Banhart, Devendra - Freely Lyrics

It ain't about a heart to find
It's about the one inside
It's about the love you hide
It's waitin' to be let outside

And it ain't about losing your mind
But if you happen to, that's fine
But there's only one way to shine
And it's called trying to live

Freely, freely meu coracao
Freely, freely meu coracao
I'd like to live that way
I'd like to live that way

And my mother may not understand
Why I'm the way that I am
But I love her and I wanna let her in (do you love her?)
Get to know a friend

And now we gotta take some time
Get to know each other our whole lives
And I call on you to remind
Nothing's really mine
Except for

Freedom, freedom en meu coracao
Freedom, freedom en meu coracao
I'd like to live that way
Oh I'd wanna stay stay that way

You ever seen anything as kind
As the wind blowing by
I've never seen anything as wise
As the sun rise, that shines

Freely, freely en meu coracao
Freely, freely meu coracao
I'd like to live that way
Oh I'd wanna live that way

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Banhart, Devendra Freely Comments
  1. Anat Peled

    You are the one and only

  2. hugo s.

    em meu coração

  3. Reddit Invitam

    Не оставляет передышки мурашкам!)

  4. Gulazer Efegil

    Devandra bu parçan ruhumun ritimleşmiş versiyonu gibi. i love all your songs

  5. Анна

    Не знаю есть ли тут кто-то, такой как я, но я нашла эту песню по строчкам на стаканчике из surf coffee.
    Surfing never alone

  6. zana yıldız


  7. Thomas Kennedy

    One my favorites

  8. christel- remia

    I heard your song" i'm going to die of loneliness". So perfect ,so beautiful. I wish I could listen to it after I am gone.

  9. Fernanda Garcia

    Me quiero morir


    Fernanda Garcia :(

  10. Dania Bucko

    Hermoso corazón!

  11. Eternal Beings

    this song was amazing! i love it! :D:D omg one of my new favourites absolutely
    Love and light to all beings

  12. Yuri Silva

    Não sei se alguém irá entender o que escrevo, mas quero dizer que essa música me traz muita paz no coração. Desejo a todos freedom no coração.

    Guilherme Nassaj

    Te entendo. Same energy here ♡♡

    Gisela Belmar Møller

    Yuri Silva yo te entiendo y siento igual

    Catarina Silva

    Completamente <3

    Ricardo Duarte Gonçalves

    Compartilho sua visão

  13. Francisco Ulloa

    hermosa. hermoso wn

  14. MsStcz

    I love #WhiteRabbit 🐇 @W4BB17

  15. Liana Walérya

    ❤❤❤ Obrigada por existir.

  16. Christian Reinl

    reminds me on magnolia .....

  17. Filipa Lérias


  18. Sucuklu Yumurta

    Varcharian 💙

  19. Kat Dino

    I'd like to live that way

  20. marlontrujillo1080

    The perfect song.

  21. Sucuklu Yumurta

    <3 🌊

  22. Aurora Maletik

    In viaggio con queste note

  23. veka dandelion

    eres una de las cosas más bonitas del mundo .

    Guilherme Nassaj

    Sì, sì no hay duvidas.

  24. Nylse D

    God, this song is amazing, I love you Devendra,

  25. MagicGummyFruit

    This reminds me of Goodbye Moonmen from Rick and Morty just a little.

  26. Marissa Villarreal

    Beautiful tune. Sounds inspired by JJ Cale's Magnolia


    Marissa Villarreal maybe, but it' s sung in the best Caetano Veloso style

  27. Izzy Harrison

    the song of my night

  28. Melfer Mazariegos

    and my mother may not understand... God this song describes how I felt in the past :/

  29. Roberto González

    ain't a lot of people that have this feeling for the music.
    I personally enjoy listening to this.
    some good coffee and thinking around next to my raining in the tropical
    Bless !

  30. Bubble cabz

    tanpa musik entah apa yg harus di lakukan...

  31. Shalarem Hernán Barbudo

    this song has touched my soul in a way no other has done

  32. Austėja Armonaitė

    it sais all you feel but don't know how to put into words.. beautiful and calm

  33. AJ Cross

    I love him.

  34. Mirela Meirelles

    Música mais linda

  35. nickos g

    Αγάπη μόνο.

  36. Alexandre AJ

    very gay

    Jullep Teah

    Yes it is very happy! 😊

    Ivana Tyushnyakova

    +mint jullep very happy, indeed! :-)

  37. Jack Ballengee Morris

    Nordisk Ting

    fuck this link

  38. Ruben Fawaka

    That bass is so perfectly mastered

  39. Federico Acosta

    Never thought someone could be more boring than James Blunt

    Antoinette Patou

    @Federico Acosta Not boring…It's called mellow, learn to love it fellow!


    Je t'aime pipiou

  41. Milica Drazic

  42. murky mummy

    such a kind song :)

  43. Valentina Martínez Franco

    Devendra for the soul <3 always....

  44. Emily Davis

    Sounds like Sunday morning

    Ashley Zequeida

    i don't find any similitude...

    Moon Dancer

    Ashley Zequeida Sunday and this song are both peaceful.

    Omar Cruz

    maybe Coney Island Baby

    Gustavo Triani

    Sounds like saturday at twilight for me.

    Jorge Ariel


  45. Novi Alondra

    And my mother may not understand why I'm the way that I am but I love her and I wanna let her in

  46. Helena Ales Pereira

    This song is perfect for my ride : )
    "It's about the love you hide
    It's waiting to be let outside"

  47. abbie5510

    Love it!

  48. Viv Imara

    This song + rain. Lovely peace.

    Guilherme Nassaj

    Now... haha I hearing with rain.

  49. Benjamin Hager

    This sums up the human predicament in a beautiful manner. It's all within.

  50. Eduardo Relly

    Proud to listen portuguese (my mother language) in such a beautiful song.

    Pedro Freitas

    olá Ana,
    não vire as costas ao mundo :)

    Moon Dancer

    Eduardo Relly actually he was born in United States and raised in Venezuela

    Diogo Lyra

    yes, but the word is in portuguese. for sake of god...

    Bruno Sa Marques

    @Samantha Danvendras main influence in vocal technique and vibe is Caetano Veloso a brasilian composer.

    Canal da Vivi Coala

    @Paula Porto yes, and meu (mi/ my)

  51. ana barkley

    one of his best

  52. Florian Derobert

    free spirit 

  53. Bones of Gold Skateboarding

    freedom freedom ,in my heart <3

  54. judith campos

    is coracao if he's using portuguese.

  55. Let's Be Manlyish 1123

    isn't it corazon instead of coracao

  56. Daniel Saltos

    Es increible que comparta tanta felicidad en una sola canción.

  57. Aracy Ile

    "I've never seen anything as wise as the sun rise that shines" very romantic line :)

  58. Nadia Espejo Herrera


  59. Saint Miller

    Perfect for the change in season. Peaceful melody. Deep meaning. Touching. Inspirational. Timeless. Etc.

  60. Andrea

    But there's only one way to shine
    And it's called trying.. to live

  61. Jey Medina

    I really love this song ^^)

  62. rodriogq

    why would one need more than two chords to write such great songs like this one? (:

  63. rodriogq

    lyrics correction: freedom em meu coração

    I love this, thanks :)

  64. IdleAsAWave

    This song is so much deeper than it appears to be. He is expressing his whole being in a few words. I share his take on life and Im so glad that there is more of us out there. Live freely, follow your heart, if you have an open mind, use it to guide you to wherever your heart leads you.

  65. helemundo

    It's a tattoo. You should look up his tattoos they're great.

  66. Goete Miro

    te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo ... Devendra Banhart

  67. Paula Porto

    Funny, as a kid I always told other people to go live their dreams, forget about society or their fears... And now I find myself getting wrapped up in life and society and demands and forgetting about what I really want to do.

    Then this song came up and I actually listened to it and I almost cried. (I just didn't because I was in public)

  68. Volthan

    This is the first time I feel bad about my own beard..

  69. Tuk man

    big bang theory :-).
    yeah i'm trying since i've stoped smoking weed and it doesn't feel like living at all. I'm worried.

    William Sockerson

    Hey man I'm doin the same thing right now, I've been going for 19 days now, went through a rough breakup in the process but we can stay strong. Find happiness in the small things

  70. Tornike Kiladze

    Do or do not, there is no try.

  71. paul wright

    Yeah,spark one up to this.

  72. Tuk man

    only one way to shine and it's called try to live!

  73. Ishwariarti Ethereal Ambient

    existe alguna version en español de esta cancion?

  74. shandelable

    I'd like to live that way ;)

  75. shandelable

    I think I just fell in love

  76. John Keim

    And does it make your beard hairs stand on end?

  77. DoubleBassAlejo


  78. luisana vicor

    Venezuelan!!! I LOVEE YOU

  79. Susan marant

    Freely my heart for you.

  80. Rita Nobre

    meu coração <3

  81. Vlogs en Technicolor

    this brings me so much peace <3 i just love it so much <3

  82. enrique colinas

    haaaaaaaaaaaayyy tu primo colorado.....bernard,,,bernard,,,

  83. sokäkok

    This is my bedtime song

  84. nohelys6


  85. magumaah

    hace un año cuando platicabamos las mil horas y me compartiste este video y me enamore de la musica de devendra siempre recordare que por ti lo conoci :) muchas gracias ahora tenemos casi 9 meses de novios te amo <3

  86. Corazòn Venerable

    qupe bello poema de amor a la vida
    viva Devendra!

  87. Vassilia H


    and fleet foxes

    and some others, I guess

  88. Brian Finatti

    y u so mad

  89. francis niss

    il arrive à me mettre de bonne humeur...

  90. Lotus Hempelonium

    2 chords. Always 2 chords. Is anyone able to write any songs with more than 2 chords anymore? Anyone?


    Lotus Hempelonium quality or quantity man? you can listen to trash metal with 3 thousands chords without a fucking feeling!

  91. EilanRoxetty

    This man has been reading my soul : )

  92. Alex Mont

    9 personas intentaron bajar la canción dándole clic en la manita hacia abajo

  93. Hector Moy

    9 people are slaved to hatred...