Band Of Horses - The First Song Lyrics

I'm shaking awful...
I'm shaking, asshole
And where's the remote?
Its gonna fall off.

The snowing in cover,
Do you recover from those?

And christmas time coming
And over approaching
We've been drinking, pardon.

As christmas time goes
I'm coming over
Coming from
Youre already gone

I'm wrapping up
The presents
I bought

(pretty guitar)

An overcoat
Will take me anywhere
We've suffered enough.

Its scary
To me,
And their leaving from earth.
Cutting us off
Knowing that
Calling on
Do i know anyone
I dont know


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Band Of Horses The First Song Comments
  1. Christopher White

    This will always be one of my favorite songs by BoH. Reminds me of better times about 10 years ago, driving through the city with friends while snow is gently falling. This entire album has such a somber, winter-like vibe to it.

  2. young lobo

    Thank's youtube recommendations

  3. Seattle Dreams

    Yeah, just now discovered this band. I'm embarrassed.

    Fun Times

    Nothing to be embarassed about. Just be thankful you received the chance to make up for lost time. Merry Christmas my friend!

  4. Hell Angels

    Can’t believe this has like barely even 3k views when it should have like 3millions

    Jiddle Middle

    Hell Angels and no comments

    Hell Angels

    Jiddle Middle yeah I mean wtf this song and this whole album is a pure masterpiece