Bangles, The - Make A Play For Her Now Lyrics

Words of comfort and love
Spoken in design
Turn cruel, unkind
You have your ready treasures of sin
And it all begins
With an innocent smile

Go on, make a play for her now
While I'm standing here
I bleed so slow
You may never know

Whisper she is safe
That you sympathize
The darkest lies
When you know right now you'll be gone
At the kiss of dawn
Your conscience runs clear

Go on, make a play for her now
While I'm standing here
I bleed so slow
You may never know
And I won't make a sound
Who am I to lay the blame
When it's all a game to you

You and I misfired
Left me cold and tired
Hey love it's alright

Go on, make a play for her now
While I'm standing here
I don't keep score
No not anymore
And I won't make a sound
Hey, who am I to lay the blame
When it's just a game
In the back of your mind
The pattern's starting to unwind
And you know you're alone
Oh, but you smile anyhow
When the moment allows
Make a play for her now

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Bangles, The Make A Play For Her Now Comments
  1. Carl Busque

    Great song, would love to see it live. Love you ladies!

  2. Sam Bradley

    Annette would have done (& probably does) an awesome job on this song. ❤🎼🎸

  3. Sam Bradley

    One of the best songs of the later Bangles. 🎼🎸

  4. Chris Patterson

    Love my Micki 🤗❤🎤🎼

  5. Jason Alseth

    Four beautiful women. I gotta go with Vicki with her slight overbite (I say).

  6. lebarosky

    Who is singing lead?

  7. W.A.P. Bodie

    Who singing that? Not Debbie, not Suzanne, but which one?

    W.A.P. Bodie

    @dggydddy59 Thanks, was not sure :-)


    @W.A.P. Bodie Not a problem. Love them Bangle gurls! Cheers!

    Sam Bradley

    Vicki Peterson. 😊🎸🎼

  8. Meredith Cunningham

    Sounds like George Harrison's While My Guitar Gently Weeps (except for the chorus)..

  9. W.A.P. Bodie

    Wow, I know Bangles 30 years, but I´ve herad that first time now!

  10. Not Dave's Channel

    I can't help thinking they didn't get the critical acclaim they deserved because they were hot women.

  11. Sam Bradley

    Happy Birthday Debbie Peterson!

    Jason Alseth

    Debbie had a great voice, and aged well to this day :)

  12. Amanda Prill

    Vicki is Great on this song and i love this song alot

  13. Sam Bradley

    One of my favorite Bangle songs.

  14. KJ Schneider

    Great tune! Vinnie Vincent a Vicki Peterson should have written more together!

  15. Luis Emilio Flores

    Fantastic song of Vicky

  16. Kai Thomas

    One of the best on EVERYTHING. The harmonies at 1:55 - 2:07 still make me fly high. In an interview Michael Steele was asked: On which Bangles track would you have loved to be the lead singer? She chose this one. I can understand why.


    You realize how many folks- me included- cued to that exact spot you pointed out there? I know they are HUGE Beatles fans and their harmonies there remind me of early Beatles. Michael wishing she sang lead on that one reminds me of Ann Wilson offering the world to Nancy Wilson to let her sing the lead on 'These Dreams' Might have the title wrong

    Fred Flintstone I know what the word angelic sounds like...

  17. George Alston

    oh my.god and I still feel dumd stupid and I am still yeRning but I'm also cooling.I must be in the oven...cookies of all sorts..looking for my....

  18. George Alston

    hey. hi I'm a bangle burnimg for my wife whoever's ..,who I'll always be yeRning burnimg ratty sguare .

  19. Edu Manzano

    Curiosity: The ex- Kiss member, Vinnie Vincent play the 12´ guitar in this track!


    also co-writing the song if i remember correctly.

    Antti Jaakola

    He did, yes.

    W.A.P. Bodie

    Really? I didn´t know that.

  20. Emilio Flores

    un tema fantástico las mejores

    Ba ngles

  21. ginger0612

    Beautiful girls, especially Michael

    Andy Braswell

    She looks like a man. But Susie and Vicky are wow!

    zalala la

    @Andy Braswell y que si se ve como un hombre?

    Fred Flintstone

    @Andy Braswell You never gave up, did you?

    Fred Flintstone

    @zalala la Andy always said that. He's pretty much the only one who see's things that way....

  22. snowbelle74

    Everything was a very under rated album IMO, a Parallel Lines for the 80s. Lovely pic of Michael here.

    toscano alexandre

    THat's TRUE!!!  every song of this album is a diamon. Lovely pic of Michael, but also Vicky, Debby and Suzanna.

  23. Kanal Rockford near the T4 Pumping Station

    Top 5 Bangles song for me.

  24. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    @KirneH004 ... wow u knew vinnie vincent co-wrote and played guitar on this song! i met vinnie in 1987 with his band Vinnie Vincent Invasion. He was so cool!!!

  25. Henrik Harbin

    Very cool. :)

    I don't know if you know this, but Vinnie Vincent (ex-KISS) co- wrote this song and plays 12-string guitar on it.

    Thanks for posting it :)


    Sam Bradley

    Very true, I think he's credited as a Co-writer.