Bangles, The - Bell Jar Lyrics

She walks in the room
And checks out the faces
We think she's all the seven wonders of the world
But there's a sadness
Hidden in the bizarre
Moonlight and madness
Living in a bell jar

She dresses in black
Cuz sorrow is a magnet
Everything comes to her like it was meant to be
But she's frustrated
Leaving things as they are
What she created
Living in a bell jar

She feels so at home
She's never alone
But she's oh so lonely
What is the crime
In knowing your mind
Set it free

Attached to a mirror
In her glass sided prison
She writes the note that will excuse her from this world
It's complicated
Living in a bell jar
She suffocated
Living in a bell jar

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Bangles, The Bell Jar Comments
  1. Anki Hansen

    The bass line is pretty good. There's no surprise when you know it comes from Michael Steele.

  2. working class hero is something to be

    Susannah Hoffs was not the only Bangle.

  3. NOVUS ORDO ATHEOS .Atheist Leopard

    i've listened to this CD and the best singer is the drummer, the hottest face is the guitarist chick, and the coolest hair was the bass player, i just dont' see what's so great about the little chick ....wrong choice , IMO. meh..

  4. Kendall Bee

    Susanna hoffs is still a 10. Love all the gals, all so very talented. In comparison we just do not see the sense of rythym and harmony in music anylonger. Yes I still have a hangover from 17 year old boy who crushed on a celebrity Susanna Hoffs.

  5. Dane Logan

    seen them live at dorney park and wildwater kingdom around this time and the show was awesome.

    working class hero is something to be

    had tickets to see them at the Apollo theatre in Manchester, it was cancelled so opted to see Tanita Tikaram. dissapointed about not seeing them . Tanita was Good though. Elvis .

  6. A Adu

    My 2nd favorite song of this album still (other would be Watching The Sky or Complicated Girl)

    Don Wayne

    Complicate Girl is very good.

  7. MonsterHuntressRoon

    Don't get me wrong, I like Susanna Hoff's songs but the press focused on her way too much when they had interesting sounding, golden songs like these on the album that were just as good if not better than the singles they released.

    Phil Arson

    100% agree shes kinda my least favorite member Michael, vicki, and Debbie deserves way more

  8. Susan Lewis

    i had this song on cassette & used to blast this in 1989 when i was 17 & deeply depressed even before I knew who Sylvia Plath was.  It always made me feel so much better.


    Had to look her up. I hope you feel better these days. : - )

    Anki Hansen

    I hope reading "The Ball Jar" gave you a great insight about depression.

  9. Alien inthewindow

    love this song especially the intro