Ballerini, Kelsea - Summertime Lyrics

Sun's out, top down, ridin' around
On a backroad
Cutoffs, flip flops, shades on
Your hands out the window
Boys looking at girls looking at the waves
Playing on the sand
Only worry in the world is not getting burned
Working on a tan

The sun may be making me crazy
Well, this could be a memory in the making
A combination of tan lines, good times
Everything feeling right
Only comes around once in a while

Nighttime, bonfire
Grab a guitar and sing along
Two feet dancing
To the heartbeat of a kickdrum
Barefeet on the boardwalk
And time passes like molasses flows
Bicycle on the sidewalk
Get a new tattoo and show it off

The sun may be making me crazy
Well, this could be a memory in the making
A combination of tan lines, good times
Everything feeling right
Only comes around once in a while

The sun may be making me crazy
Well, this could be a memory in the making
A combination of tan lines, good times
And everything feeling right
Only comes around once in a while
Can't help but sit back and smile
Summertime, yeah


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Ballerini, Kelsea Summertime Comments
  1. Fernando Gonzales

    Love you girl so buetiful

  2. Isabel Maddocks-Puetz

    I once herd it I loved it then dibs came on in YouTube and I found out that it was one ☝️ of my favourite songs

  3. Isabel Maddocks-Puetz

    This song is so EPIC

  4. Miranda Nash

    Kelsea love all your songs. You can make a bad day and turn it to a great day your music is so inspiring

  5. kenn roberts

    Should do a Yukon Forum, too start.. then make our way down, to where.. Australia, .. then. along the coast, no other performer is doing thus far...

  6. jody robinson

    such a great video...i wish i was there..a lot of things going of all she so nice to to look on a warm summer day everything just glow perfectly

  7. Saidy Dawn

    Sang this for my crush (spoiler alert that boys mine now)

  8. Kori Garbison

    Love this song !! I hope meet my person, someday it will happen at the right time with the right person, everyone has someone made perfect for them!!! It in god hands
    Happy holidays and new yr !! 2020 be here soon!!!

    Isabel Maddocks-Puetz

    Didn’t you mean to say good

  9. Grace Scott

    2:39 is my favorite.

  10. Music's world

    Oh wow such a beautiful,talented,and kind heart lady,
    I came here to see who is Kelsea Ballerini,i came to know this name only after i watched a video on Facebook right now,
    you gift an electric guitar to a young blind boy name Aden,i hope everyone see that video,the joy of that boy,,ahh this really warmed my heart,😍😍😍 Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones

    Merry Christmas all

  11. Korrie Whitten

    I am not a guy I am a girl by state troopers

  12. Lane Deweese

    Love this song and it’s almost 2020

  13. Alexis Cros

    Love Kelsea❤

  14. Missy Smith

    All of it handsomeness I'm calling Dibs ...

  15. Grace Troyer

    I love you songs.💗❤💞

  16. Sorcha Sulliavn

    I love the dog!

  17. Sabreena Shehzad

    OK, I just realized. Isn't this song objectifying the guy?

  18. Petter Holm

    This was a good reason for stop listen to country, suc bigtime!!!!

  19. Kalyn Loveheart


  20. Pro Werido

    im waching this after 3 years of this being my fav song when i was like 6

  21. Tamaria Jackson

    I got my own YouTube channel called Amelia Kruger but I subscribe and like to all of her stuff

  22. Shelly Warner

    Hi klsei balrent I Love your songs.

  23. Aubrey Cottingham

    Kelsea you're an amazing singer you lift me up when I'm down and you inspire me. Keep those good songs up!!

  24. thom delahunt

    five stars

  25. Sophia Culler

    Also check out mickey guyton she has a great voice

  26. Kelly S.

    Song is so catchy and cute it gets stuck in my head

  27. Norulhuda Aslinda Mohamad

    She so cute😍

  28. Kayla Wilson

    I want a beast who's simply mine. #notarosterchicnoramIabenchwarmer

  29. Allisan Bauer

    Owner Lyrics and Vocals who is the is Kelsea Ballerini Dibs written buy Allisan Tamar Lambert Bauer

  30. JudyFaye Gilmore

    Love this. I heard it on a Hallmark Movie. Season for Love.

  31. yourgirl lexi


  32. allicat

    if I get 100 likes i'm gonna do a lyric prank of this song on my crush

  33. kindly kity

    On April 9th I'm going to have my birthday at your performance
    Year is 2019 wen I'm going I hope u have one on April 9th

  34. kindly kity

    Kelsae ballerini pls do a performance in Omaha Nebraska😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I'm your biggest fan and I never get to see u please let me know if you want to do it in Omaha Nebraska in the comments

  35. jack ripper

    Ballerini italiano:)))

  36. Chakey Baby

    Exciting for Amazing given


    I call dibs

  38. Anjoline Rose

    I love this song

  39. Emma Burke

    Damn 14-15 year old me was obsessed with this song

  40. Cody Dickson

    God Kelsea's so hot 🔥🔥

  41. Ashley Smith

    I love your song

  42. gabriel Paradis

    She sounds like Tayler

  43. Tamia Polk

    Who remembers when this was on Disney channel😂❤

    Tamia Polk

    @Jera Riley lol

  44. Satia samara Rios

    I love all her songs so much u go girl u got an amazing voice you’re my biggest fan u go girl

  45. Angela Ott

    Im a hoe and love what i do this song is great fits me perfectly

  46. Cruzita Santons

    Who found this song from disney ??😭😭😂😂

  47. megan cruth

    you are one of my fav country singers

  48. Kira Dalling

    Just seen her live last Saturday. She was amazing live and such a sweet girl!

  49. Chakey Baby

    Woa Excellent loved for

  50. Gabby Davis

    100 likes and I won't give up on my crush, I really like him but its been to long but if I get a 100 ill pursue him

  51. JT112

    Whoever the hell Midkiff from St Leonard Fire is one lucky guy, I wish she’d wear my fire helmet

  52. Dale Nelson

    She is a star and it only takes one second to see that.

  53. Cindy Cake

    2019 and still not over this

    Called dibs✌💞🌿

  54. Joliene Denson

    Country girl at heart

  55. Malum Chawang

    I’m in love wit u 💖

  56. Georgie Waldrop

    i always listened to this song when i had my first boyfriend in 4th grade

  57. Allaynna Schossow

    when is your birthday kelsea

  58. baldemar morin

    If i get two hundred likes i will sing this song in front of my family


  59. Allyson Mason

    God your song is so good I love you and your song

  60. Brysonbdog Davis

    Who's her cause there gf sent it to them

  61. Anny Vitória

    I love Kelsea Ballerini

  62. Chloe Nitzberg

    My favorite song out of all of them is in between.

  63. Chloe Nitzberg

    Who went to her Miss Me More tour

  64. Beth Adams

    This song...

  65. Beth Adams

    Ode to Marc Jacobs.

  66. Meridethq Sz. Miller

    Love this song

  67. Irish Xyza Fernandez

    Love country song fr PH

  68. Timothy J Topa

    Shoutout 2 Cody Higgins from Seboring, FL. I'm gonna make u mine bitch;).

  69. Lonewolf_8414 YT

    Faze clan🤙🏼✊🏼

  70. Allan Finn


  71. Allan Finn


  72. LaShunda Coleman


  73. jane

    heard this in class since my teacher was playing music

  74. Symmiemumz 4

    <3 love love love still one of my favs!!

  75. Fan girl 2007

    We have the same name But mines Kelsey

  76. A D

    True song

  77. Taylor Landess

    i love you

  78. Joe Gay

    Shes so darn adorable and the voice to match

  79. dennis the menace

    To know she looks up to one of my favorite Country singer Shania Twain, makes me love her more.

  80. Tracie Truman

    I need you here Keith and Amber so much

  81. Ron Fox

    great song, she's a cutie too

  82. Candace Shirley

    She's got this cute sexy way going on and she's great with the puppy

  83. Mike D

    She's so sexy

  84. Cindy Tingle

    Love you so much kelsea

  85. Cindy Tingle

    I am such a big fan and always will be I am on my grandma's phone and I wish you were my mom so much

  86. Laura Clemons


  87. Slime Queen

    And this song!!!

  88. Slime Queen

    I love the puppy(or dog) :)

  89. ben eller

    she is smoking hot and she can sing  wow

  90. Connie Abel

    I just love the song "Dibs" By Kelsea Ballerini 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩 💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩💖 🤩

  91. Austin Oliver

    love this song!!!!!!!

  92. the Lewd Pone

    i call dibs on that music video

  93. bella swan

    I like her 💝❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💙💛💚❤❤❤

  94. Lucas Kochek

    She's hot

  95. Callie Palmer/cowgirl Callie

    I love this song 💕

  96. wadu help

    flashback to 2015 when i played this nonstop whole playing growtopia 🤣