Ballroom Thieves, The - Meridian Lyrics

I stood on the colder side of October
If I said I was sober I'd be a liar
The devil come easy and the Lord don't believe me
If I miss my chance to dance around that fire

Oh, whoa
Oh, whoa
Well color me hopeful
And drive me back over
I will not beg to be
Your fearless man
And for all of it's beauty
When hearts are in bloom
Well love still sees through me
And hangs me to die

Oh, whoa
Oh, whoa
Oh, whoa

Well I let your brightness cover all my dark
So could my loneliness be my own fault
Well quiet son let nature do her part
As if you ever knew your own damn heart

Heart, oh

Well I hope you have found me
Roped to your boundaries
Lover come hold me
Leave me alone

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