Band, The - Further On Up The Road Lyrics

Further on up the road someone's gonna hurt you like you hurt me.
Further on up the road someone's gonna hurt you like you hurt me.
Further on up the road, baby, just you wait and see.

You gotta reap just what you sow; that old saying is true.
You gotta reap just what you sow; that old saying is true.
Just like you mistreat someone, someone's gonna mistreat you.

Further on up the road someone's gonna hurt you like you hurt me.
Further on up the road someone's gonna hurt you like you hurt me.
Further on up the road, baby, just you wait and see.

You been laughing, pretty baby, someday you're gonna be crying.
You been laughing, pretty baby, someday you're gonna be crying.
Further on up the road you'll find out I wasn't lying.

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Band, The Further On Up The Road Comments
  1. Aaron Stein

    Robbie’s live solos have a cool Neil Young feeling to them. Very very cool.

  2. Jesse Foley

    Just sent this to my ex

  3. Hung Nguyen

    Lossless file ???

  4. Jay Weeks


  5. Daniel Dambrosio

    Yeah, I.H. and B.C., you laughing now but someday you gonna be crying. We'll see who laughs last. 🖕

  6. Michael III

    Everyone saying it's not a battle is right. It's a blues song with one of the great blues-rock guitarists ever and a champion of songwriting.

    That said, were it a battle, Clapton won. Not close. Robbie does the dirty, down south thing great. But he doesn't touch Clapton. And, guess what? There's nothing wrong with that. It doesn't hurt the song at all. It's a glorious tune and one of my favorite off of this concert/record.

  7. John Desmond

    Robertson can't really take the place of Clapton. No way. Clapton's strap came undone and Robertson takes over, but it is weak compared with EC.

  8. Wayne Renaud

    Watch Clapton's face! He's like....holly f*&k! Never thought of that...

  9. Wayne Renaud

    Robbie shred's it!!! Out duels Clapton!!!

  10. russell westbrook

    Whats the other Clapton song that goes with this?

  11. Dick Schlitz

    Eric’s got fuckn totally hot wired pick ups
    He’s just cutting through everybody

  12. ric marquez

    Clapton's God but Robbie kills it in this one do I dare say better than Jeff Beck

  13. J.Klein Guitars

    Every time I watch this concert Robbie reminds me of Ajax from the movie the Warriors

  14. Heather Davis

    Ok that guitar was coated In bronze probably weighed 40 pou ds

  15. Heather Davis

    Ok I had the privilege of seeing this song live with * Eric Clapton * doing it nothing is greater than than that

  16. Robert Dunham

    They gave all they had..

  17. Robert Dunham

    125 IDIOT'S

  18. Lee Dudley

    I don’t remember the year, in the later 60’s I went to a Dylan concert in the Opera House in St. Louis, a great venue and Dylan opened with his acoustic guitar, a harmonica with a glass of water and boarded the crap out of us for nearly an hour. He disappeared and shortly after the curtain opened and Dylan and The Band just ROCKED the house the rest of the night. Man they were great. I didn’t even know who they were till later. What talent.

  19. Joaquin Santa Cruz

    This video is gold

  20. Victor Lopez

    Clapton wonderful tonight!

  21. Reid Sheftall

    Clapton's strap came undone and Robbie slipped in seamlessly.. then gave it back.. pure silk...

  22. conservative me 1971

    E.C. makes the stratocaster do things that most can't do!

  23. ivan kovacevic

    Uh, Robertson picks it up so great

  24. Rayleigh186

    If you guys like the 2nd Clapton solo, go check the full audio version of the Last Waltz because it was cut by Scorcese for the live movie

  25. Robert Dunham

    Top that..

  26. Kathryn Wilson

    I play this song MANY times a week and never tire of it ...Eric is a genius ...and Robbie Robertson --WOW !!! what an amazing guitarist. He blows my mind

  27. Pat Bur

    Clapton live with The Band at the Last Watlz... it really doesn’t get any better than that

  28. Kathryn Wilson

    This is the best version of this song that I have ever heard. Love Eric , Love The Band and LOVE BOB!!!!!!!!! WHAT A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to be there !!


    Malditos cabezones como tocan de bien

  30. Jeff

    If aliens came to earth a thousand years from now and unearthed this gem they would probably still say this is one of the greatest recordings of all time...J.L.T....

  31. Colt Allgood


  32. rqm4no

    I like the Robbie Robertson solo, his volume is down, tone is sweet. It is no contest. Everybody likes different flavors. Just my preference since it is being discussed.

  33. roar ander

    I think mr. Robertson is even better and have tremendous good vibes when he is playing

  34. Anthony Giordano

    Robbie Robertson is no slouch himself..

  35. Peter Rock


  36. ejcecil1305

    There is not a thing to judge here !!! Just turn your volume up, and enjoy

  37. JohnnyG 148

    they killed that

  38. Willem Aartman

    The Band Fanpage NL
    Openbare groep op Facebook, join us !!!

  39. joseph lemko

    In my opinion Clapton & Robertson's guitar solos are the highlights of "The Last Waltz." I am not trying to take anything away from the other performers that appear in this classic film. 🤗

  40. Alfonso

    The band & Eric Clapton great performance

  41. Heather Jackson

    The only two men I think I will ever truly love.. Levon and Eric. ❤❤

  42. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah eric you had already angel do nort be so sad he is in good hands


    When I fry eggs I put them in a Griswald cast iron pan, on the top of my Mac and let ’em cook.

  44. Harry West

    Best guitar play that ever lived so gratefully to be able to appreciate seeing EC live twice so far in my life time!!!!!

  45. Daniel Dambrosio

    One of those times when the word "better" shrivels up and turns brown, lolllll. 😁😁 Well done boys!!

  46. Robert Chappell

    Some people just don't get it. 112 thumbs down is just pure ignorance to what good music is all about. It doesn't get much tighter than this.

  47. Caleb Witchey

    Clayton was so on point at this gig

  48. Pat Bur

    ***Breaks repeat button!!!***

  49. Julien

    Précision : ce n'est pas la prise Jack, c'est la sangle qui s'est détachée... Merci pour cette vidéo en tout cas, excellent!

  50. Pat Bur

    That last solo is such a perfect culmination for this song it’s unbelievable.Clapton might be the best musician of all time honestly.

  51. Alrukitaf

    Any link to the Muddy Waters performance? Great applause for Mr. Waters at the start of this clip. Good to be able to see the original innovators of the blues/rock style.

    Heraclitus Blacking

    It's on youtube, just look up "Muddy Waters Mannish Boy 1976"

  52. tom

    There is a reason that Clapton is inducted into the rock+roll hall of fame 3 times. Robbie rocks but Clapton is Clapton an icon

  53. Karl Baumgarten

    The poster got some variety of the Last Waltz with only one track of sound, Robbie's lead is muted throughout the video. Rhythm's gone, only the drum comes through. Needs to be rerecorded from the original.

  54. Jordi Sanabra Valle

    Clapton...Robertson...Stratocaster....esto en la biblia tendria que salir.....

  55. Anthony Morelli


  56. steven oliver

    Clapton was on fire that night man perfect tone and voice

  57. Robert Dunham

    People reading to much into this...just fun..

  58. Graham Charnock

    A fine mutual guitar wank.

  59. me1onhead

    I'm guessing the bass parts were overdubbed later? Rick Danko seems to be playing something entirely different to what my ears are hearing.

  60. Jean-Marie Boucherit

    All people play with their hands Eric plays with his head

  61. Jean-Marie Boucherit

    You,re lucky in life when you get to play with EC. ( you are lucky in life when you get to the Beatles) ( going round in circles)

  62. Henry ROCKHAM

    this video is played faster than the original soundtrack and shift the key from G to G sharp... anyone can tell me why the video is faster??

  63. A O

    What a beautiful illustration of friends, family and music. Brilliant.

  64. Tom Dale

    gunslingers in the old west im told had similar experiences...other unknown gunslingers were always trying to increase the public awareness of said gunslingers, you be the judge of these two as they exhibit their individual talents on this i believe Eric"s home court, i still cannt believe R.Robertson wrote; The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

  65. James Lawson

    Watch closely he pulls his strap off on purpose I'm pretty sure he wanted the challenge

  66. Xaay Kung

    Fucking Danko

  67. Darkwell0071

    Oh the other thing now 30 years later when Robinson fucked all his band mates and Clapton establish a treatment center shows who has heart and who was a self centered fucking weasel.

  68. Darkwell0071

    Robinson was a jerk to step,on Clapton’s stage. Let’s face it Robinson could not fill a bar Clapton was selling out stadiums.

  69. Chip Lauria

    at 1:02 Hey Rob

  70. Nicolas Garcia Gonzalez

    Two Stratocaster's masters .... two guitar gods together ... Mr. Eric & Mr. Robert ... Further up on the road

  71. Neil Ladd

    Makes you want to dance your socks off!!!!

  72. Marilyn Stevenson

    Fabulous clip! Robbie's guitar work was fantastic..(no surprise there!!). But, I was surprised that Clapton seemed to be playing on the top of his game! Hadn't quite heard him put his heart into it as he did in this clip. So..I read the remarks! They seem to explain a lot. Thanks guys!! I still thought they were both fabulous...

  73. Chris Grey

    While Clapton wrote a song about cocaine, Robbie was busy doing everyone's share that night.

    drahcir dnulgoh

    You 're talking about the song jj cale wrote?

  74. Chris Grey

    Okay Robbie, time to let daddy take over.

  75. Eddie Holton

    Naked women blowjobs

  76. Captinphildo

    Clapton makes it look effortless, Robbie looks likes He’s running at full speed tying to catch up.

    dennis cann

    ha ha really!!

    Fred Pearson

    Couldn't agree more. They both played well, but Clapton is so smooth and looks like he's barely trying while Robertson (with his affected scarf, $100 haircut, all sweaty and coked up, no doubt) looks like he's getting the workout of his life.

  77. Andy Gascon

    It’s called working together to benefit each other,only one can be frontman n it’s Eric, Peace Out

  78. Sandra Kenny


  79. DonVal86

    Clapton is great as always but I gotta say I’ve never heard anyone play those licks like Robbie played.

  80. Stephen Perkins

    Clapton at the peak and Robbie stands up pretty well.

  81. Bumblefritz

    Hot damn, Clapton's tone here is perfect!

  82. talkguy

    Whenever I want to hear some kick-ass guitar playing, I go to this classic from The Last Waltz .. Clapton and Robbie...incredible !!!

  83. Marcusesq

    I really wish EC never discovered Fender guitars.

  84. Shoobaloob ScoopDaWoop

    Watch out Clapton, you're strap is about to come off! Oh God, he cant hear us he's got air pods in, oh god . . .

  85. jennifersman

    Eric letting loose @3:54 genius!

  86. hotajax

    It ain't a party until Clapton shows up

  87. J Tanfani

    I'll never get tired of seeing Robbie pick it right up when Clapton's strap comes off. Just awesome!!!

  88. BloozeDaddy

    when your'e getting ready to sing and your guitar strap comes off :-) Listening with ear buds both guitar tones are pretty skinny...looks like Musicman amps....but maybe some bassman amps would've warmed things up a bit .

    Arpad Jones

    Skinny single coil Strats

  89. Bernice Phelps

    Watch Eric induct The Band into the Rock and Roll hall of fame and you will see Robbie and Eric we’re not competing. Eric wanted to be a member of The Band.

  90. SnarlyCharly

    What an incredible experience that night must have been... being fed a full Thanksgiving dinner for coming, and then watching one of the coolest concerts ever, with an absolutely insane amount of star power

  91. Biff Starr

    thing that gets me is Clapton is always in control

  92. Jasper Fay

    1:31 fantastic blues shreddery

  93. Nancy Aylward

    Nice 👌👍😂😊😁 👌 legs lol 😂 love you too babe

  94. Casey

    Robbie said hold my beer on that one 😂😂

  95. Nik B

    i love how he just picks right up and never misses a beat. robbie could play the trumpet and still be the greatest guitarist ever.

  96. john gray

    Flying fingers Eric Clapton. Great. Why didn't God bless me with his talent.

  97. E.A. de Ruiter

    Epic boogie 😎

  98. SassyHershsey SassyHershey

    Clapton is the only guitar which is not miked.....