Bamford, Gord - Things Go Better With Love Lyrics

Some things are simple
Some things leave doubts
But this ain't no mystery
I've figured it out

My old truck runs a little bit smoother
Can't help but think I'm a little bit cooler
Than I ever was
My old hat sits a little bit straighter
My backyard gardens got bigger tomatoes
And that's because
Things go better with love

This world keeps turning
Goes on and on
We've found the secret
Right here at home

You can grease the wheels with money
But it's likely to leave you cold
You can wine and dine all that's fine
But one thing that I know

[Repeat chorus]

Things go better with love

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Bamford, Gord Things Go Better With Love Comments
  1. sponge 4930

    Excellent song and video...

  2. Elaine Lethbridge

    I love this song, i'm a single parent of a 13 yr old developmentally delayed son whom is my whole world !!!

  3. somegalfromcan

    You know, I didn't like this song until I saw this video - those kids are all unbelievably cute!

  4. pein uzumaki

    rest in forever peace tegz

  5. Emily Keating

    RIP Tegan

  6. pein uzumaki

    @oobelck tegans epic she was my best friend in 7/8th grade shes amazing

  7. anthony a

    never heard of him before. great song. thanks for posting.

  8. sonya vonzuben

    Things just go better with...GORD!!

  9. Christopher Murphy

    its so funny i dont think that people with down syndrom have a hateing bone in there body

    they truely love everybody, they're the only people in this world that dont judge people others

    thats why i respect them like most do not

  10. catskittenslego

    aww sweet ness hows she doing anywho

  11. catskittenslego


  12. catskittenslego

    shes the girl in the weel chair

  13. catskittenslego

    one of my best friends in in here

  14. beachvows

    Great song I love the words and should be a#1 hit cause things do go better with love...

  15. sonya vonzuben

    Am a huge GB fan and had never seen this video...thanks for putting it on!

  16. numberonehuman

    Sweet tomaters!

  17. miss alice

    My backyard garden's got bigger tomaters...cute vid!