Bamford, Gord - Unreal Lyrics

She's like a drop of rain
From a clear blue sky
When my throat is dry
She's like a tall glass full of love
Or a palomino flying through the clouds
With both her arms around
My heart, she can turn a bad day into dust

She's unreal
So out of this world
So down to earth
So good for me
So wide, so deep
Her love
The way it makes me feel
She's unreal

She's like a honeysuckle
Blooming in the snow
A warm kiss in the cold
In the shade of a purple moon
When I trip and fall
She always has my hand
Right there when I land
When I'm down
She's a run to my rescue

She's unreal
So out of this world
So down to earth
So good for me
So wide, so deep
Her love
And the way it makes me feel
She's unreal

She's like waking up in a dream
Walking around in my sleep
A touch of heaven, totally surreal
She's unreal

She's so good for me
So wide, so deep
Her love
The way it makes me feel
She's unreal

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Bamford, Gord Unreal Comments
  1. Erika Roberg

    My favorite, favorite, favorite singer and song!


    Gord is unreal! Fuk sakes NOW everyone can say they know Gord from Golden, Alberta!!!

  3. Genea Maines

    wish i could se you in concert

  4. stevesrt8

    44 comments is unreal.. god
    Bless you Gord

  5. Ethan Coulas

    Idk how people dislike this song like wtf is goin through ur head this is an amazing song ive got no clue how anyone could dislike this song

  6. Charles Burkholder

    Awesome song and lyrics but this video sucks..... You can tell so easy that he is lip-syncing

  7. Genea Maines

    Great song..

  8. Susie Haskell

    the cowboy hat looks too big on him.dont like the looks of it,should wear a proper cowboy hat.

  9. Benediktron E.

    NIce song and video. Good pool scenes. ¿where it is recorded? looks like a Spanyard Mission

  10. ImaMonaKnight

    I Love Your Voice & Am Soo Happy To Hear You On JR.FM..Thanks Foreverything..x

  11. Shelley L

    Going to be my wedding song

  12. Avery Bob

    I love this song

  13. Knights Tale

    Good song to slow dance to.

  14. Scoops Random

    it a sweet song

  15. Scoops Random

    good song

  16. Mike VS Mike

    love it! see you at Brock University!

  17. Cher Macfarlane

    His voice is so soothing

    Scoops Random

    @Cheryl Macfarlane you got that right

  18. Breanna Brander

    Love, Love, Love him. Saw him this past summer, amazing voice and talent. Keep it coming Gord!

    Colin McKendrick

    Breanna Brander saw him last night and honestly blew me away how good he is live. Didn’t play unreal or fall I love if you want to, but still he played a great set and didn’t leave anything else out

  19. oldenmcgroen

    This guy has a great voice...better than most out there on the country circuit today....but unfortunately for him...he doesn't have the pretty boy looks to go with it...hence, nobody knows who he is.  Hard cold facts are that sex sells and if the girls don't want to F him, he ain't got much of a bright future.  My advice to him is get in the gym and get a better hat.

    Barry Melrose

    @***** lead singer of rascal flatts


    +KG WaSaBi ...tsk tsk.  Easy partner, your panties are showing.  I'm not judging him by those standards...the entertainment industry does.  Marketing types.  He's not a troll, I'm just saying that most all of the "country" acts out there are young pretty boys.  Plus, women tend to be more influenced by the singers looks than their talent.  There's way too many acts out there that shouldn't have the careers they've had based on talent.  Tim McGraw comes to mind.  He's a mediocre singer at best, but thanks to good looks...

    Viktor Belanić

    you are fuckin retarded

    Viktor Belanić

    you are fuckin retarded


    +Viktor Belanić ...Name calling...first sign of an empty head.  What, are you 12?

  20. Mat Day

    one of the most talented musicians in country today. glad we get to experience it

    Colin McKendrick

    Mat Day agree live he just the same

  21. William Hill

    I've never been one that truly appreciates county music, more to the point, slow country music.
    But when I heard this song just now, I actually teared up. It would be nice to find someone who could make me feel this way again. The way this artist obviously feels about his 'Unreal' lady.

  22. Bluegrass

    Need a new hat...

  23. OilPatchLife

    Canadian talant at it's finest.

  24. Jeremy Keifenheim

    I've never heard of Gord Bamford before finding this song and its a shame.  This guy has an amazing voice.

  25. Travis Antonio

    Thanks Gord  Bamford for giving Canadian Country Music the Shot in the arm it needed you have given me a reason to love country music again. This is one of the finest Country Songs ever written and recorded and I love "leanin'  a lonesome song"  as well. Thanks for giving a kick ass performance out at CRAVEN COUNTRY JAM 2014

    Jason Carruthers

    he was born here in AUSTRALIA, hes coming back soon

  26. Fucking Lit

    Anybody know where to find gods green earth and this song? This is the best country music I've ever heard

  27. Jonah Goodwin

    This song is gonna be a good song on the pontoon at 1 in the morning! :)

  28. Christine Bories

    I have just found Gord Bamford his music is so good his voice nice and deep

  29. Danielle K

    Woulda been nice to have a more country feel to it. Love Gord and love his songs. But I didn't imagine a girl walking around in a bikini and heels when I hear it lol Is this a Kenny C song :P

  30. Haydan Titus

    I am highly confused as to why this does not have more views!


    I know right?


    hey we're the lucky .008405 % that appreciate it   that's good enough for me

  31. Josh Kernel

    Capo 1st fret...... Chords are....A......E.....uhh........D............?