Banhart, Devendra - Canela Lyrics

Don't the flowers at your feet smell sweet
Well they sure smell sweet to me
And don't the moon way up high shine bright
Well it sure shines bright to me

And don't the water on your lips feel good
Well it sure feels good to me
And don't the lips on your lips feel good
Well they sure feel good to me...

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Banhart, Devendra Canela Comments
  1. Jose Garcia

    Lo malo de que me guste tanto Devendra es que no se parece a nada...

    Jhonatan Ulage

    I feel you...

  2. Veronika Adamia

    Don’t the flower at your feet smell sweet, well it sure smell sweet to me
    Don’t the moon way up high shine bright, well it sure shines bright to me
    Don’t the water on lips feel good, well it sure feels good to me
    And don’t the lips on your lips feel good, well they sure feel good to me.

  3. Mark Torres

    canela means cinnamon, because she is sweet to him. but I also found this in urban dictionary: Canela: A woman who has limitless affection showing how much she cares for and loves her man deeply. Because her heart acknowledges the greatness that is in him, she is willing to uplift his spirits by praying for and encouraging him. so maybe she is so sweet to him, because of her great love for him.

  4. Los Papeles

    Is no one going to address this picture?

    Dog Beer

    I do and don't want to.


    Made me laugh!

    Elo Elo

    It’s like Chochoł in Wyspiański’s ,,Wesele”

  5. Sergio H. Mandujano

    Hermosa pero es tan cortita :(

  6. Nicolas Suarez

    Dónde puedo encontrar las partituras de esta canción?

  7. Katia Eka

    ხან რა მშვიდია, ხან რა არანორმალური, ზღვას ჰგავს დევენდრას მუსიკა. ეს სინღერა საერთოდ ,,მშვიდი ქვეყნის ჰიმნია''. :)

  8. David Addona

    Sometimes a song is love.

  9. fray313

    Devendra Banhart - Canela (cover):

  10. Calin Lausanne

    cu paiele-n cap 

  11. Alan García Muñiz

    do, la menor para el intro
    fa, sol, do, si sobre do, la menor para el dont the etc
    fa sol do para los well they

  12. Seymour Butts

    Hey Guys! Watch The Good Red Road on my channel! Thanks :3

  13. Tania Adrián


  14. Génessis Intriago

    Me morí 3 veces escuchando esta canción.♥

  15. Mariana Silva

    la amo <3

  16. Héctor Hernández

    It's "Anchor" from the album Cripple Crow

  17. Lucía Pinto

    ●ᴗ● ♥

  18. Señora Dinosaurio

    la amee <3

  19. alfaubrom

    that scarecrows takeing his dutys way to seriously, hes like alive an getting bigger
    i once went to a disco at someones house,didnt like the shirt i was wearing,a bit bland
    spotted a scarecrow in a field,across the lane, a nice red check no.went over undressed the geezer swapped shirts,felt much more like myself,an actually got it on with themost beautiful girl there! much to the disbelief of my mates..
    that shirt became my passport photo,i dressed my bro dog in it an he ate his way out,sosad

    Cameron Drever

    That was a truly heartwrenching story. Where is the shirt now?

  20. shhmellshlikeasshhhh


  21. ChiroSurf Academy

    And don't a smile on your face look's good,
    Well it's sure look's good to me....

    Now your turn :)

  22. Ben Wright

    i dont doubt that this is called canela, because it is lol, but al the lyric engines call it anchor. it is indeed a disturbing universe!

  23. ioddc

    yeah dude, it's in the cripple crow album

  24. ioddc

    this song is called canela not anchor