Bangles, The - Crash And Burn Lyrics

L.A. to Reno
Checking out the scene-o
Feeling so mean-o
Sometimes I wish I could crash and burn

Winding through the hot night
Without my headlights
20/20 hindsight
Sometimes I wish I could crash and burn

Crash and burn
And I never ever felt so lonely
Crash and burn
Can't look them in the eye
Just want to drive and drive and drive

Going nowhere
And I don't care
Can't wait 'til I get there
Sometimes I wish I could crash and burn

Fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety
Gotta be a place where they can't find me
Watching all those bridges burn behind me

And if I can't see
What's passing me
Nothing's gonna touch me and I'll fly
I wish I could crash and burn

On my Philco
I hear an echo
There was a wreck-o yesterday
And by tomorrow
They'll clear the char-o
And wash the tar and trouble away

I wish I would
I wish I could
I wish I would

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Bangles, The Crash And Burn Comments
  1. Fred Flintstone

    " On my Philco..." 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the years, ladies...the years!

  2. Fred Flintstone

    I sense they had fun with this one.....

  3. JStarStar00

    This is Vicki P.s story of the end of the Bangles.

  4. Chief Leaping Lizard

    Good song.

  5. Ana Ramos

    Vicki tem uma super voz em todas as canções cantadas por ela. As minhas favoritas: Bell Jar, Watching The Sky.

  6. JStarStar00

    Should have been a single-- it had the punky/grungy edge they would have needed to survive in the 90s.

    Instead, unfortunately, the management and record company chose to concentrate on fluffy bubbly Susanna Sex Bomb stuff like Eternal Flame and In Your Room. (Which were both ok songs, but not great) Unsurprisingly the other three members got frustrated and things fell apart.

  7. W.A.P. Bodie

    Why I didn´t heard about this song before? I have all their albums (I believe) and never heard this song until today.


    Last Song on 'Everything' but I'm sure you long since figured that one out and I'm just being a busy body. Sorry.

    Wayde Brooks

    I think to be honest you haven't heard it because the record company only was pushing Susanna Hoffs at the time. That is why the other 3 quit.

  8. cantrememberchit

    holy crap, I forgot about this song

  9. kenny P

    Love those heavenly harmonies. Sing it Vicki...


    Vicki is my GIRL!!!

  10. Jeff NYC

    Great song. This rocks! Nice to hear the rare lead on an entire song by lead guitarist Vicki Peterson, who by the way led the first verse on Walk Like an Egyptian.

  11. mppaiges

    Thanks for posting it, they never played it live when I saw them..might sound odd,but after Hero, Angels, Different Light, this is my absolute fave Bangles song and I wish they'd re-rerecord it so the guitar is heavier (Cars, JoanJ), and push Debbie way more up front but dump the echo off the snare. Great song, even the Beach Boys reference...hey girls, please play this and slam it...thanks, fan since day 1