Banhart, Devendra - Good Time Charlie Lyrics

Every look begins with a disguise
I saw it in your eyes
Me, I've warned them off
Mostly been a bathroom stall
A night or work blow up doll
A memory you can't recall
Or nobody there at all

These are dreams of oceans
You will never ever know
Give it a million years or so

La, la, la
La, la, la

Me and my policeman
Pulling over everyone one we can
Sometimes I breathalyze
And me gives the DUIs
Ask myself once or twice
Is it love or just blood in his eyes?

Devil dreams of paid vacation
Letting the old men win
But it's too easy to make them sing

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Banhart, Devendra Good Time Charlie Comments
  1. Daniel Ceppa

    Devendra te qmooo

  2. juan2011522

    Me recuerda a rubin and cherise de Jerry García,muy bueno

  3. Drew The Goon

    Fucking tremendous

  4. Samael Ortiz

    Es hermoso

  5. Isidor Morales

    I love love love love love love youuuuuu

  6. Maria Żak

    I fall in love

  7. yamnella

    i love this man so much. i have been listening to him for years and he only gets more beautiful.

  8. Mark O‘Gorman

    Sounds a lot like early Marc Bolan which isn't a bad thing in my book

  9. Josh B

    One of my favorite songs off of his new album. I wanna suck my own dick to this song.

  10. jehst'

    Mac DeMarco

    Josh B

    Seriously. Mac DeMarco has an influence just about everywhere.

  11. yyk

    I love him and songs. Can't waiting you to come to Japan in this year:)

  12. Shady Groves

    Mala & Ape In Pink Marble are my two favorite Dev albums. Incredible musician, songwriter & artist <3

  13. Pedro Palmer

    What´s wrong with him?

  14. Ssimone L

    ...nice rosa nuances..

  15. Adrian Adams

    Fuck, that was awesome.

  16. Luis Pertuz De La Rosa

    where is that place?

  17. Mathias Götz

    very sympathetic video
    love the new album icluding the song "Good Time Charlie".

  18. Stefpoechi

    Devendra is always good, great musician and human

  19. -Donpi-

    Why he isn't a good musician now?

    AM PM

    He doesn't have the best voice sure, but it isn't bad and I think he plays fine. I went to see him in New York for this new album and he sounded great. He can sing notes well above his range so I'd say he's an above - average singer. But honestly, I'd rather be a great writer who can make good albums like he does and not be a perfect performer with shitty music, you know what I mean?


    Devendra in "Smokey..." tour was better singer and guitar player. I saw him playing then and now he is getting worse.

    Josh B

    Maybe its the fact that his life is rad because he earned a living doing what he loved. Honestly every musician faces this. They get too comfortable. Or they're just too old to push the envelope anymore. It doesn't fucking matter. This album was good. Just because it isn't the same as some shit you've built up in your head then that's your problem.

    Jessie V

    -Donpi- how can you think that man! I think this is bloody beautiful. The little mistake at the beginning just adds to it all.

    Jessie V

    -Donpi- plus his voice is great & really well controlled - what are you hearing lol

  20. Laura Neuzeth

    He's too precious 😭💕

  21. André Fonseca

    <3 Cara que cosia linda <3

  22. Byron Galindo