Band, The - Ramble Jungle Lyrics

Goin' back where I was born
Goin' back where I can carry on
African town is really suped
Doin' the world as you do.

All the african women around
They're gonna rock and shake on down
Shake yourself, shake yourself
Rock yourself.

She's alright, she's in the groove
Watch that little girl, how she moves
They're all doin' that on the borderline
Shake yourself like I shake mine.

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Band, The Ramble Jungle Comments
  1. Dalton Hubert



  2. Charles Beaver

    caveman rock good stuff

  3. Eric Dean

    Chapter 46 of Stephen King's "The Talisman" brought me here. RIP Wolf.

  4. Agent 47

    Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

  5. 50mits

    We need more WW3 memes for this song too bois come on

    Bruno Z.

    I gotchu check out @count_cock_ula on insta

  6. Weed Whacker

    Me and boys blasting this in our tank while in Iran

  7. Percival Rebecca

    2020:better run through the sand dunes

  8. Oxdox


  9. Kathleen Thomas

    Let's hope it is never Let's Run Thru The Desert!

  10. Texas


  11. Airhawker

    Zan Clan

  12. boston ma

    When you thought you hoid a rumblin.

  13. SgtMaexx

    anybody here from the Rising storm game ? XD

  14. TriHard

    I'm here from rising storm 2

  15. John Sticher

    All the hollyweird directors personally owe John Fogerty at least $100 million dollars for writing the soundtrack to every vietnam movie ever made.

  16. Džonatans Wolfs

    Heard it now from TV serial - Blacklist

  17. David Crawford

    Vietnam vets, my heroes

  18. ToMaRo28

    Tropic Thunder brought me here. This is a great song.

  19. Lego Yoda

    More like run through the dunes now in Iran

    Scott Logan

    Lego Yoda Iran’s more like a hot arid, dusty, mountain range

  20. RobertBobby PelletreauJr

    "This fuckin Charlie guy is really elusive."

  21. Dio Brando

    Time to jog over the sands of Iran.

    Edward Walker

    Except I Iran is just a big ol mountain range so it’s even worse

  22. Jeremy Hunt

    by 1967 there were more then 58000 us ground troops in south east Asia not one of then were trump. He was to bust having bones spurs and getting pegged by jane fonda aka getting fucked in the ass.

  23. radiomanze1

    Better run through the jungle
    But watch out for trip wires and loose grass

  24. Emperor Palpatine

    Yall boys ready for Pt 2? WW3 is here

  25. Sultan Adigezalov

    when I want to listen to good rock, I'm looking for “Vietnam” on YouTube

  26. ElGuajeDevyntv

    2020: Run Through The Desert



    war mouse

    Это шикарно!!


    somebody make a parody of that


    2020: run through the fire*

    Luna .R

    @Linda Feltner 2023 in Nevada: Run Through the Mojave

  27. Jose Lugo Lopez


  28. mirror thorns

    How could you not like this music to be fair they probably just listen to nursery rhymes

  29. B U C C

    Who else here has played Rising Storm 2?

  30. BradFo Wesker

    if you run through the jungle long enough, eventually you come across the old man down the road.

  31. Travis T

    Most of you don't seem to realize that this song has nothing to do with Vietnam. There were never "200 million guns" in Vietnam. Fogerty was writing about the United States.

  32. enea shini

    Fuckin 'Nam war

  33. yeetus memetus

    Walter took me here

  34. respt46

    air america

  35. UNSC GEN C Rivera S343

    Now Loading: Hill 937

  36. Husky White

    Welcome in the rice fields MOTHAFUKA

  37. Alexandr Su

    This is not a song, but the word of God

  38. Billy

    How you like communism now, Charlie!

    Miglior Store

    The manifesto calls : "Hommie Commie come back from war"
    The main question is that you have to adopt a commie (possibly peruan) while I leave the Earth.
    Not bad at all.

  39. Ananthu Chandrashekaran

    Make my chicken dinner.

    Miglior Store

    Use onions, pepper and curry... a load of curry. Do not use Crystal Meth, Cocaine, Ketamine, Novocaine, Effedrine, anfetamine, MDMA or other ecstasy-based drugs, stimulants, opioids, cannabinoids, nicotine, caffeine, aspirin... or whatever...

    You can change the curry with mushrooms' sauce if mushrooms are not hallucinogenic... obviously.

  40. Garrett Wilson

    I love the smell of napalm in the mornin'

  41. matija ekart

    We shit in your rice

  42. Lucas T


  43. Engin Koç

    big lebowski ;))

  44. Fack Brah

    Didi Mau!!

  45. 6891 NEL

    This is a great song by a very good band

  46. FuNNy4463

    Here getting prepared for the Boogaloo in Virginia

  47. marc marc

    Nice song

  48. John McGraw

    Over 50 CA's with 1st Cav, 11B I know this song

  49. Weed Whacker

    Did CCR make any other songs like this like actual rock songs and not like the smooth rock if any one knows what I mean

  50. Billy Walkabout

    I was running through the jungle in Vietnam back in those days when I heard the first heard this song on arm forces radio really meant a lot I really dug it man and I dig CCR strong memories man very strong

  51. space guy

    i played this on my flight and the plane i was in became a F-4

  52. The boy of horror

    Kong skull islans brought me here

  53. sixshooter500

    John Goodman with a suitcase full of underwear... lol that's what this song reminds me.

  54. atmosphericjubilancy

    This shit is magic

  55. Denro Tetaev

    Русские есть?

  56. Noobs !!!

    Lockdown: 01:30
    some asian guy: Push the baby

    Me: WT...

  57. Drewski

    still looking for some guy named Charlie...

  58. Danilo Darmanović

    "Oh Shaggy is a nightmare"
    "He's going to cause the flu"
    "He comes downtown walking slow"
    "People are going to lose"
    "Better run through the jungle"
    "Better run through the jungle"

  59. Floquinho

    Keep eyes for charlie's

  60. Floquinho

    Rising Storm 2

  61. GoldN Boi

    Rising Storm 2

  62. Gerwyn Evans

    Hard to credit but they were called The Golliwogs before they morphed into CCR in the late 60's

  63. agusto endo

    The problem is that the rich and conporations are more hungry money than the most poor people. This message is for all kinds of governments around the world: communist or capitalism all are the same crap.

  64. Barry Pennock

    Must be one of the best rock songs of all time!

  65. Abraham Lincoln

    Rudy original motion picture soundtrack

  66. xboxjunkie1931

    I was brought here by a claymore roomba

  67. Die Sonnenblume

    Smell that?

  68. Villager No.4

    Why do I have a sudden urge to burn some vietnamese villages with children in them?

  69. Reynaldo Santiago

    Great music don’t matter the race age or WAR

  70. Ric Beall

    This song had nothing to do with Vietnam, other than having been released in 1970 after the troops began withdrawing as the war winding down. Fogerty wrote the song about the growing prevalence of guns in America: From the interview in 2016: "The thing I wanted to talk about was gun control and the proliferation of guns... I remember reading around that time that there was one gun for every man, woman and child in America, which I found staggering. So somewhere in the song, I think I said, '200 million guns are loaded.' Not that anyone else has the answer, but I did not have the answer to the question; I just had the question. I just thought it was disturbing that it was such a jungle for our citizens just to walk around in our own country at least having to be aware that there are so many private guns owned by some responsible and maybe many irresponsible people.[2]"


    You are correct, however some of us who fought in SEA just adopted it for one reason or another. Our passions run high as well as yours. Perhaps looking at it more globally? I don't know, nor do I wish to dimish your take on the message. We all hurt, guns kill; be that in Detroit or thousands of miles away, people and guns kill.

  71. Charles Adams


  72. Audom Moy

    VietDOOM title theme song

  73. Lee Parker


  74. Lee Parker

    Let me know, Bro, when you have opened the Seventh Gate...Twenty something more to go?

  75. Lone WolfGamingPlus

    All you need is a M60 and go into that damn jungle and look for Charlie.

  76. Kevu Seth


    When the Vietnamese kid starts talking shit:

  77. S4M

    I was listening this song in the park... When a tree told me to put it louder...

  78. Aaron Williams

    I love this song run threw the jungle its one of my favorites

  79. Moises Rodriguez

    Classic of classic 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  80. Sarat 80


  81. Witted Acrobat19

    Best spin off of the world war series

  82. [Psychonymphsia Ultravistous]

    Would be perfect for the end of a Vietnam movie.

  83. Harley Robertson

    Run forest run

  84. Lee Parker

    ..."the Devil's on the loose...Don't look back again."

  85. Jeffrey S

    The guitar at the beginning sounds like a jet passing to deliver napalm

  86. Blue Orb

    I know that this song is great & all, but what is going on with the tambourine & clapping? Its like percussion does whatever, whenever they want

  87. manuel gimenez

    i am like this song

  88. Fernando Gonzales

    I was just in the Bolivian riots out here in south america causing mayhem and got into a crazy fight got chased with bricks and big ass stones got my head cracked wide open after breaking dudes nose and was bleeding everywhere haha then hopped on my bike and coasted through the mayhem in the city and this track played for the first time. I listened to the lyrics and holy shit did it all apply to my situation i was willing to to die for freedom. Un fucking forgettable 2 days haha this shit aint over yet but this song definitely top 3 for me now given how/when i found the song and the fact that it's really really good!

  89. Mike Newman

    TV O shit what about pretend

  90. Maksimos Cristiano

    Creedence Clearwater had a song about an old man that I cant find anymore. Anyone know the name of that songb

  91. Ron Hill

    I'm on ccr music an I'm black

  92. Jake Hoff

    1.9k ppl need to be put in the most remote jungle to run through

  93. Lit Noodles

    Anyone here from the Big Lebowski?

  94. Stuart nevins

    They were playing slayer during desert storm, either way you can't go wrong

  95. cloud reader

    ver on the mountain under magic spokes peel out a Pharoahs chariot 4- wheelin 1:56

  96. W Ghost

    This is the type of song you play when you have no tolerance for anybody on this planet

  97. Jason Good