Ballerini, Kelsea - What Do I Have Lyrics

This is a call that I shouldn't be making, baby
Three in the morning and my heart is breaking, baby
You said you need your space but I need you
You sound tired, I hope I didn't wake you, baby
But tonight, I can't make myself hate you, baby
I said I'd give you time but I need you

What do I have?, what do I have?
What do I have?, 'cause I don't have you
So what do I have, what do I have,
What do I have to lose?

I know you don't wanna talk so just listen, baby
I'm not asking for a lot, just a kiss, baby
I know you have your ways but I have mine
Are you home, at a friend's?, where?, tell me, baby
I'll come and meet you anywhere, I swear, baby
There ain't no highway I won't drive

What do I have?, what do I have?
What do I have?, 'cause I don't have you
So what do I have, what do I have,
What do I have to lose?

What do I have?, what do I have?
What do I have?, oh
What do I have?, what do I have?
What do I have to lose?, yeah, yeah

Here I am in the palm of your hands, baby
Won't you give me one more chance, baby?
I know you need your space but I need you

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Ballerini, Kelsea What Do I Have Comments
  1. Lovanna Carson

    Yes I agree this song

    Lovanna Carson

    Is good

  2. Alivia Hill

    I love this song

  3. Skyhorse Fam

    I am so happy I found your song.On neo years Eve 2020 I saw the song but my dad could not get it for me insted he got me one of your albums. I love you so much KEEP making good songs please

  4. Kathryn Potter

    I love this song so much ❤️💙💙❤️😘

  5. Kristina Hunt

    This is my life

  6. Hamid RH

    Thank you for this beautiful and honest song. I touched your feelings too.

  7. Keisha Segal

    Alli can say AWESOME

  8. Keirstin Lee

    What if I told you the stars would still shine even you wernt right by my side.

  9. Keirstin Lee

    What if I told you that the stars would still shine even if you wernt right next to me

  10. General Services

    Just came here after watching one blind kid got guitar from her, listening her song for first time and damn shez full of vibes. Good heart good music. Peace.

  11. Bradie Dean

    This song hits me because while I look like the goody two-shoes golden child to the world, I've actually struggled with depression and anxiety for years without telling anyone

  12. Sergeline Belizaire

    I love this song. To me It's about being true to yourself.

  13. harman mann

    A human is a human! Arbitrary social nonsense does not change that! 🤷‍♂️


    Loves 💕

  15. Natalie

    I love the direction country music is going ❤️

  16. Vannessa Luke

    Wow she is good

  17. Elaine Salazar

    Love this song!!❤

  18. andrea andrea

    Andrea Me 💞💞💞💞💞💞❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  19. alivia Johnson

    you are soooooooloooooooooooooooo goood i would die to be you

  20. kaidyn courtney

    i love this song it make my day better

  21. Angie Tellock

    Why do you lie sombodys means I ask my friend this all the time

  22. Zoe Becker

    I love you kelsea your an ispiration

  23. chriis napolion

    To julia Westerfield you will always be my homecoming queen

  24. Naomi Harvey

    No one is perfect. Thank you for this amazingly written reminder, Kelsea.

  25. Victoria Begley

    I love you


    Who is the homecoming queen? Is it herself, a friend? Who?

  27. JV Stanley

    Did anyone else want the turning to stop?

  28. Jeffrey Marra

    Beautiful song. Very emotive lyrics and almost a nostalgic feel. Didnt realize a few songs i had heard a few years back i had liked was Kelsea. Im a fan!!!

  29. the Sanch show

    Beautiful 🌻🌟

  30. Elizabeth Newberry

    I was never homecoming queen I wasn't asked to the dance because of my learning disability plus I didn't really care for homecoming. I never attended prom in high school either. I don't care for dancing in high school. I am so glad I am not in high school anymore. Graduated 2005 I am now almost 34

  31. Elizabeth Newberry

    I never was a cheerleader I never was popular in high school I was bullied I didn't care I didn't kill myself I ignored it and moved on. I was more mature then most girls in H.S. I am Military Brat. Moved a lot. I didn't care if I was popular I am Popular to God and Jesus. There all I had throughout high school. Through 12 years of school

  32. Elizabeth Newberry

    Whether your famous or not women have it the hardest body images low self esteem comparison lies fake friends fake Hollywood


    U r like the best

  34. Jasmine Lake

    i def feel this song

  35. Autumn Sanchez

    This is my 10 year olders favorite song she sings it everyday

  36. olivia faye

    My parents were going through a tough dad cheated more than 3 times with all different women. My mom was destroyed and took it out on me, and only me. I was the closest to my dad. I didn't want to let him go, but I had to because my mom wanted him to leave the house. I started therapy to get through it, but the therapist agreed with me but then with my mom when she was in the room. My mom was always extremely critical. I discovered I was bisexual 1 year into the whole thing with my parents. I feel hard in love with an amazing girl. It didn't work out. I was extremely upset..but were friends now. I am still a closeted bi but I have come out to some of my closest friends. I left my original friend group because I kept getting left out and they didn't believe me when I said I parents still not in therapy anymore. I am still fighting, and HARD. I wanted to share my story. I think i might come out to my friends🤔. Point is I've been through a lot and I still don't think I'm out of the hell of it yet, but I will be eventually. And for everyone who thinks they cant accomplish things they can...i switched friend groups at least, and thats a start. I am a bit happier and they treat me right. I know that people have worse stories of physical. But emotional abuse can be hard to spot. Keep a look out for it because its a silent killer. But Im gonna be just fine..😜

    If you read this far thank you and be careful in this world❤💙❤💙

  37. Jessica Myslinski

    awesome song

  38. Barbra vondonsen

    I’m a 7th grader I’m also befor I say anything my name is not barbra its Geum also if any swimteam see this please dont spread rumors about me please im
    a swimmer I swim to loose these hard feelings I never to talk to anyone because
    they all think they know me they Don’t I really wonder if I showed my true
    hurting self they would they except me or would they boot me out I had 1 friend
    who I trusted with my life I admitted my true hurting self after a few mins
    after hearing the story she walked out of the room saying nothing next thing I
    know there’s rumors about me and I have 0 friends so I started making friends
    with the grade above me also if anyone from swim team sees this please don’t
    make rumors about me the reason I’m hurting so much is because my dad left for California
    when I was in 5th grade that’s when I lost all my friends it still haunts me I
    remember my mom drinking to forget about my dad then later I would help her
    outside while drunk and load a wood burner my grades turned to FAILS because of
    that and I’ve never really been able to catch up from that

    Camden Hanke

    Dont worry life will get better I'm a sophomore in highschool you will naturally toughen up and its gonna be good for your future you get stronger and more resilient



  40. Lindsey Thomas

    Guess I’m the only who hates this song!

    Lindsey Thomas

    I’m guessing from my experience with the girl that was home coming queen. Oh let me cry when, I’m the most popular, have the most friends, I’m rich, beautiful, everyone knows my daddy ( so im treated special), and ect.

    Lindsey Thomas

    Songs can bring out different emotions from people based on their experiences. Please don’t think I’m judging someone if they like this song. To each their own. I just don’t like it.

  41. Angeline Bena

    I guess being a loner is better. At least you don’t have to worry about ur looks at all. But it just always feels so lonely.

  42. Jordyn Hutzler

    she is so pretty without makeup

  43. B A

    She doesn’t need all that makeup looks beautiful without it


    I love this song so much and I love this video so much to and I'm crying 😭

  45. Jaden Albro

    Even if your not homecoming. You hold it all in and then let it all go. When there alone

  46. Tiffany Clemons

    Hits the melody...right


    Im only 15


    True i cant wait to be famous im gonna be one of the youngest country artists my name is COUNTRYLOVESTORY

  49. Kennedy Ross

    im not like homecoming queen or anything but im always smiling and i put everyone elses needs first i come in school happy and i leave school happy im the crackhead friend always smiling always having fun, so when somethings wrong i still gotta be that person because if not there's no one to put a smile on everyone's face, i cried once at school one time and that day like 6 peopel said somethings gotta be really wrong ive never seen you not smiling, im always there for everyone and if i drop the whole act i wouldnt be able to live with myself, honestly most of the time its not an act i am happy alot, i mean im so lucky my life is amazing and i have so much energy and im the person who will beat someone up for you, or will listen to your problems, so naturally i tell myself there is no time for my problems, thats when the act starts

  50. Lisa Murray

    LOVE HER!!!

  51. Susan Stuck

    Beautiful words to a beautiful song. The video itself was amazing. And at the end, when I saw real tears, that got me in the feels!

  52. Jake Mathews

    Kelsea Ballerini I fully Support Youand your music career

  53. Jake Mathews

    Thanks Kelsea Ballerini this song is soooooo perfect

  54. Arianna Diaz

    Kelsea Ballerini in queen

  55. Goollou Gaming

    This is the thoughts of every middle or high schooler

  56. Jerrad Ireland

    I changed it to homecoming king...

  57. Phuk Ewe

    Thank you. ❤️

  58. Keira Hubbard

    I’m the kind of girl who is SOOO insecure and always worrying about how I look and what people think of me. I was bullied to the point ( in third grade ) where I was sitting alone at lunch and recess it was very hard. I had 0 friends. I’m now in 6th grade and I’m still incredibly insecure but I know have friend and I have been back stabbed a couple of times this year. And there are currently roumors about me. From my ex BFF. And I am hoping my friends don’t believe them. Then I found out my crush likes me back so we started dating and you know that’s great. But if makes me a bit more insecure because he likes me but I’m trying to work on my self esteem.

    Thank you so much for reading this 💕💕

    And this song is so very beautiful, relaxing, and just plain GREAT

    Delilah Armstrong

    You go girl !

    Lindsey Kimbrell

    That’s great you are working on your self esteem! Hold your head up high and be proud of who you are! I always tell my daughter when she has these issues that the kids at school almost ALWAYS act this type of way out of jealousy and even my son who is in kindergarten has problems with kids and I ask him the situation which are also acted out bc of jealousy. You cannot control other people or their actions or thoughts about/towards you but you can choose to love yourself and God and trust in both. I promise you that these issues in a month, a year, 5 years and more wont even matter. That is the beautiful part about your age is that things change so fast and those rumors will be old news before your know it. I wish you all the best of luck and another thing I tell my kids is to not let those other kids get to you bc that’s why they do hateful things is to get a reaction and if they see it doesn’t get to you they move on to someone else. Bullies are pretty predictable bc they are only out to hurt people in order to make themselves feel better about their own unhappiness.

    Htoo Lay

    Don't let people drag you down. They are only picking on you because they think that they are tough or they have stuff going on at home that they need to let out but they pick on kids weaker than them. I have been there before. Been backstabbed by the people that I have trusted, I have had trust issues and it was really hard for me to trust my foster mom but little by little I know the fact that she will be there for me and will try to help me out of having trust issues. I have also been insecure. I have been in your shoes Keira. Trust me one day I know that you will get through it. You are worth more than you know. I promise you that things will get better. There will be good days and bad days. People may hate you, people may think that you are not worth it but think positive of yourself and think about your future and what you want. There are going to be people out there who will love you for who you are and there will be people who hate you. But the most important thing is for you to love yourself and for you to know that you are worth it in this world. Listen to this song "Gold" by Britt Nicole. It is okay to feel insecure, it is okay for you think of how others might think of you but it does not matter how others think, it matters of how you think of yourself. Take my word and trust me when I say that there are so many idiotic people, selfish people, and greedy people that will look down on you. I can list a million things about you that are true.
    1. you're worthy
    2. you're special
    3. you're amazing
    4. you're unique
    5. you're beautiful inside and out
    don't listen to what others think of you. Please keep working on your self-esteem. I want you to see what I see. I want you to see how special you are.

  59. Debbie Sullivan

    I get a million likes I will pick my baby sister up by her legs I never do that before ever and if you hit that like butten I will do it it

  60. Kayla Randolph

  61. Jason Gamble

    Omg I love this song so much

  62. Addyson Adams

    I love this song.

  63. Chloe Mitchell

    This song is absolutely beautiful ❤️

  64. Cass Wallace

    OMG. Kelsea Ballerini I love you so much I sang this song on the highway for Stormy Warn. You are my idol. I want to be a country singer just like you. This song really relates to my life.

  65. acixh qj.

    I was in the homecoming court junior year of high school. I wasnt popular, nor do I think im pretty. But I was dating my best friend. For some reason, everyone loved that we were together so they nominated us. Our hoco king and queen was determined by a set of games, on which couple won most of the games. My boyfriend and I were 2nd place, but I told him to lose the last game on purpose because I didnt wanna be homecoming queen. We ended up not winning and I was really glad. I hated that I always felt like we were together for other peoples entertainment only. I never felt loved in the relationship. It was terrible. When I broke up with him, i lost my best friend and my boyfriend. He completely changed and became so fake. After all that, I was back to being nobody And I think he spread rumors about me... I'm a senior now and I'm graduating in a few months. I'm so ready to leave this all behind.

    Thanks for reading my homecoming story if u got to the end! Just a reminder that no matter what, be yourself and dont let peer pressure or anything force u into anything u dont wanna do. Live this life for you and be real with it. Dont hide behind a mask or a cover. Just be you and the right people will love u just the way you are

  66. Kadence Ashley


  67. Samantha Kelsea

    Are we not going to talk about the fact that the album title was under our noses the entire time? In the beginning when it focused in our the Three written our with her name necklace next to it...

  68. brooke Woodard

    Everything is so true about my personally I love you my mom is in love with you

  69. Samantha Harris

    This whole song is me. I used to hate crying, because I thought it made me feel weak. This song proves to me that I'm not alone in having to put on a brave, smiling face. I can show my emotions and it will be okay.

  70. Sadia Nazeer

    I came here from jojo and babe rexa's ig stories and I'm in love with this song makes me cry don't know why very beautiful song very beautiful voice 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥺🤗🤗🤗

  71. Luis Quintana Flores

    My teacher always plays The song every day!!!!!

  72. Walynn Dent

    "Did your daddy teach you how to act tough" is my favorite part

  73. Legend Forever


  74. Sara Farr

    I love you Kelsea Ballerini 💕💕💕 This song made me feel soooooo many emotions!!!!! ✨ Thank you for this song!!!!
    Love, a high school girl 💕

  75. Issabella Gach Still


  76. Ashley Scott

    This is Jewels you were meant for me music!

  77. Julia Broker

    When you know already that this is your senior song❤❤

  78. Shelby Day

    I like this song

  79. Crystal Dickerson

    This song is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!😭😭

  80. Justin Phillips

    I wish I was you I’m 10 call 832-758-1410

  81. kj ware

    i cried when she cried

  82. Avianiae

    i seriously felt “still walking on eggshells, when that curtain’s closed.” i’ve had an abusive past, and i always felt like i had to watch every word i said, and “walk on eggshells.”


    Videos like this that just spin in circles makes me want to puke... Just saying... :)

  84. Samantha Canche

    This describes my life I’ve never been to homecoming but this is true it really hit me hard like I’m not alone but I put a smile on my face everyday and it gets really hard sometimes

  85. Kylie Highwood

    this is the best girl county song ever

  86. Ella Lundell

    i just love this song

  87. 462!!? 786%!!

    these pretty white girls actually look like queens, black women you are no queens, here are the real QUEENS!!!!

  88. Haley Eiginger

  89. Haley Garretson

    Omg I love this song and you kelsea your an amazing singer and songwriter I saw your new year resolution post and you can do it all I love you kelsea keep writing music plz

  90. Alivia Tregoning

    I love your voice I will all every time it comes on I will sing it and my dad is proud of me cuz when I grow up I want to be like you your voice is so amazing like every time it comes on I'll sing it because it helps me remember of my Grandma Carol just passed away but I still remember her because every time it comes on on the radio in the car it just members but your voice is so beautiful I love

  91. Connor Polen

    This song is a complete disgrace to every radio station that has played it


    Connor Polen
    Why do you say this? I’m curious to hear your reasoning- either way hope your having a nice day

    Connor Polen

    Because this song isn’t country. If they want to play it on normal radio then fine but I’m tired of turning on Country radio and hearing songs like this. It’s not awful but it’s just not country

  92. Ianbest Smith

    when someone is mean where do you hide

  93. Eric Burns


  94. dad3pcs

    Thank you for taking those fake i lashes off.

  95. Chad Rose

    I love this song it's the best song I've ever heard


    i love this song so much i all ways play it in school

  97. amei nu

    Thanks Kelsea..I'm in love with this 💖

  98. Blue Girl

    Everyone has hard times with something...maybe not that one but this one...
    ...being good or pretty or intrlligent does not mean they dont have challenges