Bangles, The - Something To Believe In Lyrics

When I saw you for the first time
Eyes the color of the ocean
Something moved inside of me
Long forgotten lying broken
Now I can't turn away
Watching you as you lay sleeping
Can you hear winds of change
Is this something to believe in

I lost direction in the darkness
Couldn't stop myself from running
I could feel the sun on my back
But I was afraid to let the light in
Now I can't run any more
Now I see this gift you bring me
Can you hear winds of change
Maybe this loser's luck is turning

I will carry you in my heart
I will hold you in my memory
You could be a million miles away
But when I call
You will hear me

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Bangles, The Something To Believe In Comments
  1. dreamyblue44

    God bless Michael Steele for this wonderful song! :)

  2. FringeSalon1728

    This song really touched my soul as a child listening on my Walkman in the backseat of my parents car staring out the window... the ending harmonies are amazing! This sound led me to love music that has elements of all the good stuff in this song:)

    Liz B

    Ha! I have a very similar memory listening to this song as a little girl on my Walkman during a very long car ride to visit relatives. My dad was in the hospital and almost died. This album helped me get through. 😊