Baloche, Paul - Almighty Lyrics

One day, sovereign and Almighty
You will show Your power
And forever reign

On that day every earthly ruler
Will bow their knee before You
And revere Your name

Holy holy, Lord Almighty
Lord we long for Your return

One day
We will fall before You
Bow in adoration
Hearing angels sing

On that day
We will join their chorus
Overcome with wonder
Lifting up our King

In the twinkling of an eye
We will be changed
We will meet You in the sky Almighty

All the heavens and the earth
Will sing Your praise
And Your people will rejoice Almighty

One day, you will judge the nations
You'll reward Your servants
Both the great and small

On that day
Those who rose against You
Finally confess You
As the Lord of all

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Baloche, Paul Almighty Comments
  1. Sardou Max

    GOOD live Christ pepole god fidèle amen

  2. TheNewVocal

    Good evening from Singapore! I wish you'd have a nice day =)

  3. serah hanna

    love this song



  5. Vincent Evans

    Thanks Emily, this song made me trust in God again.