Baloche, Paul - Rise Up And Praise Him Lyrics

Let the heavens rejoice
Let the earth be glad
Let the people of God
Sing His praise
All over the land
Everyone in the valley
Come and lift your voice
All those on the mountaintop be glad
Shout for joy

Rise up and praise Him
He deserves our love
Rise up and praise Him
Worship the Holy One
With all your heart
With all your soul
With all your might
Rise up and praise Him

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Baloche, Paul Rise Up And Praise Him Comments
  1. Lina Gutierrez

    Regocijémonos en Jehová nuestro hacedor!!!

  2. Joey Prosper TV


  3. The Francis Bros

    Yes jesus

  4. Joy Tiston

    Hahaha... I truly liked this song. Praise God! But what we actually sings was the wromg style. I heard of it the first time originally. I tell myself what we did as a team was actually far from the truth on how the song was being sang and played. Haha...

  5. Rj Smith

    Love this song. We're playing this at our church this morning. Really fun to play & worship God on drums.

  6. Eliezer Lyngdoh

    I love this so much! Really, rise up and praise Him

  7. Pius Onyango

    Nice song

  8. Hannah Eunice

    Praise God!!

  9. Christina Baird

    i just wake up with this song on my mind so i had to play... God be the glory

  10. World Prayr

    let us all rejoice for this is the day that God made - shout and sing praises to the Lord!

  11. Chisom Chinkwe

    God deserves our love

  12. Rodalyn Santos Espiritu

    Really so good..

    Merisha Smith

    Amen.. beautiful