sex with a man and had a child with hooves and not hands?? That popped out of nowhere

  4. secretfandom

    The difference between butterflies and spiders is oh so much,

    The spider's web is shiny and gentle to touch,

    The butterfly's wings have colorful patterns, they float gently with the breeze,

    The spider hangs and sways from branches in the trees,

    The butterfly sips from flowers and an orange peel,

    The spiders hunts and traps to find a meal,

    The butterfly is pretty and loved and filled with pride,

    The spider is hairy and looks for places to hide

  5. Brittany Bee

    I can't imagine my life without this.

    Can someone please make a video showing me how to play this??

  6. Victor Blanco

    I don't think the girl Is annoying at all, i think she's gives a calm vibe to the video.

  7. Dan Gross

    Where this was filmed? Need to know so bad..

  8. Jazz Min

    ╚══`.¸.this song

  9. spaghetti antichripes


  10. Sebwoof

    So odd, this was a childhood song of mine but I still love it. But I can’t listen to it without the association ya know?

  11. Paul Howe

    These girls are the epitome of beautiful

  12. Maxime W

    Et bien voila!

  13. Moon Dancer

    I guess Mr. Banhart is going to remain an "average " singer. He doesn't seem to want to sing about anything but his sexual orientation and His videos are mostly just CRUDE but I like a few of his songs.

    Patrik Nilsson

    Well,he said: SEXY PIG😁

  14. Bre Rogers

    How lovely

  15. Dingba Charotera

    this is how I imagine myself, with this music on, just finishing baking a pie while having coffee and watering my plants inside my cottage...

    Simon DW

    That's so pompous it's enough to make me hate this track now

  16. Kathryn Arkless

    Why does everyone seemingly hate the video, I think it’s lovely <3

    Santiago Arizti

    Negative people are loud

  17. La Chispa De La Vida

    Por aqui pasé del directo de Roberto👍
    Me encantan tus músicas
    Nos seguimos viendo espero que te gusten mis vídeos también

  18. Plinio Official

    Miguel, saludos agote paso un pollo, comparte y comenta

  19. Koko the Wolf

    Such a friendly God is Devendra

  20. MAN WITH NO NAME Mystic

    Simply wonderful

  21. PsychedPerspective

    I remember when I first heard this song in 2010. I didn't know it had already been out for a few years. Anyways here I am 7 years later listening to it at 25 years old.

  22. ReviewBrah's Bodyguard

    RIP Forrest

  23. Recalibration vlogs,gameplay y mucho mas

    😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴:-| :-| :-| ❌❌❌❌❌❌

  24. Pieter Maassen

    super chill

  25. Ellye M

    A friend showed this to me a week ago and I've been addicted to it ever since. So weird and wonderful, I had no idea this guy existed.

    Ed costa

    Ellye M debendra from austin texas 50% an venezuelan 50% latino

  26. Yanina Sepulveda

    AURRIS tiernis tiernis.. suspiro de amoor

  27. milly kay

    My brother and I loved this song when we were younger

  28. molesticles

    Was this in an Orange ad?

  29. Elbalejandra Baquero


  30. KikeYopo

    Great song ;)

  31. Gilles Lagrée

    I love it , it's so British

  32. Emma

    i interpret this as him talking about diff cultures of people.

  33. Larissa Palhano

    essa musiquinha é uma dlç haha

  34. Fatass Muthafucker

    Hipster music makes me vomit.



    Colorful Soul

    +Too Brutal For You I like it >~<


    +Too Brutal For You Vomit? Oh I see, you are an extremely sensitive and weak person.....

    Fatass Muthafucker

    @elvengadordebronce Next time I overeat I'm going to say "BOY, AM I SENSITIVE!".


    francisco sanchez

    Myke Crotche i think i know

  35. OceanRootsBand

    I saw silver crystal snakes diamondish last week fly from someones eyes. I had to duck and dodge them and I wondered what they were for about the last week ...then I just saw them in your Carmasita video....truth.

  36. dead chic

    is this video sexist?

    Shanley Shoupe

    why say?

    Kumpul Bagi

    god damn no. dont look for sexist shit everywhere..


    If you have to ask, then you've probably got your answer.


    only the pc principal can decide this

  37. hooprageous

    I wonder where it was filmed?

    Femke Hartog

    +Stephen Hughes2 it looks like the Netherlands

  38. choco late

    isn't that intro in an Ikea commercial?

  39. Ryan Johnson

    Like The Kings Of Leon, Devendra lost his musical super-powers when he cut his hair and beard off.

    Andrés Rojas Antón

    His magical powers are at display all the time, it's up to us to recognize it hehe

    Mail noseen

    same with samurai jack

    samarindo Ö

    I'll do

    Moon Dancer

    Ryan Johnson He never had any superpowers. However he was AND STILL IS capable of making VERY NICE MUSIC. Unfortunately, he seems to be obsessed with his sexuality and seems to have a compulsion to make sure we all know it and even tries to make the rest of us feel like we must be like him.


    No you're definitely thinking of matisyahu.

  40. Myx

    There is way too much about this song that I love. So happy music never dies :3 cuz 2008?!

  41. Carlos Miguel

    My favorite song of his. <3

  42. Mégane Cousein

    Trop bien, j'adore

  43. Alumna Estresada

    what a pretentious video for such a great song... :/ 


    don't worry, it's not the official video.


    btw, you can still find the official video somewhere online, dm for one.

    Ian Smith

    Still having a bad day?

  44. Sir Cristosterone

    Devandra is really something special!

  45. -Donpi-

    Congratulations: Worst video ever!

  46. gnarly_ cro's

    wow dude this is horrible and how is he with natalie portman? wow lol she must be giving.

    gnarly_ cro's

    meaning she must be a nice person 

    Robert Varner

    Then don't listen...

  47. Carrie Gibbs

    for  sure

  48. Maia Benaim

    devendrea eres un mamahuevo.

  49. Walt Shores

    Nice sound ! It reminds me another psych folk song I've just listened before : the title *"After dark vapours have  oppressed our Love"* by Nikö Laetailleurs. You can find it by copying-pasting the title in the youtube bar. Enjoy !

    Garrison Panyan

    You've posted the same message on multiple videos in this "Freak Folk, New Weird, Indie Folk" playlist. I doubt every one of these songs reminds you of your own shitty song. Stop advertising here.

  50. Claudia Arteaga

    Grande devendra!

  51. neinosdevodamo

    1:56   You sexy pig ahhhh ha ha ha

    Eve Dulcenea

    Oh my God yes, that was my favorite part. 😂

  52. dkrebs11

    awesome song, but this video bugs me for some reason, like a lot

    curt ortmann

    @dkrebs11 The hipster has to protect what he likes.

    Shanley Shoupe

    it bugs me too, like a couple of teens are trying too hard to make a good video, it seems like a school project

    Matthew Ilko Paulino

    lol hipster? You outdated man, what's a hipster?


    dkrebs11 yeah the video is garbage

    Rafael Garcia

    dkrebs11 the little yellow spider bugs him

  53. Shlomo Shekelstein

    so potato ok kool aid kafaka 'murica texas not oki doke nope

    Shlomo Shekelstein


    Shlomo Shekelstein

    @CharlesHipster the sam men DADAISM search it in google wikipedia or somezzing plz "prepara el nicho Paco Marhuenda hijodeputa"

  54. Bruno Vinicius

    I miss the old video of this song. =(

    Moon Dancer

    I don't know which one you mean but It seems it would be on YouTube SOMEWHERE!

    Benjamin Ryan

    The original had Devendra and his friends having some kind of party in a teepee. I enjoyed it more than this video.

    Lane Kays

    close your eyes and listen

  55. Charlotte Song

    Vocal kind of reminds me of a male version of Karen Dalton. That's a good thing. Most interesting.

  56. elvengadordebronce

    is this the original video? Such a poor video for such a beautiful song....


    I don't know, it has the right mood.

  57. DigestibleComestible

    borderline barfy cute.... but well done

  58. Jankers

    ....I think he is on drugs.

  59. Mia Rose

    this song just makes me happy inside :3

  60. Preston Rogers

    Did she just skip down the street and steal somebody's bike?

  61. Alejandro74405

    So happy :3

  62. paige elton

    Piece of shit video, the girl is really annoying... I love devandra though.

  63. Perla en Viaje

    I'm passing through a hard time and this songs really make me feel better

  64. Mary

    this girl is freaking annoying

  65. Watziterinhetcadeautje

    She's right. The video sucks.

  66. Watziterinhetcadeautje

    Yeah, that or maybe you're just an ass

  67. Jessica Kennedy

    love the way he says fourrrr at the beginning :)

  68. munkeyzz69

    hey there little sexy pig

  69. munkeyzz69

    This song is so pretty

  70. Bill Murphy

    Maybe by James Newton Chadwick sort of reminds me of this song in a pleasant sort of way.

  71. Rachel Moore

    was this filmed on a potato

  72. Keith Hodge

    nah she's annoying as FUCK

  73. Pam Holmes

    This makes me feel all sort of safe and cumfy inside like a warm blanket tucked in by your mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  74. Pam Holmes

    I love the sexy pig part )

  75. Watziterinhetcadeautje

    I'm listening just for that part lmao, love it

  76. francesca d

    Sounds like alt j voice o.o

  77. Büşra Aktaş YAMAN

    Nice Song :) Nice Man

  78. Luis Cortes

    loveeee it!

  79. Dakota Stone

    So Dissapointed in this, this is lame! DX

  80. Ginny Karmer

    This is England

  81. BartoliPetla

    what's the name of the city and the Street?

  82. Noemi 'Mosa

    pequeña araña amarilla ..lalala (8)

  83. John Ewbank

    Wedding song?

  84. diZe

    Funny nice lyrics =) kick ass

  85. hillflier

    Nice song shame about the lousy vid.

  86. ReKidnames

    Just show some respect for the people who made something you don't like by not commenting next time.

  87. Doomsilly

    lol you suck. that is all

  88. TangerineRings

    I look like a snotty little bitch? You are the one hurling insults. I'm going to stop feeding the trolls now.

  89. Romancandle5929

    First line made me laugh my ass off

  90. Doomsilly

    you should have stated you opinion like that in the first place, your original post makes you look like a snotty little bitch. Analysing the situation, the reason for your first post is probably because your just an unattractive woman who is jealous of her beauty and you choose to express your insecurities by writing hateful comments on youtube, which in turn makes you feel so much better for your sorry ass. : )

  91. zyxwut321

    Why? They're two happy pretty young women having innocent fun on a beautiful day. What is wrong with that?

  92. TangerineRings

    it's interesting that my comment means that I am insecure, and not that I find this music video to be very boring and disappointing, because I love this song.

  93. TangerineRings

    I always thought it was mated, but it seems that your are correct