Bangles, The - Waiting For You Lyrics

I get so restless here alone
That's why I call you on the phone
I get nervous, over-anxious, lose control
Waiting for you, baby

Lately I dream that I'm in your arms
When you're here I feel I'm safe from harm
I'd do anything that you want, babe
Anything at all
And I'm waiting for you to see
You mean the world to me

Stars and the moon wait for you in my lonely room
The warmth of the sun is in your smile

I get so restless here alone
That's why I call you on the phone
I'd do anything that you want, babe
Anything at all
And I'm waiting for you to see
You mean the world to me

Waiting for you

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Bangles, The Waiting For You Comments
  1. Sam Bradley

    Susie looks good for her age. 🎂🎤🎸

  2. Sam Bradley

    This was on The Bangles last album "Everything ".🎼🎸🎤

    Fred Flintstone

    Sam...where ya' been?

    Mark K

    @Fred Flintstone
    First time hearing this song/vid and BOOM there u r conversing.

  3. Sam Bradley

    Annette would have done an excellent job on this song, I'm sure they play this in concert today. 🎼🎸🎤

    Jeremy B. R. James

    Annette did not do anything for this song, it was the penultimate song of the album Everything, the last Bangles album in 1988, before they were reunited! Two songs remained on the album, the first being "What I Meant To Say" (later by the single B-Side of Eternal Flame) and "Everything I Wanted" (later on the Greatest Hits album). Micki plays the bass in this song, not Annette!
    Annette has never contributed to the success of the Bangles, she left the band before the Bangles had their first success in 1986 with "Manic Monday". At this time, Micki (former bass player of the Runaways) was already in the band! Annette was already in her own band Blood in the Saddle!

  4. Nilsa Lebron

    I love their music. They are all very pretty and sexy. Contiune doing what you doing. Don't let nobody tell you any different.

  5. jorge barja

    Susanna la mas bella de las cuatros.

  6. John Vu

    Even today at 60 years old, these women look like a lot of people do at the age of 48 so they're aging well and they are all still good looking too. They have had blessed lives so far and i hope they stick around for a while.

  7. Ecentr

    One of my fave songs from them! Should of been a single :)

  8. Dario Rodriguez

    Gran temon de esta banda ochentosa hermosa.. Susanna

  9. David B

    This song is pure BEATLES! I can hear George's guitar part in my head and Paul's tight harmony with John on this one. Did George Martin produce this song? It would be even better than this already excellent version.

    toscano alexandre

    pas d'accord. Cette chanson aurait bien moins de charme si elle était interprétée par quelqu'un d'autre que ces filles. Bien que sous-estimées, et n'ayant pas fait légende dans le "showbusiness", elles sont non moins talentueuses que les mecs à qui elles rendent hommage

  10. Gerry Sandell

    Michael Steele may be one of the most under-rated bass players

    Sam Bradley

    True. 😊

    Ritzy's Garage

    "May be?"   (you're right!)

  11. Humberto Silva Bezerra

    I bored to waiting for you. But here im to sing and dance like tomorrow never comes ❤😢😢😢😢😢

  12. SJ SMITH

    Bangles are GREAT!

  13. Critter

    Yay, The Bangles!

  14. Jason Jay

    suzanna Hoffman is such a milf

    David B

    Don't ever be vulgar, you sob.

    Jeremy B. R. James

    Her name is Susanna Hoffs!

  15. Humberto Silva Bezerra

    This is my music. love it

  16. Joey Farris

    One of my favorite Bands from the' 80s, I love all their songs

  17. かもライバー


  18. kenny P

    It makes me so happy inside this track 

  19. Reynolds Laroche

    OK Its SUZIEMICKIVICKIE at the open

    Joe Laulusa

    don't forget debbie.

  20. thesunreport

    great band :)

  21. Reynolds Laroche

    Vickie My Love

  22. onlinelondon

    This song swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!! in many ways...beautiful....

  23. sanramir444

    i miss michael so much

  24. Reynolds Laroche

    Who is singing that high part at the start is that Vickie or Mickie

  25. onlinelondon

    Beautiful songs, and performance; and; arrangement...Steele's bass playing is like my own; I have had that style of playing in my blood, since the Beatles early days....and the melodic movements I suppose is a continuation from lead guitar playing, that was my main thing,,,,

    Tommy Vercetti

    I'm not a musician myself, but it really seems like she showcases the instrument rather than having it be in the background. Whenever I listen to the Bangles I find myself turning the bass up to get the full effect.

    Gary Simons

    When the lost Michael, they were never quite as good of a band. She completed the package.

  26. donnie7326

    Way to go Bangles!

  27. onlinelondon

    That bass playing of Steele is really something...

    Humberto Silva Bezerra

    onlinelondon i totally agree with you

  28. onlinelondon

    She has got a very sexy voice!!

  29. luvsla72

    My favorite band of all time and one of my favorite songs!! :)

  30. FuzzzWuzzz

    Just once before I die I'd like to kiss a Bangle...

  31. Ryan Mangin

    Was this song released as a single? If not, it damn well should have been!

    Jeremy B. R. James

    No they didn't released it, two other Songs where Left on the Album Everything I wanted and What I meant to say, both are good Songs too!

  32. Think533

    my god this is my first glimpse of them after about 2 decades!! Makes me think back ..............thank you for bringing back memories of my childhood. Gr8 job

  33. BeccaGSD

    God I miss Michael Steele

  34. koichy52

    I sent this song for my ex-girl friend a few months ago, though she has been wife of somebody else. She is suffering from cancer and last month she went to German for treatment.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful song with nice pictures.

  35. hoosieryank1967

    Where did you get all those photos? I know that some of them are from web sites, but not all the conert pics are publicly available (drools with envy)...

  36. Chevalier765

    The one and only thing I hate with The Bangles is their decision to stop.
    Fortunately, CDs are there to play their songs over and over.

  37. pinolobu

    Thanks for posting this!!! One of the group's best songs!

  38. Juliane Periard

    Thank you for post this!
    I love BANGLES...this song is amazing!

  39. paintedbird

    I love this song as well. The Bangles are so great, Different Light and Evrything are PERFECT from start to finish.

  40. LaurenGrahamx3

    no problem and thank you, too :D <3

  41. emptybluecows

    I LOVE THIS SONG!! What a great collage of images too! Thank you for posting this:)

  42. Marie

    uii das lied ist schöööön <3