Band, The - Chest Fever Lyrics

I know she's a tracker, any scarlet would back her
They say she's a chooser, but I just can't refuse her
She was just there, but then she can't be here no more
And as my mind unweaves, I feel the freeze down in my knees
But just before she leaves, she receives

She's been down in the dunes and she's dealt with the goons
Now she drinks from the bitter cup, I'm trying to get her to give it up
She was just here, I fear she can't be here no more
And as my mind unweaves, I feel the freeze down in my knees
But just before she leaves, she receives

It's long, long when she's gone, I get weary holding on
Now I'm coldly fading fast, I don't think I'm gonna last
Very much longer

"She's stoned" said the Swede, and the moon calf agreed
I'm like a viper in shock with my eyes in the clock
She was just there somewhere and here I am again
And as my mind unweaves, I feel the freeze down in my knees
But just before she leaves, she receives

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Band, The Chest Fever Comments
  1. Ronald Gray

    Few things are better than the sound of a Hammond Organ. going through a Leslie speaker. A masterpiece. The great cover band Three Dog Night does fabulous version of this on their "Captured Live At The Forum" album. Jimmy Greenspoon does justice, (albeit abbreviated), to Richard Manuel's keyboards, and the body of the song is actually better by TDN, (like TDN often did to covers), but ofcourse they owe everything to this, the original.

  2. Shaun Foley

    I agree. Best ever. Foley

  3. David Lester

    Sorry y'all I still like the # dog night version better

  4. Patricia Scully


  5. bluestate69

    The production value on this record was ahead of everybody else.

  6. Gram Armstrong

    The Band. Timeless....

  7. Paul Primiano

    Great song, great band. Thanks to my brother Jim for playing this in his bedroom next to mine!

  8. Adam Chapman

    Love this song! Three Dog Night does a great version too!

  9. Un idiota más en Youtube

    Metropolis zone?

  10. Gerry-JOHN Thomas

    I can hear the 'Leslie'

  11. snertster

    How a Hammond is SUPPOSED to sound!

  12. Marty DeBergi

    My guitar teacher John Thomas told me to buy this album in 1968 took it to show a friend in high school in Toronto and he fell over Robbie is his first cousin 😁 guitar teacher played the bars back in the day and of course they all knew each other

  13. robert gregory

    Damn, Levon's snare!

  14. WOLFMANoct1963

    if I won the lottery I'd spend it all buying a hockey rink, just to play this on the organ.......

  15. dan thefan

    @washsox, ThankYou for upLoading This Purrefect in EveryWay BAND Song! From the day This Was ReLeased (& until i tank) Starting w/ ROYALTY Humble Garth Hudson's GREAT INTRO UnTill The Fini. This & ALL BAND Tunes ALLWays Spark Rushes Of JOY~(G _..., GoGo Johnny&GaiL~Thanks) & ComRADness! Best, dtf🕴, Chgo. Where The 📻 & 💃🏻💃💃🏿💃🏼💃🏽GRRL's & The Bourbon (& MaLort) & Homade Vodka is Always 100 Proof In Madison WisConSin/Ohio & Milwaukee & ChicaGoGo, Peace & Love Mofo's & MoJoJoe's & o+'s, PoGo~GO🌀

  16. jaslinc

    Sqozeart a big bag with a funny nozzle

  17. Алексей Туманов

    Might just take your life clearly, not child in time.

  18. Bruce Lorenzana

    Listened to this on a battery operated cassette deck on an east coast seashore, slaying C cell batteries, 4 at a time, listening to this in 1968, from 3 Dog Night, and finally saw them do it live in Boston. Never seeing The Band live, I can't compare heads up. But emotionally, intro aside, I'd go with the original.

    lapaz deguerra

    3 dog night was my first listen on this one

  19. j m

    1968. Compared to this most other bands were in a different decade

  20. Rich

    Second City TV. Edna Boyle is auditioning new organists to replace her estranged husband. Hippy-looking Rick Moranis comes on and starts with the beginning of this song. Edna: "Can YOU play better than that??!"

  21. benno291980

    Rich Manuel gotta be one of most underrated vocalists in music...
    But hey whatever I'm still Twitter-following Ariana Grande and FB friends with Cardi B so I'll be ok 😁

  22. mrgabest

    It took me awhile to realize what I was hearing, but Paranoid sounds a lot like the opening of Chest Fever.

  23. Gary Giampa

    hi sounds great I love it thank you the best the band

  24. Kelly Hopkins

    A friend referred me to The Band for the awesome guitar playing of Robbie Robertston-- damn, I wasn't expecting kick ass organ playing like this-- great song!

  25. Bert Spivey

    Suddenly Keith Emerson, Mathew Fisher and Mark Stein took up the saxophone.

  26. Kevin Weisenburg


  27. ribmeat hamhock

    Who're the twenty nine Helen Keller's?

  28. Increase

    This might be the best album ever made

  29. Stanley TryHard

    I know Dewey Bunnell musta been groovin on this song in 1971 when Horse With No Name came out, huh? I can hear the organ riffs he turned into la la's lol!

  30. WVGIRL

    Who is playing the keyboards?!!!

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    Garth Hudson🙄😏

  31. shineyourlight

    still UN fuckn bee lee vaybul listen to this 50 years ago

  32. GreenerHill

    This band must've inspired Spooky Tooth!


    IDK if you are familiar their work, they made many great songs look up other songs by "The Band" its worth it .

    lapaz deguerra

    You broke my heart so ..

  33. GreenerHill

    If we have this song to thank for Might Just Take Your Life (Deep Purple), thank you, The Band. This is brilliant.

  34. BK BK

    Their best song I think

  35. loudmusic67

    One bad ass intro!

  36. Trace zach daniels

    SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}

  37. joe smith

    very much longer or very much on her. what do you hear?

  38. Flsun Racer

    The Band!!! Nothing more needs to said.

  39. Philip Halpenny

    The right reverent Garth...

  40. Adam Wagner

    wish i could draw like that

    BK BK

    Adam Wagner hahaha

  41. TJ Colatrella

    For more Garth Hudson here's my Mississippi Flood written for The Band

  42. Alyssa Artifex

    This was played at Goldy McJohn's funeral. Goldy McJohn was the organist for Steppenwolf & another awesome classic rock organist. He loved The Band.

    Richard McKeen

    Garth, Goldy, Jon Lord, and Rick Wakeman. I am a 50-yr guitar player but I would give up both nuts to play like any one of those gentlemen.

  43. Arnold Caines

    This is one of those songs I heard once when I was very young. I did not pay attention to who it was but I remembered the main riff. That riff stuck in my mind... I could never place it for decades but to me, it was so foundational to the kind of music I liked. I began to think it was just a product of my imagination and that no riff like this actually existed until I heard this song on Tom Petty's Burried Treasure show just recently. It connected me with an old memory and I finally realized where it came from.

  44. Flsun Racer

    What a wonderment. This life's journey We are on.


    the band the beatles dylan got me thru a troubled youth have-not heard this for ages, so far ahead of everything. most those guys gone too bigger souls for this world

  45. Flsun Racer

    How can you NOT.

  46. Gus K. Wellisch

    Bury My Dog !!!

  47. Sir Francis Drake

    Thank you 1968 Kmart bought Music from Big Pink. Not a Blue Light Special Shoppers !

  48. WOLFMANoct1963

    I have a chest fever and the cure is more cow bell, and organ.........

    chief tp

    you should go to the pharmacy and tell them you have a prescription for more cowbell.

  49. Gregory Pierce

    Fantastic! I haven't heard this in ages.

  50. Suzanne Rudolph

    Love this. Classic.

  51. mitchell kent


  52. Diana Peterson

    Fell in love with this song ever since I first heard it on Music Choice.

  53. Leonard Wenk

    This song can't ever get long enough or loud enough. Beautiful.

  54. Greg White

    classic song--love that 3:00 to 3:50 break

  55. Greg White

    That first 0:30 awesome

  56. Guy Wainer

    The 80s before it was fashionable.

  57. Butternut Hill Golden Retrievers

    Garth makes the room swirl

  58. Nyoko Salome @2:15 ;0... "that's right edna!"

  59. Gary Giampa

    hi great song the band thank you

  60. brother thor

    Must be a lot of insider information in these lyrics.

  61. Chris Boylan

    Is there a swampier drum track than Levon Helm's on this? Genius!

    Sue Simpson

    Chris Boylan Levon was the master. Those old wood rims were the shit! Never will his sound be duplicated ....... RIP 💔

  62. Tim Williams

    Great song from the Band! An obscure classic "Gem" (for lack of exposure)because it didn't fit the mold.

  63. stevie nox

    This is Garth's world...

  64. John Daly

    Every time I hear this song I just want to hook my thumbs behind my suspenders and strut across the dance floor. Rocky Mountain Way does the same thing to me.

  65. John Daly

    A Lowrey FL and a Leslie speaker - outside of a cathedral, the king of really BIG sound.

  66. jeff cosper

    Very good

  67. Ed Wu

    This is rock & rock!!!

  68. Gus K. Wellisch

    Get High !

  69. Philip Halpenny

    50 years old and still as fresh as spring water.

  70. Lee Scott

    Cool tune this and stagefright.

  71. oleole52

    40 years later,and no one has done a version of this great song that comes close to this.Garth has a lot of credit for that,along with The Band's twisted harmony.

  72. Hilarita9

    Perhaps their best single. Great song to get stoned by.

  73. F4 Q

    I remember Dolly Parton as a guest on Lettermen. Paul and his band played her on to the stage with Chest Fever intro. Get it????


    Fred q Is that a real thing?

  74. Lisa Lee

    "Garth Hudson" ladies and gentlemen on Organ.  Like it or not this cannot be beaten.

    Uisce Preston

    Except by nearly every Deep Purple, ELP, The Spencer Davis Group, Procul Harum, Moody Blues and Yes song.

    Les Barber

    @Uisce Preston Sorry UP wrong a mundo, they are all good but this is what they call Out of Sight!

  75. Jerome P

    Few songs from the 60's could rock like this one did.....The Band, The Best!

  76. Jerome P

    I remember the first time I heard this song (1972) like it was yesterday. Standing on a railroad track in Elmore Alabama watching a freight train coming straight at me. My best friend and roommate put this song on the phonograph and turned it up really loud. I could hear it coming from the house next to the RR tracks. Thought there is a lot out there I need to figure out and walked off the tracks. I'm a retired aerospace engineer living on a beautiful ranch on SW Wyoming now. Great memory every time I hear this song. Thank you to Robbie, Levon, Rick, Garth, my old friend/roommate, ect.

  77. Skullivan Franklin

    Song til this day kicks ass in 2017

  78. Kaila aliaK

    I know! Key boards JAM on this song-Organ & Piano. 🎶🔊🕪louder please!!!

  79. Todd H

    I just want to break even, man. Quote from Richard Manuel, the Band, movie The Last Waltz, directed bt Martin Scorcese.

  80. Bob Schneider


    I would ONLY hear it very occasionally on rock radio, the only thing ONE DJ said about the song was "The Band." So, for the past 30+ years, I knew who did it, but never knew the title.

    You know how I found it just 10 mins ago?? I did a Google Search in which I literally said - and I shit you not - "that long song by the band with lots of keyboards." I was honestly down to my last hopeful breath of ever finding this amazing keyboard CLASSIC. But found it, I finally did!!!! 😊❤👍

    vedran balic

    dude! I also always loved this tune but for the life of me never knew the artist nor title... last evening, my friend played this on our way to a phish show and I grabbed his phone and looked at the screen and eureka!!! Been playing it all morning now to get my fill...

    Bob Schneider

    @vedran balic Yep!! It's great when this happens. 👍🏻

  81. mike galante

    hear the organ fill at 3:58 ,{just one note maybe 2. after 1,678 listens I still can't tell how its done} that sound is equal to any sound ever produced by any guitar or needless to say any other organ player ever !!

  82. Philtration

    My favorite song by The Band

  83. Mee Howski


  84. Doug Campbell

    I rarely compliment another guy on his organ work, but in this case, I need to make an exception! FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!

    Bob Schneider

    Doug Campbell LOL

  85. Murray Weymouth

    baby can't you feel my chest pounding out the heartbeat of america

  86. Greaser Bub the Original

    what a fucking awsome song period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Cherry Garcia

    such a cool song. good luck not getting it stuck in your head.

    Bob Schneider

    Cherry Garcia OOOOPS!! LOL 😉 🤘 👍

    j m

    try smoke on the water deep purple it gets anything out of your head

  88. Tharg Not

    Not enjoyable at all

    mike galante


    Tommy Schwartz

    You Must not have a soul . Better get that checked out...see a witch doctor.

    James Wilson

    You, sir, are dead. I'd have that looked at. Or possibly you have suffered a joyectomy.

  89. William Cordova

    the best song ever!!!!

  90. John V

    Listen to Jamie Robertson's guitar. What is that Wahwah with treble up to maximum?

  91. Walter Selmer

    Where's the DUGUDUGUDUGUDU?!

  92. Gary K

    Couldn't believe Scorcese edited this classic out of The Last Waltz for the most part.

    Terry Greene

    That was the single most disappointing aspect of that concert, failing to get this on the album. Still don't understand why if they can add the Staple Sings to the mix after the concert, why couldn't they have included this song. It's hard to pick a favourite Band song but this is certainly in the top 5. I've always considered this Garth's song.

    Greg White

    Agree Scorcese was an idiot

  93. Jeni Kaybee

    Late bloomer here...I actually heard this first done by 3 Dog Night. But then again, I heard Mr. Skin by Juicy Lucy before I did Spirit

  94. dustin mercer

    first 3 at my funeral. anything after that. your choice. damn, garth. I'm back at 14. I'm high. and hearing this for the first time. thinking, well, it can't get any better than this -- then . . . dom dom dunh daaa...ouch! pass me that joint...

    Alyssa Artifex

    This was played at Goldy McJohn's funeral. Goldy McJohn was the organist for Steppenwolf & another awesome classic rock organist. He loved The Band.


    Don't bogart pass it back!!!

  95. What I Left

    This organ intro influenced John Paul Jone's organ intro to Led Zeppelin's "Your Time is Gonna Come."

    Jake J


    Kirk Wood

    Really liked this song---one of the few I like by them. When I first heard it off a CD compilation, I liked it right away, even though I was almost sure I'd heard it somewhere before, but couldn't place it.

    Bob Schneider

    What I Left doesn't surprise me


    That organ influenced alot more than that .....The Big Pink album was life changing to me and here I am still jamming to it

    Greg Holman

    That's cool.

  96. DuneAquaViva

    Garth Hudson and TJ Gypsy River
    by TJ..recorded at Levon Helm's..