Banhart, Devendra - Autumn's Child Lyrics

Autumn's child
Raise your head
Autumn's child
You sweet young thing

Stay dead horse
Stand dead horse
Run river run
Sun shine sun

Sing child sing
Sing your song
Sing your song

Autumn's child
Come raise your head
Autumn's child
Sweet young thing

Sweet young thing

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Banhart, Devendra Autumn's Child Comments
  1. CyntiaS Silveira

    Awake Autism A Day!
    2 de Abril de 2019

  2. CyntiaS Silveira

    There is pain everywhere you go
    The ones you can connect in very personal ways.
    This is one of them.

  3. ODDH

    I heard this song but remixed by "burntpiano", that mix sounds magical, but this version makes my heart cry.

  4. marrue soes

    es muy bueno el pana

  5. mirrencorin

    reminds me of walking through the autumn leaves with my love. ♥

  6. EnzianOfficial

    The fuck? They're two different songs. You people are trolling.

  7. neal curtin

    Beautiful and real!

  8. Jack Perry

    There are lot's of weird people that are naturally that way, but also happen to be talented and original. Don Van Vliet (the guy that wrote this song) is weird but also brilliant. The funny thing is Devendra Banhardt isn't that weird, he's actually just really derivative. Maybe if he had something interesting to say, or an interesting and original way to say it I could forgive his annoying tendency to choose obscure songs to cover. He just associates himself with weird things.

    JP Soto

    Hey, guy, you're mistaken. This isn't a cover of the Captain Beefheart song it shares its name with. Don Van Vliet didn't write this song. It only takes a quick listen to realize this.

  9. Axl8787

    @hagusmcfeeble What the fuck do you say ??? These 2 songs are totally different.

  10. darkwriter101

    Does anyone know what the story to this song is, or why it was written? Or even if it has a meaning? I'm curious as to whether this has a deeper meaning than just the 7 words he magically uses throughout the song.

  11. bellydweller

    @HoorayTV21 couldn't have said it any better, thank you

  12. HoorayTV21

    omg, this is just awful. I mean really people, wtf is this. You want a gentle soul that sings gentle songs listen to Donovan, if you want to die in an emo coma, listen to this turd. Just awful!

  13. Oarqvs Rodte

    dude where'd you get the pic.?

  14. Max Rydell

    Doesn't seem to be on yt at all. I'll upload it later.

    This is really good too though, I'm new to Banhart but I like what I've heard so far.

  15. danjaja

    nah...its not...the songs have the same title but theyre not the same song

    yeh doggy

  16. Awixumayita Atiyamuxiwa

    esta canción me hace llorar. Es preciosa.