Band, The - Ophelia Lyrics

Boards on the window, mail by the door
What would anybody leave so quickly for?
Ophelia - Where have you gone?

The old neighborhood just ain't the same
Nobody knows just what became of
Ophelia - tell me, what went wrong?

Was it somethin' that somebody said?
Mama, I know we broke the rules
Was somebody up against the law?
Honey, you know I'd die for you

Ashes of laughter, the coast is clear
Why do the best things always disappear
Like Ophelia - please darken my door

Was it somethin' that somebody said?
Honey, you know we broke the rules
Was somebody up against the law?
Honey, you know I'd die for you

They got your number, scared and runnin'
But I'm still waitin' for the second comin'
Of Ophelia - come back home

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Band, The Ophelia Comments
  1. Skele wolf


  2. Jason Barnes

    God damn I have never heard this before unbelievable

  3. razumfrackle

    The Last Waltz has to be the greatest documentary film ever created.

  4. Rodney Manning

    One of the greats

  5. The 1Pubeman

    Levon transcended cool.

  6. Patricia Scully

    Robbie is a CAMERA HOG 👎👎👎👎👎

  7. Patricia Scully

    Cameras are on Robertson,Again ! 😠😠😠

  8. Patricia Scully


  9. Swaging

    I wish they weren’t named The Band because when ever I try talking about it I end up saying: I love the band The Band

    Douten White

    They are THE Band


    I believe they took the name because they were the back up band for Bob Dylan.

  10. Swaging

    good stuff

  11. William Lolless

    Heck, that video was back when we was young, Ophelia!

  12. Thomas Fraunberger

    First rate!

  13. Little Nicky

    Passion. That's what you're listening to lady's and gentlemen..Passion.

  14. Ed Kennedy

    The band man their music will live on and on and on rest in peace boy

  15. murp h

    Levon could be the greatest rock and roll singer ever !


    And song writer!!

  16. wayne cole

    Fuckn awesome music

  17. Shane Phillips

    Somebody show me a better LIVE performance, beside Folsom Prison, and I will personally fly in and kiss your ass.

  18. Mark B

    A band of legends!....there will never be another!!!

  19. jz kramer

    I listen to this music all these years later and I realize; this is just a really weird unmusical version of the Blues.

    Pete is never wrong

    "Unmusical" You are either deaf, or stupid.

  20. Erinski

    Can’t watch this the same, knowing that Robbie’s mic was unplugged. It’s so obvious now 😂

    Pete is never wrong

    So Levon said. But did Robbie know it at the time? If not, who cares?


    Relax, guy. Seems like you care more than I do! I’m just amused by it, how the guy at the soundboard holds ultimate control and judgement of even the best musicians.

    Pete is never wrong

    Erinski Perfectly relaxed. It obviously bothered you enough to comment. Chill.


    Ah, flipped it on me. Well done. 😏

    Pete is never wrong

    Erinski 👍. Levon was probably right to feel the movie was a vehicle for Robbie. You hardly ever see Garth or Richard. And some say Robertson screwed the band over royalties.
    All that said, I love that movie, and, as you obviously have good taste, I’m sure you do too. Cheers.

  21. Andrew H

    I feel so effin lucky to have seen them in person.

  22. Michael Sever

    I don't know who put this together but this is the best I've heard them.

  23. Gary Johnson

    they had a lotta brass in the band, did it traveled with them?

  24. joseph lemko

    Levon sang with so much joy & passion. What a talent.

  25. Lisa Lee

    Sweet Jesus. LOOK at this. THIS was Scorcese's truly greatest work. It looks like it was filmed yesterday. Hence, the current day love of Levon Helm. Thank you, Martin, for not even knowing you were encasing The Band, in For Ever.

  26. Sandi Davis

    See u posted 3 years ago....still the coolest person !!!!

  27. ROY bean

    gone from the world way too fucken soon!

  28. Mason Williams

    omg the beat

  29. Christian Reeb

    God I wish we could have a re-edited version of The Last Waltz only showing Robbie when he was playing a solo. Why would they show him pretending to sing so much...? It's embarrassing. Dude was a phenomenal songwriter and guitar player, but they literally didn't even turn his mic on, he was that bad of a singer. And yet there is more time devoted to him pretending to sing than there is of Garth or Richard playing. Narcissism is such a bummer.

    Pete is never wrong

    The mic story has been disputed, and did Robbie know if anyway? His solo albums show he's actually a good singer.

  30. Ally C

    I don't even know what could be better than Levon . Fuck me this is great;

  31. stanley kaplan

    Why don't songs have cool lyrics anymore, its just crap repeated endlessly?

  32. SoapDrip

    not just a southern thing Canadians love Levon

  33. Gary Johnson


  34. Patricia Scully

    We Love You Rick !! ❤❤❤

  35. Patricia Scully

    Levon love you ! ❤❤❤

  36. Fredhi gfChmiel

    God.... I love this music.

  37. Blues Dudes

    Hot damn this is utterly awesome! Levon is the coolest Dude of them all

  38. Les B

    2 people stand out here: The vocalist and the drummer.

    7Kudos River

    Horns as well

    Woody Schuler

    Les B Levon was so freakin talented. He made drumming and singing at the same time look easy; it is not.
    Good on ya Levon!!

    Chris Conley

    Les B the Tuba player man, you gotta give the tuba player their props.

  39. Patricia Scully

    Best !!! ❤❤❤

  40. Christian Sibbald

    Yeah This is Great!Believe Me! RIP Levon Helm Rest in Peace in Heaven! Nobody UNDERSTANDS THIS GREAT SONG OPHELIA I LOVED HER YEAH!
    Shame on YOU Fucking Musicians No Brains at All ! 22-8-2019 Good Bye My Friend! GOD DAMN YOUTUBERS! MONEY FUCKERS GOOGLE YOUNG IDIOTS NO RESPECT FUCK IT

  41. Michael Brodie

    Dave Clark , Don Henley. Singing drummers that can propel super groups. You've got to love them.

  42. mathew idicula

    Rock and roll forever, mother fuckers.

  43. Tom Reynolds

    Who are the 500+ low level jackass bastards who would downvote this absolute work of art?

  44. OneEyedKeys

    This song would literally be 99% as cool with only Levon and Rick Danko playing. Just drum and bass. That's how cool they were.

  45. Lisa Lee

    I was barely walking when The Last Waltz was filmed, but this is my version of Heaven.
    I am VERY late to The Band party. THIS is Scorsese's best work. <3

  46. Jamie Hyde

    Best drummer singer?

  47. george neidlinger

    The man, the legend.

  48. Jessie Roberts

    Signing and drumming at the same time. What a sorcerer!

  49. Charlie Williams

    This is one of the most Epic and Exhilarating live performances I've ever seen

  50. Karmen Jazbec


  51. Wilma Mann

    Levon has always been one of my favorites.

  52. Ian Hargest

    What a song! What a performance! Perfect!

  53. François Gaspard


  54. fn 308

    The first time i saw a drummer to be the lead singer made me an instant fan........... 41 years ago

  55. Vaisin

    I'm new to The Band, are there any other songs from them that sound like this one? With that swinging vibe

  56. Kathleen DeSolis

    I was at Watkin's Glen. The largest outdoor concert. even more so than Woodstock in which I was way to young for. I would have crawled a Desert in a foreign land to be near that man.

  57. Gary Henderson

    One of the best rip guys miss you

  58. sirmegallot


  59. Charles Moehring


  60. K B

    Ophelia is such a great arrangement.. spectacular...

  61. Martha Stephens

    Happy heavenly Birthday 🎉🎈 Levon. Timeless music !! Rip.

  62. Anna Vajda

    Love you Levon so glad I saw you live.! Xo.

  63. Sam Eichmann

    Yes he is

  64. 60 panhead

    2019 oboy the band,.................................

  65. lucbomans

    One of the best pieces of music ever recorded , from a brief period in music that was so damn good... !

  66. Vaisin

    I don't know very much The Band, do they have more songs that sound like this one?? (with that swingin vibe)

  67. Adam Kane

    One of the best there ever was.

  68. Castrik NM

    Whoever hired the horn section needs an award.

  69. Dagaan Galakticos

    That's just sooooo damn good!

  70. GinaC

    It never gets old.

  71. Avi Soncino

    Levon Helm,what a voice! what great drumming!

  72. ZionForman

    Levon is King

  73. Mike Alonzi

    love this...

  74. Mono Ped

    never would have been the band, without garth.

  75. Dan Wally

    I wish this song would just never end.

  76. Evak

    Wtf happened to music

  77. bobbyforce1

    Ima find a way to like this twice

  78. Emself UnG

    Minnie Pearl from Grinder's Swtich

  79. Reginald Workman

    You love it if for no other reason then the joy you see in him while performing. Very cool guy!

  80. d d

    Robbie Robertson really has that one note spinaltap groove wrapped up don't he? Bend that string son! 2:17 - 2:40

  81. b c

    The mighty Levon!!

  82. Barry Higgins

    Did they release this as an album

  83. Barry Higgins

    Is this a dvd

  84. Arvidboi 27

    What year is this?

  85. j b

    Damn, I forgot just how good this is. This is instantly on it's way to some young ones that I know have never had the pleasure.

  86. Alexis Fiddler

    lord, 00:31 is so mesmerizing

  87. Dwain Baker


  88. Dorthy Slotwinski

    Rest in peace Levon were really HOT AND SEXY!! #RedheadDeadhead

  89. J Ryan

    Levon was the best

  90. C C

    Respect and thanks go to a band that had as its members nothing short of musical geniuses, hats off fellas. 2019 just wouldn't be the same without you 🤝 as Levon once's called rock & roll ✌️

  91. J Ryan

    None better than Levon, unbelievable talent.

  92. Terry Schmida

    Let's break up this band! Why? (I know, etc., etc.) I can't help but see them as the Canadian Beatles, by dint of their influence and staying power, and Jaime Robert Robertson as the Yoko who took them away . . .

  93. Dorthy Slotwinski

    Levon Helm was sooooooooo SEXY!! He was sooo TALENTED and his LOVE for MUSIC shined through his drumming and singing!! 💋👅👄🎻🎺🎷♩🎵❤#RedheadDeadhead

  94. Grant KENNEY

    The Last Waltz movie. If you like the Band, do yourself a favor watch it! Possibly the best collection of musical talent on one stage ever!

  95. The Emo Flamingo

    this song kinda sounds like that one from star wars

  96. Scott Greasey

    Levon showing the brass section a little love at the end. Excellent!