Bamford, Gord - Put Some Alcohol On It Lyrics

So your heart's been broke
And your head is hurtin'
And the things you're tryin'
None of them are workin'
For a guy like you
In such a blue condition
I know what you need
There's only one prescription

Put some alcohol on it
Put some alcohol on it
It's real good stuff
It will fix you right up
Burns a little don't it
But you know you're gonna want it
When you're cut and bruised
The only thing to do
Put some alcohol on it

You don't need to see
Your family doctor
What I'm recommending
Is a better offer
It's a whole lot cheaper
It will heal you faster
In a while her being gone
Won't even matter

[repeat chorus]

A little barstool medication
A little cure for what you're ailing

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Bamford, Gord Put Some Alcohol On It Comments
  1. jim halpert

    Sources say, you need at least 60%-90% ethanol to be bactericidal, otherwise 40%-50% (found in liquor) will only prevent bacterial growth, however, is effective in an emergency situation until proper care can be found. It will definetely help with small cuts, but nothing like an animal bite, which contains lots of bacteria. at that point it's up to your body to fend off pathogens. Also , this song doesn't really mention what time of alcohol, so for all we know you could have 60% -90%, but that would kill you and burn your throat so you'd have bigger problems.

  2. Vomit Man

    What a great responsible message. Instead of going to the doctor when you're sick drink alcohol and get drunk instead. What a moron that this guy is.

    Derek Porter

    +Vomit Man talking about a heart ache bud. and if you don't like something don't be an ass about it

    Jairus White

    lol you go see a dr. for a heartbreak bro..ya whos the moron. Its a song fucking grinch

  3. Vomit Man

    Absolute stupidity. What are we becoming as a society when some record company funds nonsense like this?

    Brown Brownington

    @Fred Barnes Jr. Good music comes in all genres.

    Fred Barnes Jr.

    True but this isn't good music

    Vomit Man

    Yeah yeah yeah... Go stick your nose up Trump's ass. I'm sure you go to all the rallies.


    if you dont like it why you here better than any rap shit out there

    Jairus White

    Music like this has been around for ages and society has been pro alcohol for ages. You dont know country bro go home

  4. Nicole Sugg


  5. sue smyth

    Such a good song had to write a Linedance to it

  6. mblainwork