Bang, Fredo - Kill Ya Lyrics

Ayy like, I believe in God, but
I do not believe the Bible, that shit a lie
You know what I'm sayin’
PlayBoy on this bitch but he ain't playin' though

I keep that stick everywhere I go (Where I go)
’Cause these niggas want my soul (Want my soul)
My heart black like a crow (Like a crow)
And my whole city know (Yeah they know)
That lil' nigga there'll kill ya (Mm-mm)
That lil' nigga there'll kill ya (Mm-mm)
That lil' nigga there'll kill ya (Mm-mm)
That lil' nigga there’ll kill ya

Don’t like niggas in my face, yeah (Get out my face, yeah)
I keep this weapon on my waist, yeah (It's on my waist, yeah)
The trip there light like some blonde hair (It ain’t safe here)
Bang Biz, we don't play fair
Wherever we catch you, you gon' lay there (You gon' lay there)
You better go and ask the last pair (See you later)
Hit his ribs ’til his lungs tear
Leave him bloody like a steak, rare
You know I keep some ammunition
And I promise I'm not missin'
Send a body for that dissin'
Don't believe in Bibles, but extensions
Hit the one that knocked the fender
We gon' put him in a blender
My shooter dressed up like a ninja
You know Yoshi, that's my nigga

I keep that stick everywhere I go (Where I go)
'Cause these niggas want my soul (Want my soul)
My heart black like a crow (Like a crow)
And my whole city know (Yeah they know)
That lil' nigga there'll kill ya (Mm-mm)
That lil' nigga there'll kill ya (I want all the smoke bitch)
That lil' nigga there'll kill ya (Mm-mm)
That lil' nigga there'll kill ya

My youngin hit my line, he got his first one today
He say it's up there then it's stuck there, gotta keep it that way
These bullets charity, we give these hollows away
And none of us had threw up when we put our first one away
I got murder on my mind, I think I'm goin' insane
The only way you join the gang is if I'm diggin' your aim
Hit that nigga with the cutter, you can't wash out these stains
And bitch I am an ape but I can never be tamed

I keep that stick everywhere I go (Where I go)
'Cause these niggas want my soul (Want my soul)
My heart black like a crow (Like a crow)
And my whole city know (Yeah they know)
That lil' nigga there'll kill ya (Mm-mm)
That lil' nigga there'll kill ya (Mm-mm)
That lil' nigga there'll kill ya (Mm-mm)
That lil' nigga there'll kill ya

Flawless man, what the business is man?
TBG, Gorilla Gang, Bang Season, this is a takeover nigga
Niggas know what the business is
Get with them niggas that get got or get lost nigga
Niggas know what it is with us
Free King Boulevard, in the name of Gee
You know what I'm sayin'
Man, listen, listen, listen, listen
Let me know when y'all ready to listen
Alright they listening?
Man free the King Boulevard
Rest in peace to my young nigga Gee
It's the Gee way, you understand?
Gee we trust, you heard me?
It just is what it is man, niggas know what the business is
Body after body man, body after body man
We ain't talkin' 'bout hardbody, we talkin' 'bout body after body

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Bang, Fredo Kill Ya Comments
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    Why cant anyone else than drew do it right never heard of drew wtf

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    I remember when I did a cover of this . Still love this

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    Free YNW Melly 10 times

  4. Kat Ingram

    Is he saying dallas niggas a kill ya?

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  6. Warrior Saint

    Nice beat..but the Bible real..don't burn it..this video proves it!

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    By Allah I play this Everyday,100x #Happy2BeAlive

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    Best Visual

  10. Rio roy

    Who seen SPLURGE

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    LL gee money and Blvd quick.

  12. Don Parks

    Fredo bring dropping nothing but hits since he got out in 2018.. who still jamming this hit 12/6/2019

  13. Cecilia Mercado

    real Nigga shit

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    YNW Melly pops OUTTT🥵🥵

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    @2:12 u See Sakchaser in Da Background 🙄

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    2050 any one rock in wit dis

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    One theezy and tbg nino. Oh, and hardbody beezy.

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    Way to many CHILDREN On here begging for comments 🌽🌽🌽

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    Love your song

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    splurge in dat bih too

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    Hit the window not the fender we go put him in a blenda.. aye

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    The Bible is God

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    Gee Way Ya Dig 🖤😁 Free Melly

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    He say its up there and it's stuck there gotta keep it that way 💯 that's how we play it in that boot

  41. Jimmy Adams

    One reason why fredo ain't bigger is cuz young boi just way too big and now has a j cole level fanbase where everything he says is like scripture to them.
    All this coming from a young boy fan

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    Fredo killing nba to me he a grownman

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    I see im gone have to get that money up for a feature from fredo 😎

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  50. Exclusive Vidz Ent

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    All these BR rappers talk about is killing someone.

    Next week.
    Y'all crying in church about ya lil nigga who got murdered.

    2 yrs after that yall in Angola working for white folks for FREE.

    Dumb niggas.
    Dumb music.

    Y'all niggas going to prison.


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    When someone is standing in front of your car staring at you...

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    Love this song tpg r.I.p GEe money

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