Bandit Gang Marco - All Because Of You Lyrics

Oh, you were my baby
Now I am here all because of you
I can't trust another girl all because of you
It's really driving me crazy
My hearts cold all because of you
I can't love another girl all because of you

[Verse 1:]
Can you tell me why relationships don't work out
When I tell you keep it real the time is now
I gave you what you need so why you can't treat me right
Oh, knew I couldn't put nothing past you
Cause all the girls the same
Try to hold you down and ride with you
You left me out in the rain
I feel (feel) feel (feel) so much pain [x4]


[Verse 2:]
Everything you said and did girl I believed it
Never thought you'd leave my heart in bits and pieces
They were intentions baby for you and only you
We were on different pages
That shit ain't even cool
I wish I didn't even meet ya'
If I could I wouldn't need ya'
Fuck you don't even need you
Anyway, Anyway
I can find another girl like you
Any day, Any day, Anyways
I feel so much pain, so much pain, so much pain [x2]
Having trust issues and I never ever even fuck with you
(Oh ah)

Oh, you were my baby
Now I am here all because of you
I can't trust another girl all because of you

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Bandit Gang Marco All Because Of You Comments
  1. Christina Dean

    I like u

  2. Rico Cash

    This mf beat is sounding so good in my speakers

  3. brenda caslin

    Still my jam 😭

  4. Quinnasha Harris


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    I love this song

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    Someone feed that man.. You need a woman that's gonna cook bud lol

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    I cried I'm sorry I hope you ok 😂😂😂🤣🤣

    Cheyenne MONAEE

    kimora Dupree me too 😂😂😆😭

  10. Yg Bae

    2019 I'm still here

  11. Keajia Carter

    I love this so much ❤️❤️💜💜

  12. Lyla Ford

    Still Listening In 2019 😂😂

  13. NueeqJae

    i use to be in high school crying over my first love to his songs smh lmfao

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    Factsssss omggggggggg ahhhhhahahahahahaiiiiiiiiii

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    2019 FolK

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    Her eyebrows were fye

  17. Denetria Smith

    still listening 2019 🥳

  18. Seanna Lee

    Missing you....

  19. Jake Ambridge

    this song goes out to her Sammy Ova you were my rock my girl my love tell u switched on me left with my kids and now ur carring that guyys egg in ur belly damnn 8 years u can just move on and forget what we had we went to school from gr 1 to gr 11 together damn guss this songs right ill neva love the same the way i loved you

  20. Chrisstaja Richardson

    Its funny how I literally walked past them filming this and thought they were doing just little YouTube videos

  21. Charleena Dunnigan

    I love you Marco

  22. Hosea Lyons


  23. Chilll. c

    Why isn’t all his albums on Apple Music 😩

  24. zena Meade

    And he right about that😢😢

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    Out of every heartbreak song ever made bro, this will always put me in my feelings 💯

  31. Sashi & Chris

    This song describes my most recent relationship

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  33. Jayy Plus2

    I swear I went through the same shit

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    we are looking for something like that you're have received this communicatio

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    @ 3:04 made me cry a little lol

  38. Itz Thickums

    this song puts me in my feelings most of your songs relate to my relationships lml

  39. Kierra.everton

    Forever gone be my favorite song 💗

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  41. Ashley Laura


  42. NueeqJae

    3:06 Made me cry so bad when i was in love with my first 2013 ! lol

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    I love you so much😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Tried To Hold It Down And Ride With You , You Left Me Out In The Rain 😭💔

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    Shakara Murphy wassup

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    God is Good always and forever aman

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    Just Love This Song

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    I love the song and i love your songs 😍💯❤💞

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    I love it and i was feeling like that it's so sad 😞😭 but I'm ok now

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    I know this probably irrelevant but @2:36 who else paused the video to see what he actually texted lmao I really love all his songs they all have a deep meaning😩💚❤️💛💙🔥👏🏿💋

  56. Diandre Setalsingh

    my ex Cee-Cee fucked it up for ever other girl I talk to I have Trust issue

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    love it so so much

  58. Keyona Carter

    love it all day long

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    I'm loving this background to this video where he by himself though😍❤️💯

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    omg I Feel In Love He Make Some Of The Best Songs An Speak Real Ass Shit!!😍😇💪👌💯

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    Onlyone Zayy

    Aye Jasmine Text My Phone 678-330-9278 #BanditGang

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